Lesbian's Kiss

This is a fictionalized account of an actual experience. It’s been sensationalized for story telling but the basic events are true. Enjoy!

 She was just at my shoulder.
Her body exuding raw sex in a powerful feminine wrapper.
Her strong chin defined the set of her jaw as she spoke. Her luscious lips curved delightfully as she spoke. All he could think about was how those might feel against his own. Throughout the night they brushed against one another. She never missed a chance to touch him and he never missed an opportunity to smell the scent of her. They danced around for hours. He playing the gracious host and she the social butterfly.
At any given moment they were as far apart as they could be in the house the party was being held at but they’d look up and connect eyes and she’d look away quickly pretending to be coy. It was a dance. A fun dance. Truthfully he held no expectations because she was a lesbian and he was straight but that didn’t stop him from seeing her as a sexual being. It didn’t help that sexual energy was flowing off of her to begin with. As she drank a little and smoked a little more whatever checks she put in place began to lessen and her energy flowed out in greater quantity. It got to the point that all he could do was feel her presence no matter where he ran. So he just stopped running.
Where she went he wound up and where he went she wound up. They were inseparably drawn to one another throughout the night. As the night went on he began to drink a little more on his own and his own checks began to weaken. He could feel his own sexual well drawing in her endless supply and together they began something that he could never imagine might actually come to fruition.
Still they danced.
In the early hours of the morning as the party had begun to die down the two moved into the dungeon and sat together talking. She had a sing song voice that he found akin to a lullaby and she was rife with questions about his life. You see he was married and yet he and his wife were capable of exploring the taboos of polyamory and swinging. She was fascinated. As it happened she’d come from a similar background. She was a swinger and poly but had only in recent years attempted to be monogamous. Now she was giving in to her wanton abandon and finding her center once more. She desired to return to her salacious roots and fulfill every little dirty desire that ran through her mind at nights when she was alone. He was was fascinated. Now these two kindred spirits sat alone in a dungeon decorated with Christmas lights, a couple black lights and the various pieces of furniture that spoke of the dungeons true purpose.
 "I love this medical table! " She said in her high pitched so much like glass wind chimes.
He smirked,  "Yeah it was a great find. Hop up. " He suggested playfully.
 "Up there? I don’t know… " Her attempts to play coy had long since lost their potency and he was feeling braver anyway.
 "C’mon get up there. " He said.
With obvious halfhearted reluctance she rolled her eyes and hopped up on the medical examination table in the corner of the dungeon. Everyone was quieter throughout the house as the party was truly nearly dead. People were passed out on sofas or turned in to one of the four bedrooms in the house. The two of them were for all intents and purposes, alone.
She laid back and propped her legs up on the corners. The table while an antique lacked stirrups. He raised an eyebrow, an expression that they both shared. She made a cheesecake surprised face her lips all puckered into a small  "o " and her eyes all wide. It was like something out of the pages of a 1950’s pin up book. Then she giggled.
 "I like it when you do that… " He said truthfully.
 "Do what? " She asked.
 "Giggle. I like it when you giggle. " He replied.
 "I giggle at everything. " She said offhandedly.
 "I know. I like it. " He said matter-of-fact.
There was an uncomfortable silence between them then he leaned in closer and she seemed to look him up and down before the energy that crackled between them like a livewire snapped and their lips met.
It wasn’t soft.
It was hungry.
She had been denying herself for so long and he was a creature who knew what he wanted and went after it regardless of the consequences. If their energy could be plugged in, it would have lit the entire street. His hands played over her body from the smoothness of her thighs to the firmness of her breasts and when he tweaked her nipple she let out  high pitched squeak of joy. He couldn’t help but giggle inside.
She kissed him harder and let out a high moan that was both sexy and adorable at the same time. All the while his body reacted in kind to hers and he knew this was going too far. Or perhaps, not far enough. Up was down and everything was confusing but he couldn’t resist the allure of this siren anymore than she could resist the call of this wild beast. Both of them from different walks yet in that moment both of them wanted the same thing.
