Taboo, Black Superior 6

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Being a master or Being a slave ? part 3



It was a rainy night

Stark naked and shivering in the basement chill, Azumi groaned and stared expectantly towards the door leading to the warm, comfortable living quarters above. Even the big gobs of white cum Mr. Lucas had shot onto her stomach had lost their initial warmth and stickiness. The jism was now wet and cold, as chill as the steel clasps and chains around her ankles and wrists.


The room was small, ten by ten feet at the most, one wall bearing a huge mirror in an old wooden frame. The only light came from a bare forty watt bulb hanging from a frayed cord over the torture rack. There was a small bookcase in one corner of the chamber. The shelves were lined with profusely illustrated porno magazines, but Mr. Lucas had never permitted azumi to feast her eyes on any of them. On the shelf below all the fuck magazines,  he kept all his sex tools, and he had a large assortment. Adult toys, Mr Lucas liked to call the studded leather belts, hoods, handcuffs, thongs.

Azumi, was prematurely wise to the ways of master-slave sex. she had come to know and tolerate all of his wild fantasies and fixations, and she was all too familiar with each and every day on that lower shelf in the corner. Now, she lay shackled, naked and chilled, waiting for the older man’s return. 


Azumi stared fixedly at the ceiling, her eyes blinded by bewilderment and fear. Her arms, stretched out above her head, were growing sore, and her wrists chafed at their bonds. Her long, black hair was tucked under his head, except for a few strands across her pale forehead that were still wet with perspiration from the sex action just ten minutes earlier.


a sharp chin, and smooth girlish cheeks without a blemish; her body, too, was flawless, Azumi looked once more to the silent doorway, then returned her vacant stare to the bare bulb swinging overhead. she knew full well that she had a lot going . Most important of all, she figured, was his long,Big fat cock. Azumi loved to watch His Black Prick . His prick was big and black, unbelievably big and she never failed to get excited just gazing at his dick when it was throbbing hard with its big swollen head staring angrily back at her.


Just then the door burst open and Mr. Lucas swaggered into the room. He hunched his broad shoulders, grinned and held up a brown paper bag. 


 "Here it is, girl " he grunted, in a low, strong voice. 


Azumi turned her head and gazed blankly at him.


Azumi:  What is it?


she asked softly.


Mr. Lucas afforded her a thin smile.


The older man had shoulders almost an ax handle wide and stood over six feet high, His thick hair showed no signs of receding. he was a prime specimen. His eyes that nailed in like steel spikes if he was intent on something. And right now those penetrating orbs were zeroing in on Azumi’s helpless, naked body


Coming up beside his slave, Mr. Lucas slapped his big hand on the teenager’s tight, flat stomach. He rubbed what was left of his sticky cam all over the girl’s gut, spreading it down in between her crotch , and all through her pubic hairs. Then he wiped what remained of the sticky fluid on her smooth tits.


Mr. Lucas’s face bore only a thin smile, a familiar intent look that meant he was horny and wanted to get his rocks off. Finally the older black man stood back and held up the paper bag he had been carrying in the other hand. He tossed it up on azumi’s chest, then busied himself removing his shirt and pants.


 "What’s in the sack, Mr. Lucas? " Azumi asked again, innocently. The bag felt heavy on her skin, and she wondered, by the feel, if it contained a couple of salami sticks.

 "Toys, Azumi. Fun toys for big boys. " Mr. Lucas glowered at her as he dropped his pants and climbed out of them. He wore no undershorts and no sooner were his clothes tossed aside than did his immense swinging cock begin to stir.


In quick spasms it swelled larger and larger until it stood straight up, bigger than cucumber. Lucas was hot and horny, eager to poke his giant throbbing prick into Azumi’s beautiful butt, to fuck the hell out of that puckering little asshole he had come to need, to demand, to enjoy far more than azumi’s cunt.


