A Yellow Ring

Within the suburbs of a city, Le Grond, in Southern California was a strong, curvacious woman, Jacelyn. With slight Hispanic and Indian in her background, she was a white lady with some exotic shade to her complexion and body. From youth, it was plain she didn’t like men. She had eyes for girls, mostly like … Continue reading A Yellow Ring

In Training

Pia was a sixteen year old Bengali girl and unbeknown to her family was a lesbian, Pia was with her mate choo in a derelict factory, choo was also lesbian and had been given the nickname choo by her gran because she as a kid she often pretended to sneeze and say choo, as the … Continue reading In Training

The Fun

Anjana was a Bengali girl living on a big run down housing estate in East London, Anjana was a lesbian but she had tried to keep it quiet for fear of what her parents would do if they found out, her parents did find out and punished her, she was then thrown out of the … Continue reading The Fun