She bit his lip as they parted which brought  a low moaning growl from deep inside his throat. His primal energy was being tapped and it made every hair on his arms and neck raise with excitement. His beast didn’t get to come out often so when enticed it flexed. She could feel it. Just under the surface. At 5’7 " she knew that he was a foot taller and twice her size. When his hands reached up to grab her mouth she wanted to resist and fight. After all they were both Tops, yet in that instant they were equals and it was nice to be on a level playing field for once.
 "Isn’t it better? " She whispered into his ear.
 "What? " He gasped through clenched teeth.
 "When they fight back… " She breathed slowly.
That was it. He moved from where he stood on the side of her to between her legs and they crashed into one another a frenzy of kisses and groping. Somehow her shrug came off followed closely by her top and bra and he devoured her breasts. Teeth found her nipples evincing tiny squeaks of pleasurable pain and sensual pricks of ecstasy that shot through her sensitive nerves and into her spine unhindered. Her back bowed pressing herself closer to him wanting so much more. He responded in kind pulling her closer. Soon they began to meld and the sexual energy in the room was palpable.
Before either of them knew what was going on he reached down and unbuttoned her shorts and in one strong motion that made her gasp ripped her shorts down. His fingers found her soft wet lips and parted them to another intake of air from her. She had craved this feeling for a while now and her abandon was loose. He pushed fingers against her soft place and slid in her hips involuntarily sliding toward the edge of the bed. Her legs were supported on his strong arms. She could feel that strength and wanted so much for it to crush her. She reached out and raked her nails down his arms trying to will more from him. He responded by clenching her hips tightly in his enormous hands.
In a blatant show of his physical power he yanked her effortlessly to the very edge of the medical exam table and lowered his lips to her cunt. Her scent caused his own pressure to build and he knew he would need to lose his own pants soon. In contrast his tongue gently caressed the lips of her pussy and parted to find her sweet spot. The moan of giddy sensation shivered through her body and she clutched his head wanting to press him closer and he moved in response locking his mouth onto her clit and using his tongue the way he had on her nipples. His tongue clicking and moving adding to her own sexual pressure.
She had to bite her lip to keep from shouting out her desire and joy of his tongue playing over her hot pink button. Her hand released his head and she clenched the table riding his face for everything she had. When his fingers joined his mouth and fucked her hole she felt the room spin for a moment. Her breathing came more labored and finally it was all she could do not to shout  "Fuck me already! "
As if in response to her mental plea he pulled back and gasped catching his breath. He stood and in the dim lit dungeon he looked like a dark shadow. An avenging angel of lust with a desire to exact revenge on her body. They both craved this and it was carnal and primal and visceral all at once. He unbuttoned his pants and she longed to feel him deep inside her. It had been nearly 3 years since the last time she had been with a man and she realized she missed the feeling of that intruding tumescence plunged deep inside of her most precious place.
Reaching over he turned off the final light in the dungeon diving them into darkness. Instantly he was gone and it was like a dream. His hands and body were there she could have placed his energy wherever he was but without her eyes, that single loss of one of her most keenly necessary senses and everything became heightened. His touch was like ice and fire all at once. She heard a sound she figured was a condom wrapper and then she felt his strong hands clench her thighs and bring her even further off the table so her ass was literally hanging off. The table was the perfect height because she felt the head first as he playfully rubbed it up and down her slit which was soaking wet from desire and foreplay.
Without warning the world turned upside down. He hands and her body brought them together and they were one. His engorged cock was thick and long. Not the thickest but it hit all the right places. She hadn’t realixed he was curved but he felt it distinctly as he found himself hitting her cervix and the sensation was a mixture of pain and pleasure that sent spiders of electrical ecstasy up her spine. He used his hands to guide their sexual dance and she couldn’t help but buck to get closer. She wanted more of him if that were possible and he wanted her too. He leaned over and his tongue still tasting of her sex pierced her lips and both cock and tongue fucked her from both ends.