Lucas quickly unshackled Azumi’s ankles and wrists, then abruptly slapped her on the hip and grunted:  "Okay, you fucker. Roll over on your stomach and get that pretty little rump of yours up here where I can get at it. "

He tore open the sack and removed two black-leather-covered cocks, complete with a chain-link waistband attachment. One of the dildos was the size of lucas’s own prick, far from small by any measure, while the other was huge, resembling a baseball bat. Both were made of carefully sewn black cowhide, hollow inside and tailored at the end to form a round, knobby head. azumi’s eyes grew wide with alarm as she gazed at the formidable tool lucas had placed on the rack beside him. her black teacher had chosen the larger of the dildos. Tiny beads of perspiration began to form on her forehead.


 "Uh, Mr. Lucas, " she started to say, nervously, 

 "I think…it’s too big for me "


Azumi knew full well that hollering up a storm was a futile gesture. There was no one around to hear, and in any event he had made doubly sure his little torture chamber was sound-proof.  

 Azumi’s eyes once more surveyed the size of the leather dildo.  "But Mr. Lucas! " she said, protesting. 


Mr. Lucas: silence, you little slave!

Lucas roughly thrust her wrists back into the restraining shackles and quickly did the same with her feet. azumi lay spread-eagled across the rack, her firm, round, teenage ass glistening in the light of the lone overhead bulb.


The black man looked once more at Azumi’s beautiful rump and fought back an immediate, compulsive urge, a very familiar need, to get in there with his face and eat it out, suck all of its succulent juices dry. But Right now he had a different, more unusual game in mind.


Beneath the table Lucas’s probing hand found a large can of shortening. He grabbed a handful of the white, paste like substance and crammed several fingers full into Azumi’s twitching shitter. The pinched walls parted easily as the experienced, deft digits squeezed inside, working the lubricant all along the tender folds of Azumi’s well-used ass hole.


she moaned softly — not the wail of pain but the sounds of delight, need, fulfillment. Lucas was well-aware that this was the part his slave derived the most pleasure from. He worked two, then three fingers inside the tight butt-hole, massaging more feverishly; the girl writhed back eagerly.


Mr. Lucas: PERFECT!

lucas’s voice trailed off into a low, guttural mumbling as he struggled with the chain that held the big leather dildo to his waist. His own cock was almost too large to fit inside the sleeve of the dildo, but finally, after patiently twisting the prick back and forth, he worked his hard meat into the soft leather.


The huge dildo, heavy as it was, fitted him perfectly. It felt good enough to jack off into, but he knew that wouldn’t be nearly as hot and exciting as the pleasure he would derive from shoving the monster into Azumi’s ass hole as far as it would go.


He tightened the chain links securing the menacing-looking tool to his waist and felt his cock slip even deeper into the leather. The formidable prick was sticking straight out now, firmly in place, with the rear end pressing hard against his swollen balls. lucas tried to clasp its diameter in his hand, but his fingers couldn’t close and touch it. It was so fat.


Azumi glanced back, her eyes gravely taking in the frightening piece of equipment between her teacher’s legs. She shuddered, her eagerness for a good hot fuck suddenly disintegrating, replaced by a cold, clammy fear, a real and immediate fright that made her tremble from head to toe. Her asshole instinctively pinched tighter, firm as a drum.   

 "Mr. Lucas. I can’t take it. No way! It’s too fucking big! "

azumi knew the plea was futile. So too, was the energy she wasted straining at the ankle and wrist bonds.  "Shit! Shit! " she said repeatedly.

Lucas chuckled deep inside his throat, then hefted his big black body up over the smooth body form of her. His improvised torture rack trembled only slightly; he had built it of the best and strongest timbers, fashioning it just like the ones he had seen. 


He was sweating and hot as a firecracker now and felt like an angry bull picking up the scent of heat. He wanted to see the beautiful young girl body beneath him squirm and wiggle, try desperately, futilely, to escape from him. He was eager to watch the big leather cock slip in and out of that stretched-to-the-limit ass hole and to hear the cries, the begging, pleading for mercy.


Lucas slapped both of azumi’s ass-cheeks fiercely, then laid the rump apart just like he was splitting a succulent, juicy peach. The tender little ass hole was wet and moist, its inner folds covered with a thick smear of slippery white shortening. He knew that a mere mouthful of spit would never suffice for an instrument the size he had sticking out threateningly from his crotch. Even with plenty of lube it was going to take skill and patience to cram the fat round monster inside Azumi’s shitter.


