Met Shaun at Wal-mart

I woke up this Saturday morning feeling lonely, my man Fred left early this morning and would not be back until Sunday night. He did fuck me last night but I wanted more cock so he told me when he got back he would fuck me hard, I said ok. I lay there and I started playing with my pussy lips as my pussy was still wet from Fred fucking me and I could still smell his cum. I shoved my finger deep into my cunt and I moaned as my finger went deep and I could feel all the cum from Fred. I played awhile then I stop and thought I think I will go to Wal-mart and pickup a few things.

I showered and put on a red dress, no bra or panties. I am feeling kind of naughty, my nipples stuck out a little but I didn’t mind and the red dress was tight so it did show my body. I put some make up on and off to Wal-mart. I went so as I got there I walk in to the store and several guys looking at me and I knew they were looking at my tits and ass, it was kind of cold in the store and my nipples got hard so the guys smiled at me as I walk by and of course I smiled back. I knew they were looking at my ass cause I do have a nice round ass and as I walk it shakes with every step I take.

I grab a cart and I go looking for the things I need, as I was looking I notices a young black guy looking at me he smiles at me and I return the smile. I keep walking and he is behind me and I know he is checking my ass as I walk, then as I reach down to get some thing I look up and there he is looking down at me. I raise up and I notice a big bulge in his gym shorts, I thought oh fuck that cant be his cock and he caught me looking at the bulge in his shorts. I look up at him and I smile, he smiles back and he tells me I am Shaun whats your’s. Lynn I say. He tells me you are a beautiful woman Lynn and I thank him, so he walks with me as I go looking for other things I need but I cant help looking down at his big bulge and he sees me and tells me you like looking down at my cock Lynn. I didn’t know what to say so I laugh. He helps me with my things to the car and as I am putting my things in the trunk I bent over and he could see my ass, he says oh my you are a hot woman. I turn to him and thank him. Shaun then offers to help me with my things at the house so I say fine follow me and he does. As I am driving home I think what am I doing letting this strange black guy follow me home and still thinking about the huge bulge in his shorts. So we get to the house, he gets down and we take the things and put them on the table, then he sees the pool and say nice pool you have Lynn and he goes out side and stands by the edge. I start putting the things away, I get done and he is still out by the pool so I go out there and there he is swimming and I look down and his shorts are on the table.

He comes to the edge and tells me come on in Lynn the water is great. I stare at him and I can see his huge cock and I think oh fuck what a massive cock he ha,s then he tells me again come in Lynn so I take my dress off and there I stand nude in front of Shaun. He tells me wow you have a beautiful body then he grabs my hand and leads me into the pool. We swim around a little and talk and laugh so he goes to the steps and sits down on the edge of pool and looks at me and tells me come here Lynn, so as I do I see his huge cock hanging there, I could not help from staring at it and he knew that I was looking at his huge black cock. He says you like what you see Lynn and I didn’t know what to say I just smiled and said you have a huge cock he looks at me and smiles then he grabs my hand and puts it on his cock and tells me play with it Lynn. So I start squeezing it, fuck it is so fucken thick, I could not believe how thick it was and the color of it was a purple black color. As I slide my hand back and forth on his cock it started getting harder and bigger so as I am doing that he cup my tits with his big black hands and squeezed them. I moan as he squeezed them then he pinch my nipples and I moaned louder and he knew I loved that so he said you love your nipples squeezed hard don’t you Lynn. I said yes very much so as I was sliding my hands up and down his massive cock he pinch my nipples harder and he rolled his fingers around my nipples and they got so fucken hard. I said to him oh fuck yes do that to my tits Shaun I love that and he smiles and continued. Then he got up and I look up and there is his massive cock and fuck it is huge like a black steel rod, I have never seen a cock that big I mean at least 15 inches or bigger and so fucken thick, he look at me and said you want to suck my black cock Lynn. I didn’t know what to say so he pull my head toward his cock and said suck it you white bitch you will love it. So I opened my mouth as wide as I could and started sucking it, fuck it was so thick, I have never suck a cock this big and so fucken black, it shined in the sun. I sucked and tried deep throating it but it was too long, he smiled as I suck his cock, he knew that I loved sucking his massive cock, the head of his cock was so big that I rolled my tongue around it and he moaned, as I did this he said you love sucking cock don’t you Lynn, I nod yes as I was sucking his cock.