They were a frenetic ball of pent up energy and the release was fantastic. She could feel the waves of his lust wash over her and she took it into herself, processed it and turned it back on him. They were a perpetual sexual machine. Each one feeding and feeding off the other. The world ceased to exist and all that was were the two of them in physical harmony doing what they were both built for. They fucked with the primal instinct of billions of years of evolution. It wasn’t pretty or handsome or romantic. It was savage and delved into something deep within them.
She gasped with each stroke of his dark member. Both for the lack of light and the taboo nature of his race. He was the first man of ethnicity she had ever experienced and that made it all the better for her. He took pleasure from that thought as well and it made it even better. Finally he pulled out and the sensation was so sudden she gasped out in denial and desire.
 "Get on the floor. On your knees. " He whispered hoarsely trying to keep his voice under control. But she could hear the growl therein. She nodded in the dark as if he could see her then hopped off the medical exam table. He slid a hand behind her back and pulled her to him unceremoniously pressing her lips to his firmly. He wanted her so badly and was so close to finishing that it made it all the worse for him but he had to taste her lips again. Then without meaning to he pushed her down and she went to her knees. She caught her breath then knowing what was coming next.
Her ass in the air she felt exposed and objectified and it was something deep down that she yearned to feel with the right person. She never let go like this and the release was unbearable. She was herself truly and this was what she was and what she needed to be. Not all the time but right at that moment she accepted her truth and it gave her a sexually stimulating form of shame to be used. All the while feeling powerful because she knew she controlled her part of the situation. It wasn’t often she experienced this as a Top but now she was equal with her partner and it felt exhilarating.
His hands clasped tightly to her hips and his palms kneaded them. Such strength it sent a quiver through her thighs and she knew she was getting wetter still. He parted her legs wider with his knee and propped his other leg over hers putting his leg against her hip. He wanted to be in her as fully as he could and then she felt it. The head of his cock touched her pulsating lips and then he slammed it home. She tossed her head back but bit her tongue so as not to let out a scream of pleasure. He pumped her as hard as he could but she wanted more so she leant her own strength to it slamming her pussy onto his steel rod hitting all new places she hadn’t felt a male’s touch in so long.
Her pussy was tight and it sent thrills up his own spine. She was an untouchable thing and for this moment she was his and he was hers. He served her as much as she was serving him. He felt like he would do anything to maintain this synergy but he could feel his own desire mounting and knew he would release soon. He ran his nails up her back and she bowed her back to meet them. Involuntarily his hand found her hair and clenched tightly. She resisted but it was halfhearted she wanted him to pull and he wanted to. His grunts became more labored and his flexing hands told her he was close. She wanted to feel the release. To feel the sensation of his cock pulse it’s orgasm into her and know that with his white water explosion would come an energy release she would drink in.
 "Oh God… I’m gonna cum… " He grunted through a growl from deep down in his diaphram.
 "Cum for me! " She said louder than she intended to.
Then it hit him. Cascading waves of sexual energy slammed into him like a tsunami of utter pure white hot and at the same time nerve blistering cold as his body was rocked by orgasm.
Then it hit her. His sexual energy had built so much that she didn’t expect he could slam into her harder but he did and she felt it acutely. A mixture of pain and pleasure washed over even greater than before. His hands crushed her hips and she was carried away in the sexual tidal wave that came with him. Then she felt it. His cock pulsed within her and she knew was coming.
Slowly the throng of energy they had released together settled and the silence of the darkness crept in around them. It was eerily a contrast to the savage sounds that had filled the silence. She was certain everyone in the house must have heard them.
He pulled out slowly and backed away leaving her cold and exposed. He returned with a towel as she lowered herself to the floor and absorbed what had happened.
He tried to gather his mind but couldn’t get her out of it.
This was uncharted territory for the both of them.
 "I want to make you cum. " He said quietly.
She turned over and realized that a small light from the kitchen could be seen from beneath the door and that little illumination lit him enough for her to see the sincerity in his voice.
 "Maybe next time. " She said breathlessly.
He nodded. So there would be a next time. He smiled. She did too.

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