An encounter with my tutor

She walked into the lab, dressed in high heel boots and a white overcoat, with her long brown hair held up with just a pencil and glasses she walks over to her desk and picks up a pen then turned to the board and wrote her name, you can call me “Mrs Roberts”
As she said this I can feel her eyes staring at me.
She moves from behind her desk and sits on top of it with her legs crossed, she unbuttons her lab coat and I can see her black knee length pencil skirt.
I can feel myself loosing control, it’s wrong she is my tutor, but she is so hot.
I must have gone into a day dream, as all I hear is,
” Erin, you need to stay behind after class to see me”
The bell rang and everyone left it was just us, I did not realise that she locked the door behind the last person.
Mrs Roberts walked over to her desk and sat with her legs crossed, she placed her hand on either side of the desk, she is looking straight at me.
“Come hear, now”
I obey her and move slowly from behind my table, as I move towards her I feel my heart starting to race with every step. I sit at the top table where my work book had been placed.
Mrs Roberts slips off her desk and all I can hear is her heals walking over to me, she is now standing behind me, I can feel her breath on the back of my neck, she leans forward placing her hands either side of me on the desk, I hear her whisper,
“Erin, it drives me crazy when you look at me in that way.”
I can barely think, my breathing is shallow and fast anticipating on what is going to happen next.
“You have to follow all of my rules; and I always get what I want”
Before I knew it the words slipped out of my mouth,
“Your wish is my command mistress”
Mrs Roberts whispers again in my ear,
” now go to my desk and get on your knees and wait for me bitch”
I move slowly out of my seat, walking over to her desk obeying her wish, I kneel on the floor waiting.
As she returns to her desk she slips infront of me sliding on top of her desk,she slowly unbuttons the rest of her lab coat, I can see her red bra under her white shirt, it’s driving me crazy, she grabs my hands guiding them up, I move my hands slowly up to her skirt as I do she parts her legs for me, gliding my hands slowly up her silk black stockings I pull down her red thong with just two fingers, and drop them to the floor, I slowly stand up and lean over her and slip her lab coat off, I slowly kiss her neck down to her collarbone, moving down to her breasts as I kiss her I slowly unbutton her shirt.
As I continue down her sweet body kissing ever inch of her, as I reach her hips she grabbed my head And forced me closer to her dripping wet pussy.
I look up at her with daring eyes,
“Now lie back and shut up; I’m going to make you cum until you can’t breath”
Mrs Roberts hands realised my head as she leaned back, I start kissing up each leg, up to her inner thigh moving across, I gently blow over her wet pussy, planting gentle kisses down the inner thigh of her other leg, I back up and move my hand over the top of her pussy gently touching and teasing her, I stop and look up at Mrs Roberts and say to her
“Don’t you dare come until I say you can”
I can see she is ready for me, I gently play with her clit, slipping my hands over her pussy until Mrs Roberts grabs my hair and pulls my head back, I bend and moan, it feels so good, she then pushes me into her wet pussy. She smells so sweet, my tounge slowly starts to lick her clit in small circles back and forth building in speed, she pushes my head harder and closer to her, I can feel her body jilting with extersey. I slip my fingers into her wet pussy, I can feel her resistance, she wants more, moving in sink my tounge and fingers getting faster, Mrs Roberts is so near to cumming, I pull away and completely stop, she can’t bare it, my hands moving over her sexy body roaming from her neck down across her chest, moving down to her hips where I rest my hands, I go straight back to licking, teasing and playing with her clit, once again she is so close, i move faster and faster until she can’t bear it any more,
“Make me come now Erin”
I keep going, licking, sucking and slipping my fingers into her wet pussy, she can’t contain it any longer.
I hear the bell ring for my next class, and with that I unlock the door and walk out, all I can do for the next 2hrs was think about Mrs Roberts, and how my lips taste of her.
When the bell rang again I walked towards the library, I feel a hand on my shoulder pulling me towards a store room and there standing in front of me was Mrs Roberts, as I walked in I shut the door behind me. All I can see in the light was a chair in the middle of the room and a rack behind it, I drop my bag on the floor and before I knew it Mrs Roberts had hold of me pushing me towards the chair.
Excited I move to the seat with anticipation of what is to come, she tells me
“I’m going to fuck you till you can’t walk.”
Mrs Roberts is only inches away from me, I want her, I want to feel her hands over my body, it’s driving me crazy.
She starts kissing my lips gently as she pulls away my mouth is open still wanting more.
She parts my legs either side of the chair, my shirt rides up showing my sticking and blue thong, Mrs Roberts stops and looks up at me and smiles, as I look at her I can feel her hands sliding up my legs.
She grips my thong and ripped them off me.
I breath in sharply, as she drops then to the floor and in the next movement she is between my legs, her tounge going slowly over my clutch, I move my hands over to her hair, just as I grip her she stops and looks up at me and gives me that look, I know I have been bad,
“Do you trust me Erin”
I nod my head biting my lip, she takes out a piece of rope and ties my hands to either side of the rack,
I can feel her behind me, her hands moving down over my chest and back up, Mrs Roberts pulls my hair and my head is pulled back, I let out a moan.
Mrs Roberts moves infront of me and all I can do is watch her, her hands move across my wet pussy, with each touch becoming more intense, she slips her fingers in hard and fast, I can barely stop myself, pulling on my restraints I can feel her other hand rubbing my clit.
“Mmmmmmmm, I need to cum, please Mrs can I cum”
“No, not yet”
Mrs Roberts pulls away, she is waiting for me to calm, all I want is for her to fuck me even harder.
She is kneeling between my legs playing with my throbbing clit softly and slowly.
And then it happened she inserted her fingers into my wet pussy harder and faster than before.
“Please Mrs can I cum”
“Cum for me Erin”
And with them words I am undone,
Mrs Roberts stands up and straddles me she is so close, I can’t touch her as my wrists are still bound.
Her pussy is inches away from my face, I can smell her sweet sent, I try to teach with my tounge but she is just out of reach, she starts to play with herself in front of me I can see her building, she is nearly there, Mrs Roberts grabs my head and pulls me into her my tounge finds her clit and I work my tounge round, licking, flicking and sucking her. I can feel her orgasm on the edge, as I get faster I can feel her cum, she tastes as good as she did earlier.
Once she had finished Mrs Roberts got up and smiled at me, then she walked out of the cupboard leaving me wanting more.