Jacqueline’s Maze

Word abuzz among lesbian communities of a maze within a dorm in Les Spirites City, CA. Annually, a gem of considerable value was placed within. Lesbians adventurous enough to penetrate the secrets of this maze could claim it. The wealth of one precious stone was enough to fund their ascent into wealth and luxury, buy … Continue reading Jacqueline’s Maze

The Zoo

A couple hours away from Les Spirites, California, was a building of impossible proportions. Some called it the ‘Zoo’. On Spring Break, some lesbians from the university drove to this building. They were infrequent lovers: but frequent lovers of all things novel. The ‘Zoo’ was like a gilded cage of all buildings. It was linked … Continue reading The Zoo

The Lesbian Emporium

Through Le Grond, les Spirites, and Le Fides, California, lesbians came and went. They formed groups and disbanded promptly. For either days or years, they engaged in their own sex: suppine in the safety of their homes. Some formed groups of divas. They worshipped each other in the night, wearing jewels and rings; they decorated … Continue reading The Lesbian Emporium