Snow Bunny Breeders – Fan story

This is a Fan fiction of the Snow Bunny Breeders series. I cannot find the writer of the series, but I hope he/she is ok with my story. I used a few sentences from the series as crossover.
My story is not as…polite as the original series. But it was fun writing it 🙂

The team members drove slowly to the mostly white neighborhood. Darnell was driving and found the address with the GPS. All addresses for upcoming breeding’s were put into the system. They were assigned a specific reparation order, but if the woman was not in the address they could just choose an address in the GPS and carry out the order there instead. They just had to reach the quota of 5 breeding’s a week.

When the team arrived at Inglewood drive 15, they rang the doorbell. They house belonged to Carrie Petersen of Scandinavian descent. The door was not opened, and first the team checked the address. Darnell was polite and asked a neighbor if this was the residence of Carrie Petersen. He neighbor looked pale and confirmed that MS Petersen lived there, but was not present at the time. When asked when she would be back, the man stated that it would be hours before she was back. But Darnell just said “We will wait for Ms. Petersen”. The team then entered the house with a picklock.

Darnell was somewhat pissed of when he sat down in the living room, checking messages on his phone. They had had a long drive, and now the subject was not home. And since this particular Carrie Petersen was not home he had to wait.

The rest of the team were also being a bit grumpy, mostly for the same reasons as Darnell.

After 10 minutes of waiting, Ms. Carrie Petersen came home. She didn’t notice the Ford Explorer by the neighbor’s house, and when she entered the house. When she entered the living room she was surprised to see four big black muscular males sitting in the living room.

Then Darnell rose from the couch and said “Department of Reparations. We’re here to enforce your Reparations Order, Ms. Petersen”. Carries eyes widened and her mouth opened without a sound, when she realized what was going to happen. She then turned around and sprinted to the door. But Tyrone, who was sitting in the corner, had anticipated her move. He had noticed that she was in a good shape and probably trained a lot. Also, he had noticed that she had put her car keys in her purse when she entered the room. She could have gotten away if he hadn’t silently move to the door. Carrie ran into Tyrone almost without seeing him and stated to fight him. She was about 5 ft. 9, with blue eyes and a fresh, open face. Her long blonde hair was worn loose. She was wearing a white silk blouse, a short pink skirt and matching shoes. The fighting startled Tyrone at first, but he slapped her once across the face and she fell to the floor.

At that point all four black bulls were getting irritated. They picked up the woman and headed for the bedroom.

Carrie Petersen was tied to the bed. Since she didn’t cooperate with the team’s orders, they did not care to much about her belongings, she her clothes was cut of her body with the standard issued knife all the breeding teams carried in the equipment.  At the same time tree tripods with cameras was set up to document the breeding. They all had memory and battery capacity to last for days.

Then the team started to undress, and the blonde woman watched in horror as all the black men had cocks over 10 inches and all very thick. This shouldn’t be a surprise as the cocksize was the first qualification to get selected as breeder.
All of the team already had semi erections from the struggle with Carrie, and Darnell even had precum dripping from his cock. “Gag her and tie her legs to the headposts, Straps by the knees!!” said Darnell. The team members started to find equipment in their backpack left in the corner when Darnell said “Use the leather gag”. Two of the team members shared a look and a hidden smile. The leather gag was a leather ball with a built-in spring that would widen the ball and release a spring so the widening continued. It would stretch the woman’s jaws a bit more open than usual.

When carries legs were tied to the bedpost with straps by the knees, she was in the same position as she would be when spreading her legs on her own. When the leather ball was pushed in her mouth she almost chocked. It blocked her breathing and she could only breathe through her nose. And at the same time, she felt her jaws being constantly pushed wider open. Then the cameras were turned on to act as evidence of the breeding.

Darnell now crawled onto the bed, noticing the blonde pubic hair and an almost invisible scar from caesarean birth. His cock was now rock-hard, and he used his precum to moisten Carries vagina. Since she had been a pain in the ass, and the assignment had been troublesome, he didn’t give a fuck about being polite. So, he took a deep breath and pushed all 11 inches into Carrie in one big thrust. He could feel how tight she was, and also that her inner organs were pushed aside as his cock was buried hilt deep into this annoying blonde bitch. Carrie tried to scream and she tried to take a deep breath but to no effect. But Darnell heard the spring in the ball gag being compressed as she bit her teeth together.

