The Stock Room – Part 1

Pia had been born in India where she lived with her mum and dad in a small village but when she was eight years old her parents realised that they could not afford to raise her, and so wanting Pia to have a far better life than what they had had arranged for Pia to live in England with her uncle and aunt who were unable to have children of their own, now at the tender age of sixteen years old Pia was settled in England living with her aunt and uncle. Pia wanted to go back to India to visit the village where she had lived and her mum and dad so she took a part time job working on a Saturday in a shop to earn money to be able to go visit India, Pia liked working in the shop and was well liked by nearly all the customers. Pia was working in the shop one Saturday when she had to go to the stock room to get some more bags, as she walked to where the bags were kept Pia got a pleasant surprise the door to the staff toilet was slightly open and Mark who was in her class at school and worked in the stock room on a Saturday was stood by the lavatory pan having a wee, Pia could clearly see his dick hanging down and liked what she was seeing, as she looked Pia thought that is bigger than what an Indian boy has got, when Mark had finished his wee and put his dick away Pia went and got the bags then returned to the main part of the shop where after half a hour she got a text when she read it she saw that it was from Mark and it said ” peeper ” Pia sent a text back to Mark which said ” big dick ” and got one back that said ” it get’s bigger ” Pia replied with the message ” show it ” a hour later Pia went to get some more stock passing Mark who was unloading boxes as she did she said ” show it ” after getting the stock Pia started walking back the way she had came as she went round the end of a row of shelves she saw Mark stood facing her, Pia’s eyes went wide when she saw that Mark had the top of his joggers back and his dick was sticking up fully erect, Pia smiled as she looked at Mark’s nine inch erection and thought very nice, Pia walked to where Mark was standing and with out saying anything got hold of Mark’s dick and started to stroke it but quickly stopped when the boss shouted ” where are those beans ” Mark put his dick away as Pia went to the main part of the shop. Later in the early evening as she left work Pia was met at the rear entrance by her cousin Mia who was six years younger than her, as the girls walked through the deserted underground car park Pia saw Mark stood by a post, Pia saw him look at her as he did he rubbed his crutch, Pia said to Mia ” come on some white cock ” and walked over to Mark with Mia following her, When Pia got to Mark she smiled at him and slid her hand down the inside of his joggers getting hold of his already erect dick as she did, Pia then took her hands out and gently pushed Mark backwards into the dark area of the carpark then with out saying a word pulled Mark’s joggers down freeing his erect dick, then looked at Mia and said to her ” how is that for a white hard cock ” Mia stared at Mark’s dick and said ” it is massive bigger than in the books and on the films ” Mia then reached out and got hold of Mark’s dick and started to jerk it ” Mark said ” stop she is only a kid ” Pia said ” let her play ” and lifted her top up revealing her naked boobs ” Mark looked at them noticing the erect nipples and started to massage Pia’s boobs and after a short time bent his head forward and started to lick and suck her nipples as he did he heard Mia say ” it is really stiff ” Mark carried on sucking Pia’s nipples and after a few minutes knew he was close to cumming and moved slightly not long after he squirted his cum in four spurts, then after ten minutes was doing his joggers up, Pia and Mia were walking away as they did Pia said to Mark ” see you next week it will be more fun because the boss is away and he is leaving me to run the shop ” Mark walked home hardly believing that he had been jerked off by a young Indian girl but thought I can not wait for next Saturday to arrive.

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