He laid the big leather prick up against Azumi’s rump and gently let it slip along the crack in the cheeks, easy like, without the slightest pressure. Then he bent down and whispered hoarsely in Azumi’s ear.

Mr. Lucas: Feels real good, does it? Groove on that cowhide chafing back and forth, back and forth, against your naked little ass. There. Now it’s rubbing up against your beautiful juicy Ass hole, baby, and it wants in. Wants in real bad, just like a wild stallion that’s fucking hot in heat. Want to smell that black leather, Azumi?

Lucas propped himself farther up on the table and thrust his hips forward until the huge leather dildo lay right up alongside Azumi’s nose. The older man rolled his thighs, working the big prick back and forth along Azumi’s lips and nostrils. Abruptly, he grabbed a handful of hair and harshly thrust Azumi’s face against the hard leather shaft.he withdrew it, backing away. Lucas edged back and assumed the fuck position over Azumi’s gently undulating rump.


Lucas began probing, pushing, with the round head of the dildo. Azumi’s ass hole tightened and resisted the big sewn leather instrument, pushing back against it, pinching closed tighter in defiance. But the young girl muscles couldn’t withstand the older man’s strong, powerful hips and thighs that relentlessly applied more and more pressure against the thick shaft. Azumi winced and bit down fiercely on her lip. The tiny beads of moisture on her forehead came together into a long rivulet of sweat that ran down her cheeks to the table. Her face became distorted with excruciating pain.


Azumi: Ahhhhh Mr. Lucas! " she shouted.  "Stop! It’s too big. Too fucking big, I tell you! It’s Hurt!! You killing me!! AHHHHH


Lucas only applied more pressure, coming down hard with his pile-driving ass. At the same time he gave her a couple of stinging backhand whacks on the thighs.


Azumi’s body jerked; the older black man’s distracting blows worked perfectly. The teenage girl ass muscles ever so briefly relaxed, for only a fraction of a second, but it was enough time for Lucas’s hips to savagely lunge forward. The head of the big, thick dildo quickly penetrated inside the asshole’s pinched outer rim. 


 "Oh! Oh, no!NO!OUCH!! OWWWW " Azumi cried out, in vain. Then the thick coat of lubricant took over, and the pain, although still causing considerable agony, was less sharp and excruciating.


Lucas became more and more excited over Azumi’s obvious misery. He grinned devilishly and began to fuck, not in a pumping, up and down manner, but with a circular, corkscrew motion.




he was no fool, and not knowing how much length the small body beneath him could handle, he wasn’t about to put her prized young ass out of commission just for the sake of one Goddamn leather dildo. He would experiment. That precious, tight, teenage girl butt had a lot more serviceable mileage due it, plenty of good hot fucking that was his to enjoy when and where the mood hit him.


The heavy dildo slipped around inside Azumi’s ass hole more and more easily, and her groaning diminished. she cried out only when Lucas thrust the leather tool in past its three-quarter mark of length. When Lucas finally determined just how far he could slip the device into Azumi’s ass without rupturing a gut, he began fucking in earnest, measuring the strokes but not the intensity. The length of his own meat felt hot and excited inside the dildo’s leather sheath. The diameter of his devilish toy was unbelievable; just watching it glide in and out of Azumi’s stretched shitter drove Lucas mad with lust.


Azumi endured the fuck, for the first time in her life not really enjoying it. She grimaced with pain every time the thick shaft probed to the very limits of her guts. She is totally at her teacher’s mercy


Suddenly, with a low, measured moan of relief, she came, her pussy spurting long streams of love juice between the table and her stomach.


He pulling out the big leather dildo. The shaft made a dull, sucking noise as it slipped from Azumi’s reddened ass hole.


