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Mami an bhacha

Hi. Me, sakshi. Kase ahat. me ek housewife ahe he gosht mazya bhachyachi an mazi ahe. me lahanpnapasun khup dekhni hote. tarunyat alyavar maza bhariv pna saglyana ved lavat hota. 36 che gole, 30 chi gand ekdam perfect mal ahe me ajun pn. Ata storikde valu.. me maza navra an 2 mul evdech asaycho gharat. … Continue reading Mami an bhacha

ಬಿಸಿ ತುಲ್ಲು ಕಾದ ತುಣ್ಣೆ 🥵

Hello frds yerlu heg edira. Chanag edira ankond edini. Tumba storygalu baritha eddare yelru ಓದಿ suka padi. Nan story nu odi rasa sursi hage nimma anisikegalanna mail madi. Frds ondu hosa story helona antha. Keli nim rasada alla tuppada pic mail madi. Edu agiddu 2018 alli. Actually nan odiddu halli alli. Nanig job aithu banglore … Continue reading ಬಿಸಿ ತುಲ್ಲು ಕಾದ ತುಣ್ಣೆ 🥵


Martin’s 16th birthday had gone well as far as he was concerned, lots of his mates had turned up, they had got plenty of booze and drugs everybody had had a good time, now the party was over most had gone but there was still quite a few of his friends left behind but they … Continue reading Sixteen

All gone

The training centre for trouble making youngsters was well understaffed and today there was only 1 staff member on duty so the kids were doing as they wanted to when the big explosion from the government test centre rocked the training centre the kids all fell silent for a minute but they soon started to … Continue reading All gone