Shaun and his younger brother Jimmy

I woke up Sunday morning feeling lazy and I just lying on the bed thinking about Shaun’s massive black cock. I could not believe I took his huge cock in my pussy so I look down at my pussy and I rubbed the lips of my pussy. I moaned a little thinking about Shaun’s black cock and he was right just thinking of nigger cock has me, thinking that I want more black cock so I continue rubbing my pussy lips thinking its Shaun’s big cock getting ready to enter into my pussy and fuck my pussy hard, wow he just left yesterday and I want more of his black cock, fuck I must be crazy but I can’t help it so he was right… once you fuck a black man you never go back, fuck he so fucken right, my pussy gets wetter and I moan and think I wish Shaun was here so I can suck his massive cock and have him fuck me again. I jumped out of bed and I take a shower to cool off and to stop thinking about him, so as I am in the shower I wash my pussy and I moan and start thinking about his black cock again, DAMN I wish he was here so he could give me more of his cock. Well I got done and head for the kitchen and all I had on was my towel wrap around me so I made my coffee and went outside to lay by the pool, as I was lying there the door bell rings I jump up and think who is here so I head for the door and I open and there stands Shaun and another black kid, I smile at them and he tells me good morning Lynn, so I smile back and said the same to you. Can we come in Lynn, so I let them in and he tells me this is my brother Jimmy, he is very young about 18 years old and very black in color. He says hi to me and I said the same so they enter and I ask you want something to drink guys, they say ok. I still had my towel on so I get them a soda and I start heading for the bed room to change and Shaun tells me don’t do that you are fine so I turn around and Shaun said was you out in the pool and I say yes I was, his brother was staring at me and smiling so I thought Shaun told him about us, so Shaun headed toward the pool and so did his brother. I went behind them and I was kind of nervous and I could feel my pussy getting wet just seeing Shaun here, then they sat down and we started talking. I sat down on a lawn bed chair and Shaun sat next to me and his brother was in front of us. I could tell that Jimmy was looking at me and said to Shaun hey brother she is a beautiful woman so I said to him thank you, so we kept talking and Shaun put his hand on my leg and started rubbing it slowly it felt good and I felt my pussy getting wetter. I thought oh fuck I just fucked him yesterday and my pussy wants more of Shaun’s nigger cock so as he slid his hand up my leg he opened my legs a little and I could see that Jimmy was looking up my legs and he could see my hairy pussy. I thought oh fuck please Shaun stop but he didn’t, he kept rubbing my thigh and my towel started opening up more as Shaun went high up my thigh I wanted him to stop but he said to me.. you like this don’t you Lynn. I smiled at him and he knew I did, then Shaun reach my pussy and his big finger slowly touch my pussy lips and I toss my head back and moaned as he continued rubbing my pussy lips. I said oh fuck that feels so fucken good, I opened my legs more and I knew his brother could see all of my pussy but I didn’t care, then Shaun inserted his big finger into my pussy and I said to him oh fuck Shaun yes that’s what I want your nigger finger deep in my pussy and that’s what he did. So he had me open my towel up and there I sat nude in front of his younger brother as he watch Shaun finger my white pussy and me moaning as his finger went in and out of my pussy and seeing that I was loving it. Shaun said you love me fingering your hot pussy don’t you Lynn, so I look at him and said you know I do. Then he started pinching my nipples hard, I moaned and opened my legs more and I said to Shaun go deeper please, so he slammed all his finger into my pussy and I moaned louder oh fuck yes finger my pussy harder please Shaun. As he was fingering my pussy I look over at his brother and he was playing with his cock. Shaun was fingering my pussy and I thought he was right once you fuck a black man you never go back so as I was lying there Jimmy came over by us and he started squeezing my tits I look at him and I smiled and I thought so you want some of this white pussy too. As he was standing there and then he drop his gym shorts and oh fuck he had a huge cock like Shaun but not as thick but a little longer and it was so fucken hard. I kept staring at it, so he reach for my hand and placed it on his black cock, oh fuck it was hard and I squeezed it hard and it was throbbing as I ran my hand up and down on his young nigger cock thinking fuck here I am lying here nude with 2 young niggers playing with