Mr. Lucas: Beautiful fuck. You are very beautiful slave, Azumi


he went on. Lucas carefully slipped the dildo off his prick, and, as if it were an insignificant afterthought, swung it against Azumi’s ass, raising a big red welt. Then he exhaled wearily, and apparently satisfied, wordlessly he unfastened Azumi’s shackles, and went over to gather up his clothes.


Mr. Lucas: Get some Rest Now


Azumi: y-yes sensei


Fearfully, Azumi looked up at her teacher, big tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.


Tomorrow, Noon.


sunshine fell warmly through the window of the blue bedroom onto the half-naked torso of the naked full breasted young Asian. In her simultaneous yawning and stretching, she made her full, melon-shaped breasts rise and fall as she breathed in the fresh air, her long Black hair cascading sensuously over the satin pillow slip.


Her Teacher had departed at six in the morning, Today, She will prepare Erika for him. she add drug in their lunch. no need to wait too long. after Reina and Erika finished their meal. They fell to floor.


Erika: Unnhhh I felt so weak


Reina: me too…ohhhh


Azumi opened the steel door and  she took Erika Upstair and bathed her. After that Azumi lay her down on bed


Erika: What are you doing!


Erika twisted her pretty face aside as Azumi tried to slip the big gag between her lips. 


Azumi: Take it


She commanded sternly.


  "Now open your mouth or I’ll make you take it, " Azumi demanded again. her voice was cold. Azumi lifted the big black rubber ball to Erika’s sexy lips. She pressed it against them.


Erika: Mmmm mmmmm!


Her lips were stretched taut over the front of the ball. The thin but strong thongs dangled down from the corners of her mouth. Erika took them in each hand and brought the loose ends around behind her neck, brushing her long hair out of the way so she could knot the thong under her hair.

She tied it firmly but not too tightly.

Erika was dressed in a very sexy little maid outfit. It was black and white, and it set off her lovely long hair to perfection. her long legs looked good in the black stockings. And the short skirt that left part of her creamy thighs bare was the sexiest thing and the way Azumi could see the garter straps pulled taut over the bare flesh of her thighs. The panties covered her adequately, though she would have preferred them to be a little bit better fitting. They were so damned tight.


And the tight blouse — forcing her young breasts to lift and bulge out over the top, almost to the point of showing her pink nipples was stunning.


She felt her cunt lips loosening slightly, growing wetter and wetter as Azumi touch her tits.  The dog collar was far too tight around her slim neck. Azumi opened the small compartment. She moved the dog chain aside and pulled out the two pairs of steel handcuffs. Azumi bent far forward and slipped one cuff around Erika’s right ankle, clicking the steel shut around her flesh. Azumi repeated this action with the other cuff around her left ankle.

They were locked on now. Azumi slipped one steel cuff around Erika wrist, pushing the frilly material of her tight blouse back up her wrists to bare the warm flesh. The cuff was cold and unyielding. She locked the other cuff around her free wrist.

Azumi: You’re one hell of a beautiful woman, Erika. he will like you


Azumi kissed her cheek beside the thong that dug into the corner of her aching mouth.

Erika felt her nipples swell inside the tight bra she was wearing.Azumi hooked the chain into the dog collar. Erika had never felt so helpless. She was totally at the mercy of her friend. There was absolutely nothing she could now do without Azumi’s explicit permission and guidance. And there was utterly nothing she could ask of her with the huge ball crammed in her mouth. and this knowledge sent a jolt of pleasure into her cunt that made her shudder with its intensity.  Her clit swelled into a hard wet nubbin.especially as Azumi’s left hand slipped into her panties and rub her pussy for a while before she take off erika’s panties

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Azumi  tying her up in plastic wrap to show off her pussy and so She can lick it without her moving on. Erika is licked for a while before Azumi decide to suck her tits Erika is getting her nice tits kissed and sucked, and she is getting her hot pussy rub again until she cum.

Erika: ohhhhh hhsssshhhh *spurt*spurt*

Azumi: feels good eh?

Azumi took Erika To the basement of the building and restraining her on a table Erika can’t make much noise. Azumi playing in her pussy before using a vibrator on her pussy while she is gagged and can’t make any noise.

