I certainly knew nothing about sex

When I first had a mans sperm inside me, I was incredibly dumb and stupid and lucky I didn’t get pregnant. Mum and Dad had taken me to the Naturist club since I was born so seeing men’s cocks wasn’t anything new to me. But, after I started my periods I would get really tingly in my pussy seeing boys and men’s cocks. One weekend Mum and Dad said they were going out to do some sightseeing and shopping and asked if I wanted to go. I said no as I had been larking around with some older kids. Once they had gone I went round to find the kids. I found them OK. They were behind the showers and one of the girls was wanking one of the boys off and I was amazed as I had never seen a cock hard before. I got and amazing tingling in my pussy and when loads of white stuff started shooting from the boys cock the tingling got incredibly intense. Looking back 20 years on it must have been that basic human inborn instinct for sex and reproduction that made me nearly cum on the spot. I certainly knew nothing about sex at all as I was so stupid. I wandered around for an hour or so after with my pussy and belly inside tingling as I looked at all the men’s cocks. I sat by the pool and noticed a middle aged Black man who had a very big cock. I had seen it before and it was always swinging around as he walked and I started to daydream wondering what it would look like if it was hard. I didn’t realize at the time that I had been staring at his cock until he came over and sat down next to me. He sat facing me and there was his great long cock just a few feet from me. We began chatting and I turned towards him not realizing my legs were open. I began to see him looking down at my pussy and when I looked could see my lips had spread open and my clit had become swollen as I was horny thinking about his cock. I apologized and he said it was OK as my pussy looked nice. He looked around and as there was no one there said I could do it again. I moved my leg back and felt my lips open and that made me feel even hornier. He asked if I liked looking at his cock and I said I did then asked him if it got very hard. He said it would get very hard if he rubbed it or if it touched my pussy and that really interested me. He said he had seen my Mum and Dad going out and asked how long they would be gone for and I said they would be out for most of the day. I could see his cock was starting to get hard and he said that looking at my pussy had done that. Then he asked if I would like to go back to his caravan and I could feel his cock. I was so excited at that I nodded madly. He said he would go back and I should came about 5 minutes later. I waited 5 minutes or so then sneaked round to his caravan. He let me in and locked the door then sat down on his sofa thing. I sat down and he said I could come and feel his cock. I went and sat down next to him reached out and took hold of his cock, my first ever. I began rubbing it like I had seen the girl doing to the boy and was amazed as his cock began getting hard in my hand. Then he put his hand over mine and pushed down on his cock and I got a serious tingling in my pussy as his big helmet became uncovered. Then he said his cock would get even harder if it touched my pussy and I said OK. He swung his legs around as he sat up with one down the edge of the sofa touching the floor then got me to sit like him and shuffle closer before he lifted my right leg over his left leg and pulled me even closer until as he picked his cock up it easily touched my pussy. He said for me to open the lips of my pussy and as I spread then he began rubbing his helmet up and down my slit which felt so good and was really exciting. I noticed that a lot of clear sticky stuff was dribbling from his cock and he said all men got that. I was so surprised that my pussy was so wet and now I’m older I only need to get a few randy thought and my knickers are soon soaked. Between the stuff from my pussy and the stuff from the mans cock my slit was soaked. He let go of his cock and felt my clit and as I watched he pushed the hood of my clit back exposing the tip and when he rubbed it it made me jump, it felt so good but was so sensitive I had to stop him. He slid his finger down my slit then to my surprise tickled around my hole before he gently slid his finger all the way up inside me and when he wriggled it around inside me I can remember clearly I nearly orgasmed. He did it until I was jerking around close to orgasm then pulled his finger away, took hold of his cock and slid it down to my hole. I don’t know why but I wanted his cock inside me. Something really basic inside me wanted a cock in me but I just didn’t know why. He put his helmet to my hole then told me to shuffle closer. As I did that he put his arm around me and pulled me a little and at the same time he pushed his cock and with a yelp from me his entire helmet went up inside my pussy. I looked down and could believe it was inside my body. It was stinging ever so slightly but the nice feeling was much stronger. He tried nudging it into me but his cock was enormously fat and my pussy was small and I yelped again and he stopped. So we were sat there with around 2 inches of his deep red swollen helmet inside my body. He told me to rub his cock and as I did that he leaned back. I did it like the girl I had seen with my hand wrapped tight around it and after a few minutes his hips began moving gently up and down a little until suddenly he said “do it fast”. I changed hands and began rubbing his cock really hard and fast until he grunted several times and as I looked down could see his cock start swelling and sort of pulsing. At the same time I felt huge warmth up inside my pussy. After a few more seconds he stopped me and we sat like that with our bodies joined as more of his sperm slowly seeped into me and the stuff he had shot into me worked its way up into my womb. He asked if I knew what had happened and I said I didn’t and he said he had just shot all his sperm into me. I was really amazed and so stupid at the time didn’t even relate that to getting pregnant but amazed that I had a full grown mans sperm in me. When he pulled his cock out of me, almost immediately his thick very white sperm began dribbling out of my hole and I was still so amazed. It was lucky for me my periods started two days later and I soon read up on reproduction and sex and was soon up to speed on what was what. I was still very dumb and gullible though. 