Robert’s Birthday Party Mandingo Friends Invite Anne With A Sur

I am Anne. In my last story I met Robert at The Club and Bar. He is from Trinidad. His ancestors were from West Africa. They are Mandingo warriors. He works in town. He invited me to his apartment for overnight. He likes to fuck me when I least expect it. Our lovemaking is extremely erotic. He wants to bring other Mandingo men into my life. He works with these guys and shows them our sexual escapades on his camera.

On lunch at work my cellphone buzzed me. Linda and I sit outside to have lunch and private discussions. A friend of Robert called me. His name is Simon. He said, “the guys want to have a birthday party for Robert. You are invited Anne. The problem is we need a place to party. To drink and smoke. Do you know of a place?”
I replied, “yes. It’s on the mountain overlooking the town next to the State Park. I will have to show you as not many people know about the place.”
Simon said, “can you show us after work today?”
I replied, “yes.”
Simon gave me his address. It’s in town.

After work I went to Simon’s address. He and Paul were waiting by their car. They kissed me. Simon wanted me in the front seat to give directions. The land next to the State Park is owned by the state however it is not fenced or posted. There a dirt road going down toward the cliff and turns left to the parks fence. There is parking and a covered pavilion with picnic tables before an entry to the park. The pavilion is hidden from view from the park side of the fence. There is even a charcoal grill there. The bathrooms and showers are accessible through the opening in the fence as the gates at the park are closed and locked at 8:30PM at night. The gates are open at 9AM. Simon and Paul were happy with the picnic place. They would make sure the party will start at sundown.

Saturday evening came and the guys had prepared the pavilion for the party. As the darkness arrived there were battery powered lanterns lighting the tables. Hamburgers, hotdogs other picnic items were available for self serve. The 2 long tables with benches were in place. There was plenty of beer and ganja smoke filled the air. They remembered wine for some of us. The 10 Mandingo guys were busy getting the food cooked. I helped setting up the buffet table. Robert finally arrived as the food was ready. He got out of his car with another man. In the limited lighting it was hard to see who the person was. I stepped over to kiss Robert. I looked at the man. He looked familiar. He said, “Anne?” I looked at him. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I replied, “George?”
This 6’6” black man picked me up kissing me. We kissed and French kissed. I wrapped my legs around him. I was crying as I hadn’t seen him in 4 years. Robert watched us and was confused. George explained to Robert that, “he and Anne were engaged to be married when he had to leave the USA for a family emergency. He couldn’t come back until now. He had heard Anne was married and didn’t know how to contact her.”
I showed George I still had the engagement ring. I had worn it on a chain around my neck. George sat down with me. He said, “May I put the ring back on your finger and become engaged again?” “We will be married as we planned 4 years ago.” He showed me the matching wedding ring that goes with it.
I replied, “Only if I can be your HotWife and fulfill my sexual needs.”
George said, “I know you Anne. One man is not enough. I will not interfere with your needs. I do need you to agree to being occasionally pimped for business needs.”
I said, “Yes.”
George placed the engagement ring on my finger. We kissed. He knew I was giving myself to Robert as a birthday gift tonight.

After dining the tables were cleared of picnic food. The guys brought out a birthday cake for Robert with 20 lighted birthday candles. We all sang Happy Birthday to Robert. When we finished the guys told him to blow out the candles and make a wish. He did. He said to me, “you know what I wished for?”
I replied, “Yes. I am yours tonight. My body is your gift.”

After having cake and coffee with ganja the mood was set for carnal sex.
A pad with blankets and pillows were placed on the table. Robert is naked and lays on the cushioned table. I pulled my top and denim short shorts off. I got up on the table straddling Robert’s hips. The Mandingo brothers were whistling, applauding and shouting “fuck that cock.” I did precisely that. I stuffed his bareback cock into my pussy. My vaginal muscles held and pulled his cock as I moved my body to fuck his cock. Robert invited my new fiancé George to join us to fuck my ass. I was happy George was behind me. He has a 12” cock. He lubricated his cock and my anus. Robert stopped banging my pussy to allow George to push his cock deep inside of my ass. Once his balls hit my ass both guys fucked my holes. They started slowly and then increased the speed of fucking me. Robert whispered in my ear, “I know you are marrying George. I still love and want you in my bed.”
I replied, “Nothing will change when I am married. You have my cellphone number.” When I whispered to Robert he fucked me harder and faster. I was panting as I fucked their cocks. I started orgasming and making squealing, straining sounds as I was having multiple orgasms. George and Robert squirted me copiously in both holes at the same time. I held on to Robert as my body spasmed from both sensations. He pulled my hips tight to him deep penetrating my pussy while squirting and breeding me. George laid on my back deep penetrating my ass. My ass was leaking a lot of cum. He was kissing my neck and cheek. Both guys finished fucking and kissing me.

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Now I am lubricated for 10 Mandingo men. George and Robert showered at the park. They returned to watch as the Mandingo men gathered around the picnic table. My head was slightly over the edge of the table to allow the guys to fuck my mouth to do deep throat. My legs were held up and wide as the guys fucked my pussy. They squirted my pussy and my mouth at the same time. Later they had me on my hands and knees. They continued fucking my ass, pussy and mouth. They fucked my holes 2 and 3 times. They pulled my long hair keeping my head up to suck, lick their cock and balls. When they let me rest they licked, kissed, sucked my breasts, nipples, clit and pussy. They left sex marks from sucking my body. I was pleasantly enjoying the love and stimulations. I lost count of the orgasms I had that night and early morning. The guys thanked George for sharing his bride to be. They gathered their sperm from my body with a spoon and cup. Simon fed me the sperm as the Mandingo men applauded and cheered me as I swallowed their cum.

George took me to the showers at the State park. He washed me in the shower. He had me put my hands on the wall as he fucked my pussy. I was so stimulated from a night of fucking I had multiple orgasms again.
We kissed and held each other in the shower. George said, “I love you Anne. You are truly a Queen of Spades and you will soon be my Hotwife.”

In the morning the Mandingo men had left. Robert kissed me as he left. George rode with me in my car. It’s Sunday morning. George said, “Anne, stop at the diner. We will get breakfast.” I was happy as I was hungry.

Anne And George Marry With Anne Promising To Be A Good HotWife… Cont’d

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