Teasing bitch

My name’s Josh I’m a 5ft 9 black guy. I’m well endowed about 10 inches off thick black cock. it started when I was sixteen my mom’s friend Tammy would come round twice a week. they chat have coffee, but at every chance she got she tease me or grope me. Tammy was slim white lady, about a 5ft4 tall. blonde, firm tits and nice ass. for years she seemed to enjoy teasing guys. sometimes her tops where cut low exposing plenty off tit. my mom would tell her sometimes Tammy cover up. when she wore skirts they tended 2 be short. if my mom wasn’t looking she open them flashing her pants. she smile as my eyes would pop out off my head or she spotted me getting hard. on one occasion she opened her legs and had no pants on, it nearly made me cum in my shorts. as I saw her hairy pussy and her slit, it looked wet. she laugh and close her legs. I promised myself one day you won’t be laughing, I’m going give her all ten inches. as the years went by she continued teasing me. now Tammy was married but had no children, her husband was nice guy and when I was 18. offered me money 2 do garden maintenance and clean pool. he was 2 busy. I worked hard, but every chance I got I watch her working in kitchen. she was skirt or dress lady never trousers. she had just turned 48. but had great figure. but only teased me when I was home and my mom was about. I was determined 2 make her my bitch. I started working bare chested. and could see her watching me. then one day I asked if I could go for a swim in her pool. she looked sexy that day a dress that buttoned all the way down the front, it was just above her knees. her smooth white legs and a pair off sandals. .I also new she had no bra on. yes go ahead have a swim. I get us cool drink. when she disappeared I removed my shorts I was naked. and went for a swim. it felt great naked in pool. then Tammy shouted drink. her eyes near popped out off her head and nearly dropped drinks, when I got out off pool all wet and naked. her eyes where transfixed on my long black cock. thanks for the drink as I took glass from her hand. she seemed nervous, maybe excited. why don’t you join me I said. she said join me looking confused. naked I said, she hesitated I don’t know. omg I had her under my control. touch it if you want. her hand went to touch my long cock, but as she stroked it, it felt as if she was scared it bite her haha. I began unbuttoning her dress. first exposing her nice white breasts, her nipples where hard and felt her body shaking. her hand continued stroking my cock which was getting hard. I began kissing her neck and caressing her tits, rubbing her nipples. I heard her moan. as she stood shaking I dragged dress free and let it fall to the ground. I began sucking her tits as my hand rubbed her wet pussy through her pants. at that moment I had her in my full control. I pulled her pants down and slipped a finger then 2 inside her she screamed oh yes. I had her on the ground legs open I got in 69 position and began licking and fingering her wet hole. I then felt her tongue lick the knob off my hard thick cock. I didn’t stop licking her, even getting my tongue inside her. by now she managed to get about 5 inches in her mouth. but was sucking me like a pro, it felt great. then I got surprise as she had orgasm and squirted over my face.. oh fuck it made me more excited. I got round and pulled legs apart and started entering her pussy. she screamed it’s 2 big, omg your ripping my pussy apart. as I got deeper inside her. I was thrusting hard, she was holding onto me with grim death as I fucked my white whore. omg yes she screamed omg fuck me. i now was pounding her battered pussy hard and all frustration from years off been teased was been released inside her. I wanted 2 smell her, taste her, use her, own her. I felt my balls tighten then I shouted I’m going 2 cum. then felt my balls empty inside her. I never cum so hard before, her pussy was full off my black sperm. she lay on the ground shattered. I put a couple off fingers in her pussy and removed some off my cum, then made her lick it off my fingers. Then made her clean my cock clean. I got up and went back into pool. as I looked at her lying naked and shattered on the ground. I thought I want more. I again got out off pool. by now she was trying 2 get dressed, she managed 2 get her pants on and dress but not buttoned. I walked up 2 her and ordered her on all fours. like a child being told what 2 do she got on all fours. I got behind her and pulled her cum filled pants down. and teased her pussy with my cock, rubbing my cock up and down her slit without entering he. it drove her crazy. begging me to fuck her. the sigh from her mouth as I entered her. now she could take all ten inches easy. I was holding onto her waist, her tits hanging loose as I began pounding her well battered hole. omg yes. I’m going 2 get you pregnant you slut I shouted. you’re my bitch. oh yes I’m your bitch. she replied. then she shouted breed me, breed me you black cunt. breed your white whore. her words made even more excited and pounded her hole without mercy. then grabbed her by the hair as I fucked her, then felt a Hugh load full her deep. o fuck it felt so good as I emptied my bag in her hole. we washed up and got dressed I was tired but she looked completely satisfied. but shattered. when her husband came home he paid me, your doing great job. he said, then Tammy said he hard worker, he great. for the next few weeks I do garden after a while she always call me in. and like a drug she beg me 2 fuck her and I did. I even fucked her in the pool. one day her husband was home and as he was doing some work in the house I got her in the garage and ripped her pants off and forced my cock inside her, I had 2 cover her mouth with my hand 2 stop the moans get to loud as I fucked her deep and hard 2 I cum in her. it was funny seeing her struggle 2 walk and my sperm running out off her as she walked into house. then she fell pregnant. I continued working there and watched as her tummy got bigger, I got a 48 year old white lady pregnant. her husband approach me. but instead off shouting at me or hitting me. He just said he always knew I was fucking her and he didn’t care. I got green light 2 make her my bitch.

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