The Bath

The small country English town was normally very quiet and trouble free, this all changed one weekend when a fair arrived in the town and stayed for three days before the police told the fairground owners to leave town or they would be arrested and all the rides and stalls would be confiscated and destroyed, during the three nights the fair was open there was a lot of trouble in and around the town, there was very loud music each night from the fair, shop windows got broke, fights broke out, cars were damaged and there was a lot of drunkenness from teens,  local residents very angry which was why the police closed the fair, Tina was a sixteen year girl involved in some of the trouble and was taken home by the police, her mum was not happy at Tina and told her if she wanted to act like a kid she would be treated like a kid and sent her to her room. Joel was a boy from Ghana and was four years younger than Tina and was stopping with Tina’s family for a week he was soaking in a bath of hot water and heard Tina’s mum shouting he then heard Tina’s mum shout at Tina to go get in the bath and when Tina shouted back that she could not because Joel was in there Joel thought I don’t mind sharing honestly I don’t and when Tina’s mum yelled I wont tell you again get in that bath now, Joel thought you tell her and after a few minutes Tina walked into the bathroom wearing just a towel, Joel was stood soaping himself and when Tina saw that he had a eight inch soft dick she blinked hardly believing her eyes and wondered how a kid his age had such a big dick her boyfriends was that size when erect, Tina took her towel off and for the first time in his life Joel was looking at a naked white girl he admired her ample boobs and love tube and he felt his dick starting to rise and sat down in the water, Tina stepped over the side of the bath and sat down in the water noticing Joel’s dick stick up over the water, after ten minutes Joel got out of the bath Tina saw he had a full erection that was about ten inches and fat, Joel dried and left the bathroom, Tina heard her mum shout that she was going to work then heard the door slamming shut and knew her mum would not be back till the morning then got out of the bath and dried and walked still naked to her room leaving the door open when she went in and after a few minutes saw Joel standing at the door his dick still fully erect , Joel smiled at Tina noticing her erect nipples and said ” you look cute naked you got nice tits” Tina smiled and said ” you got a big cock” Joel walked over to the bed where Tina was sitting and stood in front of her then reached down and cupped her boobs and started to massage them, Tina made no effort to stop him she just sat there letting Joel rub her boobs and when he pushed on her shoulders she lay back flat on the bed and swung her legs round so that she was laying straight, Joel climbed onto the bed as he did Tina parted her legs, Joel knelt between Tina’s parted legs and slid his dick into Tina’s moist love tube causing her to groan as he did he then started to thrust in and out making Tina groan very loud, Joel pushed in as deep and hard as he could and after a few minutes Tina cried out yes as she climaxed Joel continued thrusting away and felt Tina cum three more times before he squirted his cum, after a few minutes Joel walked back to his own room, Tina could hardly believe she had let a boy fours younger than herself have her or how much she had enjoyed it but knew it was the best sex she had ever had and was very glad that she was on the pill.

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