The second stroke was just as hard, the third, fourth and fifth also. He then went to a faster pace, and the blonde woman’s breathing followed his pumping. And so, did the sounds of the spring compressing. “Good job you bitch” thought Darnell, this was exactly what the leather ball gag was supposed to do. Motion the jaw muscles so she could open her mouth wider. If the team decided to use her mouth later. That was one of the perks as snow bunny breeder. The obligatory breeding had to be carried out, but besides that, the teams had very free hands with the snowbunnys, as long as it was carried out in conjunction with the breeding.

Darnell wanted to give this blonde bitch a hard breeding, so he kept his pace and after 15 minutes, Darnell felt his big black balls tighten. He pushed his cock harder into her and started pumping his hot seed into the blonde. With each spurt he made sure to bury his cock as deep as possible, to make sure his seed went all the way in and stayed there. He then lied on top of the blonde for a minute and climbed off her saying “Who’s next”.

Tyrone who had a brief fight with Carrie was ready. He had been lightly stroking his 10 incher as he watched Carrie being breed. With 10 inches, he was on the shorter side of the team, but his cock was almost 3 inches in width. And by now he was also rock-hard and ready to take any which way he liked. Carrie had regained her breath and looked him straight in the eyes with a defiant look. But when Tyrone thrust his 3-inch-wide cock into her already use pussy, she rolled her eyes in pain, and the defiant look disappeared.
As Darnell, Tyrone wanted to breed her hard, as punishment for fighting him. Her rolling eyes showed him he was on the right path and he smiled as he kept fucking her mercilessly.

At the same time Darnell was watching the blonde and wondering a bit. Very often the woman would give in and stop fighting. Their breathing would get heavier, and they would start to cream around the black cock. Often, they would be ashamed of the fact that their body betrayed them, and almost every week they had breeding’s where the woman gave into the lust and just loved being fucked be the black breeders. This one, Carrie Petersen, was not responding to his hard fucking.

After about five minutes of stretching, carries pussy started to adapt to Tyrone’s wide cock, but the pain remained. And to Tyrone’s pleasure, he could feel how she started to breathe heavier with each thrust he made. He also felt that her pussy was starting to tighten around his big black cock every time he was deep in her. Like her pussy was milking his cock every time he was deepest in her. After Tyrone had pumped her hard 10 more minutes, Carrie opened her eyes and looked at him with blurry swimming eyes, that suddenly got wider. And then her body ached and she had the greatest orgasm of her life. Darnell was quick and rushed in and removed the ball gag from Carries mouth. She gasped for air and took a deep breath. And started the usual white bitch ramble “ No no no no no…yeees, yeeees, more, more more… Oh yes, oh yes, phyyyh, aarrggh,,  don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.” And then the blonde bitch had another orgasm. Carrie started pushing her body against Tyrone’s, and her pussy milked his cock harder and harder.
Darnell smile inside and praised the cameras. Again, he had evidence that a white bitch was into being fucked hard by his team. On the 3 tapes there was not a sound of resistance against the breeding, but a lot of sounds that Carrie Petersen loved being blackfucked.

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Two of the other team members, Jamal and Leroy, removed the straps from carries legs, and her legs automatically wrapped around Tyrone’s back and pulled him in harder for each stroke. And then Carrie started to orgasm again. This time not one, but a whole series of orgasms that shuttered her body and betrayed that she indeed responded to the hard fucking by the black breeder team.

When Tyrone’s had emptied his big balls into the blonde, he pulled out of her overstretched pussy. His cum was inside her, and also seeping out through her blond bush. Carrie was now in a state where she didn’t know what to do, dizzy, exhausted, hands still tied and overwhelmed by being fucked harder than ever and having orgasmed harder than ever.

After 30 minutes of hard breeding, only two members of the four-man team had fucked Carrie. This was not unusual. Sometimes the breeding’s took 20 minutes, sometimes it went on for a whole night. Mostly it depended on the woman. Not what she wanted, but how she looked and behaved. Sometimes the black bulls would go easy on a girl and sometimes they would take their time, and any which way they liked.

