Mommy liked it

Ellen was in her bedroom stripping down for a sleep over. She just had on a t shirt and panties. She was looking forward to the sleep over. Catherine would be here soon. Catherine was her lover. The last sleep over was three weeks ago. Catherine with her help had seduced/blackmailed her mom into going … Continue reading Mommy liked it

The Challenge

Two lesbians darted into a building. They tore off their jackets. Down to their basics. From a box: they picked 2 objects shaped oval and roundish. They each held one to their loin until they heard a faint click. The objects fastened to their vaginal cloth. They nodded and moved more slowly into the building. … Continue reading The Challenge

Lesbian Timer

On spring break, a number of lesbian college students took time off from Les Spirites. They headed to La Fuentes to a ‘mansion’ in the trees. The proprietor ‘Glen’ greeted them. She led them up stairs to the second floor where she greeted ‘Grace’, the overhead for the lesbians on that floor. Together, they were … Continue reading Lesbian Timer

End of the Maze

In Les Spirites, California, within the city, a maze was in the process of being disbanded. For years: lesbians moved to it and through it, having their sex-capades. Lesbians laid in it forming their open V formation: as their partners explored their vaginal zones. Municipal authorities discovered and closed it down. Travelers saw it now … Continue reading End of the Maze

Do My Mom

My name is Donna I am 20 and a college student. I was home for the summer. My parents are divorced and I live with my mom and step sister when not at college. My step sister Sue was a two years younger and going to college at a local community college. A few days … Continue reading Do My Mom

Shake A Lesbian

In Les Spirites, California: A petite lesbian from the secretary pool of an LGBT Co. Was called up to the top floor of a 50 floor building. It was plain she was nervous. Bessy, a hard-working Midwesterner from Illinois, came to LA with only five dollars in her pocket. She came from the Windy City, … Continue reading Shake A Lesbian