The Carpark

Sara was a sixteen year old British girl who had a could not careless attitude towards life, there was not much that bothered her, her attitude was if it has already happened you can not undo it. Sara was thought to be a very attractive girl that many boys and some girls wished that they could have se with but not many had been lucky enough to have been able to have sex with her no matter how hard they had tried. It was early afternoon and Sara was doing her favourite pastime of bunking off school, when with out any warning at all there was a flash of lightening followed by a clap of thunder then heavy rain started to fall which caught many of the people in the streets by surprise causing them to run for shelter, Sara was just a very short distance from the entrance to the underground carpark of the shopping centre and despite knowing that the carpark had a very bad reputation for being troublesome quickly went inside it to avoid the very heavy rain that was now falling, Sara started to walk through the very dimly lit carpark heading for the stairs that would take her up to the shopping centre as she did she saw Joel a Nigerian boy who was in the same class at school as what she was in, Sara could see that Joel was having a wee and when she saw his eight inch soft dick hanging down she was surprised at the size of it, she had never seen a dick as big as Joel’s in her life, Sara stared at Joel who saw Sara looking at him and said ” What the fuck you looking at bitch ” Sara looked away, Joel who was known for bad mouthing people said ” you looking at my cock you want to sample it ” and walked towards Sar with out putting his dick away, Sara saw Joel’s dick starting to go stiff, Joel stopped a few feet from Sara who was soon looking at Joel’s dick which was now fully erect, Sara was spell bound she could hardly believe that she was looking at a ten inch erection, Joel moved closer to Sara reached out cupped her boobs saying you want my cock don’t you then pushed Sara back onto the bonnet of a car where after rubbing Sara’s boobs for a couple of minutes slid his hands up and under Sara’s blouse and tee shirt finding her naked boobs which he massaged then after removing his hands from inside Sara’s blouse held the hem of her tight fitting skirt then after pushing Sara’s skirt right up round her waist pulled Sara’s panties down and off then after rubbing her love tube for a minute Joel pushed his dick right up Sara’s love tube causing her to cry out as he did, Joel started to push his dick in and out of Sara’s love tube pushing in deep hearing Sara groan as he did, after a couple of minutes Sara cred out in pleasure as she climaxed, Joel carried on pushing in and out of Sara’s love tube feeling her cum four more times before he pulled his dick out of Sara’s love tube and squirt his cum over the ground, Joel stood back from Sara who lay on the car bonnet breathing heavy, Joel put his dick away and walked away from the car, Sara stayed where she was for a few minutes before getting off the car. The next day Sara was in the carpark hoping to see Joel again.

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