The rules for the breeding had changes several times since the reparations act in 2004. The number of members in the snow bunny breeding team had changed from 3 to 7, and now to 4. The teams where normally polite, but they had the means and tools to force a Reparations order if necessary. In their backpack was the standard equipment, and some personal effects. The personal effect depended on the single team member.

After the team had given Carrie a short break it was time for the last two members. They were all to breed the blonde, but Darnell was thinking. She had only given in involuntary after about 20 minutes of fucking, and only after Tyrone’s wide cock had hurt her. She probably liked the pain… He wanted to see if this was true, so he ordered the remaining members to take her at the same time. Carrie looked surprised and frightened when she heard his command and tried to back away. But the two naked bulls were coming from both sides. They swiftly pushed a pillow under her ass, and while Jamal held Carrie down and put a hand over her mouth, Leroy placed his big black cock at her anus. Carrie looked scared when he started to push, but Leroy was used to take white whores in the ass, so he knew exactly when to enter her rectum. Carrie felt like a pole has entered her ass, which was true, in a way, and she tried to scream. But the sound was muffled by Jamal’s hand over her mouth. All that could be heard was a long moaning sound. The evidence on the cameras were showing a clear proof of Carrie Petersen moaning in lust, as she was being penetrated by an 11-inch black in her ass by a black bull. Leroy only pushed in and stayed calm in the ass of the white woman. She still moaned in pain, but after a few minutes she started to relax. When she had taken a few deep breaths, Jamal suddenly removed his hand from her mouth, turned her head, and pushed his big cock into her mouth. She looked surprised, and Jamal said “You do anything stupid bitch, and I’m gonna cut you” as he held a small knife in front of her eyes. “Now start sucking bitch”. Carrie tried to suck, but she could not get any motion as the cock was filling her mouth, despite the jaw-widening leather gag. This was the first time she tasted a black cock, and she wondered how he could stay so hard. Jamal moved a leg over her head, which arched her head back. After her tongue found its place on top of Jamal’s cockhead, as they were placed diagonally, Leroy and Jamal nodded at each other, and Jamal thrusted his cock down her throat, and Leroy stared pumping her asshole. It hurt so much that she almost fainted. But Darnell suddenly put two clamps on her nipples, and the sharp pain brought her back. She felt the pulsating moves in her tight asshole, and she felt the black cock all the way down her throat. And with every thrust Jamal made, his balls bounced against her nostrils, making her smell his sweaty balls all the time.

Leroy starter fucking her faster and harder, and Jamal slowed down to the point where he blocked her throat 10 to 15 second at the time. After about 10 minutes Carrie still felt the pain in her ass, but the taste was different. She had never tasted something like this. But the lack of oxygen made her dizzy.

Then by a nod from Darnell, Jamal and Leroy raised the pace to finish. The pain started again and she felt the same way as when Tyrone had fucked her hard. She ached and she came in an enormous orgasm with two big black cocks buried deep in her. Just as she came, Darnell pulled out one of his personal Items. It was a flat vibrator the size of a palm. He placed it over Carries pussy and pressed the button. A sharp electric shock went through carries pussy and she came again. He pushed the button again and Carrie came in a breathtaking orgasm again. The he made a double tap, a triple tap, and just tapped away for the next two minutes. The same time both Jamal and Leroy pumped their black seed into the blonde. Her mouth and throat were filled with cum, and her ass was flooded too. At the same time a stream of orgasms hit her like a sledgehammer. When the black bulls got out of the bed, Carrie was a mess. She had never been fucked by more than one guy, and she had never been fucked by a black guy.

Just as she thought the reparation order was over, Darnell said with a smile “Well, Carrie Petersen. I have now on tape that you were only breed by two of the team members. We all have to breed you, but since you where such a whore for black cock, you managed to milk two of the team members with your other orifices. That way you avoided the reparations order for this time, and we will have to schedule you for another reparations order. “. With those words the Snow bunny Breeding team left the house, leaving Ms. Carrie Petersen a non-breed but well fucked white whore.

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