The big iron gates to the young persons detention centre slammed shut behind sixteen year old Tina who had just served a twelve month sentence for beating up a neighbour, Tina looked at the gates then after spitting on the gates stuck up two fingers at the centre and walked off down the road heading … Continue reading Out

Sleep Over for Mommy

Ellen had her best friend Catherine over for a sleepover. They were best friends they were lovers. Catherine had shown Ellen how good it could be with another girl.. Catherine had introduced Ellen to several other girls who were bisexual. Ellen loved it. Catherine was strong Ellen was not. Ellen knows that without Catherine’s friendship … Continue reading Sleep Over for Mommy

The Sentry

Over a year, lesbian filed into Spirites City, in southern CA. They checked into dorms or hotels, and attended the major university. Others filed into the apartment complexes, sometimes referred to as mazes. Under lesbian overseers, they took up residence. To the uninitiated, lesbians held games in mazes. Some for money, others for love, and … Continue reading The Sentry

Jacqueline’s Maze

Word abuzz among lesbian communities of a maze within a dorm in Les Spirites City, CA. Annually, a gem of considerable value was placed within. Lesbians adventurous enough to penetrate the secrets of this maze could claim it. The wealth of one precious stone was enough to fund their ascent into wealth and luxury, buy … Continue reading Jacqueline’s Maze