Erika: Hmmmm Mmmmmmmppp


Azumi: SoonYou are getting hard cocks to suck and show how well you can do the job. After that you will getting some cock riding in. you will scream as Mr. Lucas insert a hard cock in your tight holes for a hot fucking and get your pussies pounded hard!

Azumi just smile when she catch fear in her beautiful eyes

she play with her nice tits

Erika is tied and is being teased with a big vibrating dildo when Mr. opened the torture chamber door. He is watching her as she plays with erika pink pussy in close up as she is licking it and he watches…as erika spurting her lover juice.

Mr. Lucas: Ooo yeaaa baby.. that’s beautiful

(sfx: Slurphing sound)

With a Mouth Full of erika’s love juice, Azumi kiss him.

They are sharing her love juice

Azumi: mmmmm mmmmmm sensei

Erika is getting plenty of stimulation from Azumi and Lucas. She gets a head between her legs to lick her sweet virgin slit. Erika gets her tits squeezed and a load of cum on her pretty face!

Azumi is sucking his cock for a blowjob before the hardcore sex starts! She gets on top of him  and inserts his cock into her juicy cunt for a ride! He is watching her tits bounce while she is on top of him. Azumi is really enjoys getting his black cock. He fuck azumi hard before he began to exploring Erika Body

Mr. Lucas: Erika is damn hot and there’s no doubt about it.

He Climb on top of her body

She cannot resist because she is tied up!Erika is tied up and hory

Her tender eyes looked at him as he take the gag ball off of her mouth

Erika was a horny young lady, and she had all the right equipment to get the best of the horny men. he used her body to get what he wanted. He began to stuggle when the tip of his big dick try to get inside her pussy.

Lucas gripped Erika’s upper arms and tried to force her to face him.

 "Stop that, Please " Erika said. Her voice was quiet now, and she was pouting. Few things in the world were as overpoweringly sexual as Erika’s mouth in a pout.

Mr. Lucas: Come on, baby. Let’s get ready and just enjoy ourselves, huh? Come on

Lucas coaxed, slowly turning her body.

Azumi untied her


Azumi: trust me erika. you’ll like it. all you have to do is lay down. relax and let him to fuck you. he is so big and strong


her head lowered, her pretty lips pursed.

 "No, " she whispered.  "I don’t want to do that. "

Azumi: you do not have a choice. you are a slave just like me. you are his beautiful pet. you are his slut. you must accept it erika. we’re his slave


Azumi coaxed Erika’s hands away from her breasts. He stroked the side of her cheek with the back of one hand while Lucas slowly rip her clothes. Erika let him do it. Her hands hung limply at her sides.


 "Lucas sensei " she said very quietly.

her head still lowered.

Lucas pulled her chin upward, making her look at him. He pressed his lips down onto hers lightly, then pulled away.


Azumi knew she loved being teased, like that, tasting and touching very lightly, tentatively, before she got too hot to handle.


Lucas smiled at her.  " you’re so fucking beautiful, Erika. other guys to fucking die of frustration, knowing they can’t even touch you.


Azumi: And knowing you fuck her. Rough and Hard


Lucas grinned at Azumi


Azumi suddenly snorted and brought Erika’s hands up behind Lucas’s back, Erika hugging him hard. She felt his hands at her breasts, cupping and kneading the warm flesh . It felt so fucking good when lucas did it. He knew just how to rub her nipples to bring her to a frenzy of lust.


She thrust her hips against his lower body


Azumi: You really want to fuck her, sensei?


Azumi asked in her best little girl voice, licking her lips and making them very, very wet as she looked  into his face.


Mr: Lucas: You bet, baby.


Erika eyes glazed. she sighed, taking a deep breath and crushing her tits globes against Lucas’s clutching hands.


Azumi kissed him lightly. Her lips just barely brushed over his. Her tongue slipped out and stroked over his upper lip. He caught her hot tongue between his lips and sucked it gently into his mouth, and Azumi thrust it deep, letting him take it all. He sucked the soft, wet, succulent tongue harder and harder, until Azumi was moaning loudly.