3 weeks later we were back at the Naturist club. I had seen the man several times and said I would pop round and see him. On the Monday morning Mum and Dad went out for the day again and I had been dreaming about feeling the mans cock again and my pussy was soon very wet. As soon as they had gone I walked around to the mans caravan and I could feel the wetness in my pussy as I walked. I knocked and he let me in smiling. He gave me a big cuddle and I could soon feel his cock getting hard between us and I reached down and felt it. He led me into the bedroom and we laid on the bed for a while as he fingered me and I played with his cock. Eventually I ended up sat on top of him and when he said for me to lift up I felt his slid his cock to the entrance to my pussy. He said for me to push down and I pushed down and once again gasped out loud as his helmet went up into me. I stopped there with his helmet inside me for a few minutes until he reached out and held my hips then pulled my chest and shoulders down onto him. As I started to lay down on him I felt his cock start to go a little deeper into me and just as my breasts touched his chest he gripped my hips hard and pushed his hips and cock up, and with a little shriek from me about 8 inches of iron hard black cock pushed up inside my body. Once it was inside me he slid it in and out a few time before he whispered “you’re a woman now”. With that he held my bum and began fucking me and I was in heaven as it felt so good. After a minute or so he swung me over onto the bed and quickly got on top of me sliding his cock back up inside me and began fucking me. Within a few minutes I began getting such an intense sensation in my pussy that got stronger and stronger until my legs came up on their own and I cried out as the most amazing and shocking sensations rocked my body. He held me incredibly tight so I couldn’t move and fucked me very hard until finally his movements changed to very small in and out movements before he pushed into me very deep and his cock began pulsing and throbbing as he held it hard into me and that was when I felt the warmth of his sperm spurting into me and I just felt so happy. He shot a huge amount into my body as I soon felt it dribbling down between my bumcheeks. His cock finally stopped spurting his seed into me and he relaxed down on top of me. Just then we heard someone come in and very quickly a very black stocky boy came in. The man said it was his nephew and the boy asked if we had just done it. The man said to look and he pushed himself up on his hands and the boys eyes went wide as he could obviously see the mans cock going into my pussy. He asked if the man had shot in me and he said he had and to look closer. He pushed his body right up and the boy could obviously see the mans sperm dribbling out between my pussy and his cock and the boy said “Wow, I’ve don’t it with some girls before but never shot inside them as they made me pull out”. That was when I saw the boys cock. It was very fat, even fatter than the man’s but not as long and it was already starting to point up and the man said “you horny little sod” to the boy. He said to me “Feel his cock, it’s as thick as a coke can” I reached out and took hold of the lads cock and it was incredibly thick, so thick my hand couldn’t even close halfway around it” The man slowly dragged his cock out of me and got up to go to the toilet. The boy asked “did he shoot a lot into you” and I nodded. I must have looked a right little slag, lying there with my legs open my pussy gaping open and a full grown mans sperm dribbling out of me. The boy leaned over to look and said he could see his spunk then put his hand over and slid a finger up into me. I was still very sensitive and his finger set my pussy tingling again. The man came back in and saw us with the boys finger in me and me holding his incredibly fat cock and he said he would leave us alone for a minute. As the man went out the boy swung himself over between my legs and immediately I felt his cock against my pussy. I tried pushing him off but he was a stocky lad and as I wriggled he pushed until I froze as I felt his cock find my already gaping and sperm soaked hole. He pulled himself up my body cupping his hands under my shoulder then began pushing hard and I felt my pussy being spread wide as his fat cock started to enter my body. Once his swollen helmet was inside me he pushed hard and I felt my pussy opening up as his fat cock went right up into me until I felt his balls against my bum. He didn’t fuck his cock in and out but kept it all the way up inside me and just nudged it in and out an inch or so and my body began reacting to his cock all on its own. Despite me having been well fucked by the man my body began to enjoy this lads cock and I soon felt my hips pushing up to meet his cock every time he nudged in deeper and that unmistakable urging sensation inside my pussy was getting stronger by the second. He was getting close to finishing as his movements were getting much jerkier but then suddenly his cock must have touched something inside me and my pussy and brain exploded into one phenomenal orgasm and I can still remember that one now. It was so intense I think I even lost consciousness for a second or two due to the intensity of it. Then the boys body started trembling as his breathing changed to short pants before he let out a little cry as he pushed in to me quite deeply. He held his cock in me and I thought nothing was going to happen until he moved it in and out quickly and suddenly his entire cock swelled right up inside me and started pulsing very strongly. He held me really tightly as his cock pumped spurt after spurt of his young sperm deep inside my body and I loved it. I loved the feeling of the sperm going into me and I loved the feeling that it was my pussy that was making it do that. When he finished shooting, their mixed sperm was more than dribbling out of me. I just had this strange sensation of peacefulness and achievement. I know it was silly but for some reason I felt really happy that these two people had been satisfied and that I was full of their sperm. It was years later that I was told it was some sort of Earth Mother complex that many women who liked fucking had. Once again I had dodged becoming pregnant despite being filled to the brim with sperm. It was the last time we went there as we were due to move house across country in 3 weeks. A week before we were due to move I met up with a girl from school and we went down to the park after Mum and Dad had gone to the pub. We met up with a group of boys and I wont dwell on the fact that I let five of them fuck me, all of them came in me. Strangely though, I didn’t cum even though it felt good. Once we moved I was a good girl for a year or two then I finally got pregnant after doing it with two lads in the park one night.

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