Shake A Lesbian

In Les Spirites, California: A petite lesbian from the secretary pool of an LGBT Co. Was called up to the top floor of a 50 floor building. It was plain she was nervous. Bessy, a hard-working Midwesterner from Illinois, came to LA with only five dollars in her pocket. She came from the Windy City, … Continue reading Shake A Lesbian

Societa de Lesbiana

Many lesbians banded up in Los Spirites, California. Across varied buildings and apartment, dozens if not hundreds of lip clashed together in a one-night throe of the most tempestuous passion. By morning, they faded into the sunrise, off to work. Their social structure being a multitude of women that joined for a night. Like the … Continue reading Societa de Lesbiana


The big iron gates to the young persons detention centre slammed shut behind sixteen year old Tina who had just served a twelve month sentence for beating up a neighbour, Tina looked at the gates then after spitting on the gates stuck up two fingers at the centre and walked off down the road heading … Continue reading Out

Sleep Over for Mommy

Ellen had her best friend Catherine over for a sleepover. They were best friends they were lovers. Catherine had shown Ellen how good it could be with another girl.. Catherine had introduced Ellen to several other girls who were bisexual. Ellen loved it. Catherine was strong Ellen was not. Ellen knows that without Catherine’s friendship … Continue reading Sleep Over for Mommy