My friends make my mom their slave

This is Karan, hi, I want to share an erotic story of my mom. She is fair in colour having big and tight boobs of size 38, she has big butt and thin waist as her waist size is 80 cm. She looks very hot and seductive as her height is of 5ft. After my dad left her we went to my uncle’s friend’s house in Cairo in Africa. We live in his farm house and we pay rent for it. My mom generally wears salwar at home in which she looks like early 18 but her age is 37. She is a teacher in my school and every teacher and students want to just touch her as she is the hottest woman ever seen. In school the principal strictly told her to wear transparent saree below the navel as it attracts more students towards school. Every teacher, principal and students are black and ugly and my mom is only hot woman there so everyone tries to seduce her by touching her, she ignores because it is common there to touch anyone’s butt and to hug anyone. My friend’s name is Neil and he is a black guy of age 21 as he is failing in school for 5years and another one is Charles of age 17 years and both always say my mom’s a slut, they say most abusing words about her and I enjoy when they say they will sell my mom to BBC as they are also like bbc boys. One day they are more seductive and uncomfortable as my mom wore a red colour transparent saree with dark lipstick, she looks so cute and hot and they told me that they will rape her today, I ignored as I think they are joking. But after the bell rang they told me that they will go with me to my home as they know that at that time no one is present in my home. I allowed them because I was not knowing whats in their mind, when they reached my home my mom came some time later than me. So they start beating me. I was beaten badly and told me to hide somewhere and don’t came outside, but I was seeing them and first time I had seen this nature of my friends. When my mom came home Neil close the door and Charles catch her and calls two black men of their age who are unknown for me, my mom was groping by all of them but she looks cute. Then they stripped her blouse and white bra, start pressing it hard as I can feel the pain in mom’s cry and then they are 4 in number two are Charles and Neil. Then Neil told that he will fuck her first, my dick was erected and uncontrolled as my mom looks so hot and cute then three of them groped her and Neil open his pant and take his dick out, it is the biggest dick I had ever seen in porn of brazzers and anywhere and he inserted it inside her pussy. My mother cried out in pain and fainted as it is so big, he fucked her for 15 minutes so brutally, when she wakes up he turned her and groped her hair she is in huge pain she is crying badly and he inserted inside her ass all and one of them started fucking her in her pussy and Charles is pressing her boobs and one is masturbating and making her to suck his dick, in that huge pain and cry it continues for 20 minutes and then they all ejaculate on her and leave. I can’t tell you how sweet she is looking with the cum of black cocks and because of huge pain in her ass, boobs, pussy she is unconscious so I too masturbated on her and then went outside. After that I saw them outside they call me I think that they will again beat me but they say sorry to me and then become good friends of me and they know that my mom will never tell anything to anyone about that rough sex because she wants to make my future. So they come with me again home after 3hrs of playing. By that time my mom woke up and was ready in her usual dress because she doesn’t want to spoil my life because of her and she fears when she sees me with them. Then they came inside and go to kitchen as mom is in kitchen, I was hiding seeing all scenario, Charles pressing her ass and Neil is warning her about not telling anything to anyone about that and after that day they continuously come my home and fuck my mom for 2-3 hrs daily when I am not at home and make my mom their slave.

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