Then he said get up Lynn and lets go over where the table is, so we go over there and he picks me up and sits me on the table and tells me lay down Lynn. So I did then he starts kissing my legs slowly, I lay there thinking here I am laying here nude with this young black guy I just met and he is kissing and licking my body and me loving what he is doing to me, he must think that I am a fucken slut but I didn’t care cause Fred left me like this hot and horny. So he slowly gets near my pussy and I feel my wet pussy lips being licked by his black tongue, he has a very long and wide tongue and he slowly rubs my clit with his tongue. I jerk as he licks and sucking my pussy lips I moan and I tell him fuck that feels good Shaun. He looks up at me and tells me I have something else that is going to make you feel better so he continues licking and sucking my pussy and then he buries his long tongue deep in my pussy. I moan and moan cause I love what he is doing to my pussy, I feel my pussy so fucken wet and it is begging for some hard cock, please Shaun fuck me now so he smiles and tells me is your tight white pussy ready for this massive black cock of mine you fucken white whore slut. I look at him and say I am, I never had a cock that big before, your is the biggest I have seen, I don’t know if I can take it all but I will try Shaun but I think you will destroy my pussy, I will never be the same after you get done fucking me. He smiles and tells me after I get done fucking your white pussy Lynn you will always want a nigger cock and you will be a slave for the black man, do you hear me Lynn. I look at him and I say yes if you say so.

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Then he slowly pulls me to the edge of the table and spreads my legs wide, I look down and I see his massive black cock slowly rubbing my pussy lips trying to open them up so he can shove his massive black cock inside. Suddenly the head of his cock gets into my pussy, it hurts as he goes in, I feel my pussy getting stretched and the pain gets worse, I tell him its too big Shaun but he smiles and continues going in and out of my pussy opening my pussy more and more. I feel like he is tearing my pussy, it hurts so fucken bad, I scream and tell him stop please so he does. I look down and he is inside of me about 6 inches, his massive black cock throbbing inside of my pussy, then he continues going in and out of my pussy fucking me slowly, then he starts pinching my nipples hard, I moan as he does because he knows I love it. So as he does this to my nipples he continues fucking me slowly going deeper and deeper, I have never had a cock so fucken deep in my pussy and I know he loves fucking this white pussy of mine taking his massive black cock deep inside my pussy. I look down and he has about 10 inches of black cock inside of my pussy I think fuck he is destroying my pussy, I will never be the same because his cock is so deep inside my pussy that I feel him in areas where I have never had a cock before, then he raises my legs up over his shoulders and starts fucking me harder. I moan as I feel his massive cock so fucken deep in my pussy pounding my pussy hard stretching it, then all of a sudden he slams the rest of his cock in to my pussy, I buckle and jerk and I scream oh fuck Shaun please stop but he doesn’t, he continues pounding my pussy, I beg him to stop but he does not hear me, I look down and most of his massive cock is in my pussy. I toss my head back and forth moaning and screaming please stop but he doesn’t, he continues pounding my pussy harder and harder and thinking what have I got myself into as Shaun continues pounding my pussy hard, his massive black cock going deeper and deeper into my cunt, then he stops and he looks at me and says how do you like this black cock inside your tight white pussy Lynn. So I say to him it hurts Shaun its too big but he continues fucking my pussy hard. Then I look down and I could not believe what I was seeing, Shaun’s massive thick black cock was all in my cunt and he was enjoying himself as he pounded my cunt hard. I could feel his cock so deep inside I thought he is going to tear my cunt up so bad I will never fuck again. Then he grabbed my ass and pulled me against him and he went all into my cunt again so I could feel his big black balls banging my ass, then he looked at me and smiled and said I am going to fuck you so fucken hard you will moan and beg me to fuck you over and over again. Then the pain slowly went away and my pussy started accepting this big black cock deep inside and wanting more. I could not believe I was taking all of Shaun’s cock and my pussy started relaxing so as to say give me more cock please my pussy wants more and I moaned and screamed please fuck me harder Shaun. He smiled you do love nigger cock don’t you and I said yes so please fuck me hard, pound my pussy as hard as you want, I love your black massive cock deep in my pussy, just fuck me pound my white pussy its yours as long as you want it.

So he fucked me for a long time I can’t remember how long he fucked me, all I can say is he had me right where he wanted me fucking my tight pussy and stretching it, then I felt the head of his cock started to get big and I knew he was ready to cum and so was I. Then we exploded at the same time, I went crazy opening my legs wider so he could fed me more black cock and cum, he moaned as he squirted loads of cum deep inside my pussy, the whole inside of my pussy was covered with his black cum. I lay there thinking fuck I love fucking Shaun, after we got done he stay all day with me and he fuck me several times, when he left I went to my bedroom and lay down and started rubbing my pussy lips thinking he is right I will always want to fuck black men.

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