Mr. Lucas: Ooo baby mmmmmm


Azumi: mmmm sensei. Ohh lucas sensei.


Her heart thudded hard in her chest. Erika’s nipples grew rigid. Lucas could feel those spike-like nipples poking into his chest as Erika stretched fully against his body.  He dropped one hand down along her back, stroking his palm firmly downward over the young girl’s taut ass cheeks, feeling the smoothness of her ass.


 "Erika is Hot and Horny. Sensei. She want you to fuck her " Azumi moaned into his ear.


Lucas kneaded the girl’s hard ass, stroking and kneading the back of her thighs. Erika wrapped her arms up around Lucas’s neck and pulled her small body up to his, stretching her whole body taut along the front of his body. She wiggled her cunt against his bulging cock.


 "Fuck her, sensei " Azumi cooed.


her body was petite and small. And for all their size, Erika’s breasts were somehow nicely proportioned for her body.


Azumi rubbing her itching twat up and down along the dildo as she watched him wrestle erika. she feels her pussy wet and weter.

his mouth was all over Erika face, and her hands and fingernails were clutching at the back of his neck and shoulders.


Lucas cupped the under-slopes of her ass cheeks and lifted her body up onto his. they both were standing beside the bed.


Erika gasped as he tore at her ripped clothes, yanked it down her arms, and threw it behind her. He unhook her bra strap, and clawed the shoulder straps down her arms. This garment flew over her head and landed far across the room.

now she was totally naked. Her young body was stunning to behold. Lucas shook his head in wonder as he looked her over from head to toe. Erika smiled her sexiest smile as Lucas reached up with both arms and Erika lifted one leg up around Lucas’s hip, slowly rubbing her naked pussy mound up and down along the ridge of Lucas’s throbbing big black cock.


She bent forward . Lucas reached down and held her lifted thigh, working his fingers upward so he could feel the underside of Erika’s young wet twat. Erika twitched when she felt his fingers tickle her pussy lips.


Erika: Sen.. seii ohhhhh


Lucas slowly pressed downward on her head, bending forward as he did so to force Erika to her knees.his immense cock. bounced a few times. It stopped, aimed right at her face.He held her hair.

Lucas yanked hard, and Erika shot to her feet. She threw her body up onto his, lifting both legs up around his ass and jamming her hot wet twat down hard onto his cock head.


Mr. Lucas: Oh, baby. You’re sooo horny for me!

Erika squirmed and mashing her pussy lips over the hard-hooded head of Lucas’s Black prick. She felt the huge thing began to sink partly into her tight young sopping channel.


 "God, baby. You’re so fucking horny I can’t believe it. " Lucas pulled his head back and looked into her eyes.


 "Does thinking about my big black dick excite you that much? " Lucas gave her a lecherous smile. His hand crept up over her naked back to grip her neck. His other hand went low, cupping one of her taut ass cheeks for support.

He slid his fat cock deep into her tight cunt tube, all the way up inside her virgin hole.Erika threw her head back. Her hair lashed wildly from side to side as Lucas’s cock destroyed her hymen.


 "Ohhhhh! God!that’s hurt " Erika moaned. and filled her pussy hole to the limit. She felt completely impaled, filled to the absolute maximum.her legs tightened their grip on his thighs and ass, and she squeezed her cunt mound tighter down over his hard big black rod. and Erika trembled on his black pole

 " Fuck her. Fuck her hard!yes Fuck her " Azumi pleaded. Her voice was soft and sexy. Her body clung to his back.


Erika: Ahhhhhh ahhhh.


Mr. Lucas: Yeaaaa Ooo Yeahhhh


Azumi: Harder sensei! harder!


Lucas arched his ass outward, pulling his cock partly out of Erika’s twat channel. She clawed at his neck. He jerked forward, jamming his huge rod deep into her. Fast and Rough. Erika’s cunt sizzled as the smooth top of Lucas’s Black prick rode over it, tight and hard.


She ground her pussy down against the pole, squashing her clit along the full length of the man’s rigid cylinder of love meat.  Erika gasped hard for air. She was kissing and licking Lucas’s Lips, clinging tightly to him. Her ass began moving, pumping up and down in a rhythm opposite his humping in and out of her dripping slit.