my tits and fingering my white pussy. I said to Shaun what are you guys doing to me and he smiles and said you like it don’t you Lynn. Then before I could answer him he shoved 2 fingers deep into my pussy and I moaned so loud that his brother Jimmy said fuck Bro she is a hot white bitch. Shaun laughs and said to him I told you she would be, I fucked her so fucken good yesterday, she wants more nigger cock, don’t you Lynn, and I look at them both and said yes and Shaun told his brother when I fucked her she knew that she would love fucking niggers like us isn’t that right you white bitch as he was fingering my wet pussy and Jimmy was squeezing my nipples hard and me moaning and I said yes Shaun you are so fucken right, I love black cock deep in my pussy. Shaun please fuck me, use me like a whore if you want but fuck me and pound my pussy good I need to be fucked now well. Before we fuck you, you need to show my young brother how good you suck cock and if you do a good job sucking his black cock then we both will pound your white pussy hard what do you say. I looked at him and I said ok. I turned toward Jimmy and there was his big thick black cock waiting for me to suck it so I opened my mouth and I started sucking Jimmy’s cock, it taste kind of salty like he hadn’t taken a shower but I didn’t care so I rolled my tongue around his cock and he started moaning and telling Shaun fuck she does suck cock good Shaun and he tells him I told you so bro. So as I suck Jimmy’s cock I grab his black balls and squeeze them and he says oh fuck Lynn that feels so fucken good, so I continue sucking Jimmy’s cock and playing with his balls then Shaun spreads my legs slowly and I look down at him and I see that he is getting ready to shove his big nigger cock inside of my pussy so I suck Jimmy’s cock harder, he moans as I do so, he tells Shaun this bitch loves sucking black cock doesn’t she, Shaun tells him oh fuck yes she does so as Shaun rubs my pussy lips with his big nigger cock I moan and suck and I know its going to hurt but I don’t care I know that they are going to use me like a nasty white whore and I want to be used like a whore so Shaun slowly starts opening my pussy lips and his big nigger cock goes into my pussy slowly. Oh fuck he feels so fucken good inside of my pussy that I moan and suck at the same time, inch by inch he goes into my pussy and I think fuck this is so fucken good 2 young nigger cocks using me like a whore and I love it. Shaun goes deeper into my pussy and I spread my legs wider so I can take all his nigger cock, oh fuck he feels so fucken good and I tell Shaun fuck me hard please fuck me hard and then he slams all his nigger cock deep into my pussy. I buckle and jerk and moan as I know he is all into my pussy cause I feel his big nigger balls banging my ass and he starts fucking me harder and telling me fuck me bitch take this cock of mine and make your pussy lips squeeze my cock and I do, he moans, then I look up at Jimmy and he is ready to cum, the head of his cock is throbbing and I know he will cum soon so I suck his cock faster and then he tells me oh fuck Lynn here I come and he shoves all his nigger cock deep into my mouth and he jerks and he starts squirting loads of black cum into my mouth. I swallow as fast as I can sucking and fucking at the same time, fuck this is what I love doing. Shaun continues pounding my pussy hard as his brother lets me suck his cock and swallowing his black cum, fuck he had so much cum, after he quit cumming he pulled his cock out of my mouth and it was covered with cum so he said to me lick my cock bitch so I did but his cock was still hard like a black steel rod. I moaned as Shaun pounded my pussy hard and I felt his nigger cock get hard and he was ready to breed my pussy and then he exploded and squirted load after load of cum deep into my pussy. I was moaning as he was breeding my pussy oh fuck. I said to them both yes fuck me hard please I need to be fucked hard and they smiled and Jimmy tells his brother lets pimp her out bro and he smiles as he is fucking me and tells me what you think bitch you want us to pimp your pussy out we have lots of black friends. I smiled at them and I tell them do what you want with me I am your whore and I will obey your command, just keep fucking me ok. So they spent the rest of the day with me and they both fucked me 3 times before they left, after that I went to my bed and lay down and rubbed my pussy lips, they were kind of sore and the cum was slowly leaking out of my pussy, so as I was playing with my pussy I started thinking how many guys will they bring the next time but I knew my pussy could handle many cocks cause I was born to be a fucken whore and for niggers to fuck me and enjoy my hot pussy.

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