 "Uh. Uh. sensei. It feels so good. ahhhhh " Erika purred.

Her breasts rubbed up and down over the front of his body, her nipples growing hard and erect as they scraped against his chest. The pleasure drove deep into the young woman’s breasts. Her guts went tight, quivering as she felt the vague horny heat rising up within her body.


Lucas grunted as he pumped and humped in and out of Erika’s drooling box. His cock thrust so deep he thought he could feel his big black prick hitting bottom in her tight pussy.


Azumi: feels good eh?


Erika: Ohhh Azumi. he go too deep ahhhh!aaaaa..!


Erika was shaking hard. Her whole body was growing slippery with sweat. She pumped and jumped and bobbed wildly up and down as she ground her cunt harder and harder down over the fucking prick.


Mr. Lucas: Damn. You are so horny and wild yeaaaa


Erika clung to him tightly, crushing her breasts almost flat against his chest as she grabbed him tighter and tighter. And Azumi do the same from the back.




Her cunt walls spasmed hard.

 "Sensei! Sensei!*spurt*spurt* " Erika cried. She lifted her cunt nearly off the man’s cock, then jammed her channel down hard and began shaking violently, her feet flopping wildly behind his ass, her head jerking madly from side to side, her hair lashing both their faces in her violent come.


Her twat gushed her hot juices, spilling the thick fluid out of her pussy in oozing spurts of beautiful liquid. Lucas’s cock smeared the girl’s fragrant fluids all over her cunt mound. His balls banged hard against her cunt, his cock hair matting thickly with her love juices. 


Lucas felt his balls tighten up, and with a loud gasp and a hard grunt, he shoved his Black Prick into Erika’s gushing cunt channel as far as it could go, then blasted her pussy with his pure Nigger sperm.


Erika shuddered hard. She drew her tits away from Lucas’s chest, then slammed her breasts hard against him again. Her whole body was a writhing animal of lust, her long legs gripping his thighs and ass, her arms grasping his neck and shoulders,Lucas grunted harder and shoved his cock back into her slit.  His balls clenched tight, and his come kept shooting into the girl’s hot body in hot jets, splashing her cunt channel with every drop of his thick goo.


Erika’s cunt sucked, her cunt walls clenched tightly around the big black hot rod, trying to pull it completely inside, pulling so hard that lucas winced.


It felt like his cock was being yanked out by the roots.  His gut wrenched with pleasure as he blasted erika’s cunt hole. He felt the thick spunk filling her so full that it began to gush out around the base of his cock when he pumped back out. 


Erika: ahhhh hhhhhaaaa ahhhhh!


Erika sucked air loudly, gasping raggedly as her climax flooded over her. She shuddered violently. Her body shook all over, and her guts twisted into hard, taut knots of lusty pleasure.  Her cunt slammed up and down on Lucas’s black pole.  She loved the sound of the sucking, squishing juices.  She suddenly went rigid, and sucked in a huge lung full of air. Her breasts swelled like balloons, and her nipples drilled his chest.  She shuddered hard, and then she went limp.


Lucas gripped her tightly and held on for dear life, supporting her limp body with one hand under her soft, wet ass cheek. He humped his cock into her a couple more times, spewing the last of his thick come into her body. With a loud sigh and a hard shudder, he felt the lust and the pleasure fade quickly away.  His cock still hard inside her, slipping out of her slick cunt.


Lucas carried Erika’s lightweight young body over upstairs, tenderly laying her down on her back to the bed. Erika sighed deeply and let one arm fall from around Lucas’s neck.

he whispered against Erika’s soft hair. "You are one hot fucking bitch, Erika " Lucas told her, his voice exposing his deep pleasure in fucking her.

 "Thank you, sensei " she whispered back.

Erika slowly stretched, raising her arms high over her head and spreading her long legs wide.Lucas watched his thick white come dribble out of Erika’s bruised wet slit, opened wide to expose the deep, rich pinkness of her inner lips decorated with her virgin blood




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