Became Bum Girl of My Aunt

I lay there watching my Aunt Janet slowly strip in front of me. My body was still recovering from my first real orgasm , my pussy still wet from the excitement that my Aunt introduced to me to. I watched, unable to move or speak as she pulled her blouse up from her skirt and slowly started to unbutton it. At first I saw her expose the swell of her breasts, pushed together by her lacy black bra. She slipped off her blouse letting it fall to the floor. Her hands then moved to her skirt, slowly undoing the belt and then moving her hands behind her to draw down the zip. I lay there fascinated by the show that was going on before my eyes. This was not just undressing but a seduction that was slowly being performed for my benefit.
Reluctantly I raised my eyes from the mature body that was being displayed to me, to look at my Aunt’s face. She was smiling; but not the smile of Aunt to her niece, but more of a seductress looking for a new lover. Her skirt fell to the floor and she stood there, her slim legs covered in black nylons, held by suspenders and, just covering that part I was so desperate to see, was a small pair of black panties. She stood , hands on hips, watching me admire her beautiful body.
“Come here dear”.
As if in a trance, I rose off the bed and moved towards her. She slowly turned round , “Undo me” . I raised my hands and nervously undid her bra. With her back still towards me she slid the straps off her shoulders but held the bra in place. She turned to face me and then slowly let the bra drop down exposing, an inch at a time, her breasts until I could see the pink surround of her nipples. I knew I was being teased, like a cat playing with a mouse, but I could do nothing but stand and obey her instructions. She moved the bra away and let it drop to the floor. My breathing was now getting faster as my heart quickened.
My Aunt slowly cupped a breast and with her thumb, flicked her nipple. Her thumb then slowly started to draw circles around her nipple and as I watched , it darkened and got hard. She put her hand under her breast, looked me in the eye and said “Suck it dear.” I moved my head towards her and the opened my mouth and gently started to suck.
“Harder” she said, as she pushed in towards me and I greedily started to suckle on her. I could hear her starting to moan as I sucked and pulled on that hard nipple. “Do it baby…..suck on aunties’ titty”
As I sucked and pulled, I could feel her hands move to my small but very excited breasts. My nipples must have felt like small bullets as she pulled and twisted them. What she was doing to me became like a lesson, as I repeated it on her. I grabbed her other breast and pulled the nipple, twisting it and reveling in its hardness. Her moaning encouraged me to go further and as I pulled and twisted her nipple, my teeth started to pull on the one which was filling my mouth.
“Oh God yes it baby, hurt me”. That made me ease up as I wasn’t expecting that my Aunt Janet would want me to hurt her. I slowly pulled back, but as I did she grabbed my hair and pushed my head down so hard that my knees folded and I went towards the floor. My head was now level with her thighs. She pushed her hips towards my face and said “ Lick me!”
I slowly moved towards her. As I did that she moved her panties aside and I could see her pussy but unlike mine which was covered in that fine downy hair, hers was bare. There in front of me was my aunt’s pussy, her lips were pink and as I watched she opened it up to expose her little nub, which at that time was what I knew it as. She moaned “Suck me baby.”
I moved closer and nervously put out my tongue. I drew it up the lip and even though my tongue was wet, I was surprised at the wetness coming from my Aunt’s pussy. I could taste her excitement and that encouraged me to explore further. My tongue was now leading me, my aunt’s moans guiding to go further and deeper. As I moved around her lips I could taste my aunt’s need to go further. I pushed inside but as I moved upwards my tongue brushed her clit. It was if an electric shock had passed through her. She grabbed my head with both hands and started to grind her pussy against my mouth. I was no longer in control , I was just the means to an end and that end was a shattering climax which seemed to go on forever.
I waited until she released me and let me slowly rise up from between her legs. I looked to her face, which had the most beautiful smile. In that moment I realised what pleasure one could give to another and knew that my future would be determined by how much pleasure I could give and receive. I moved up and lay beside her on the bed. As we lay there she slowly stroked my body. As her hand reached my bottom I heard her say “mmm my little bum girl”
There it was again, that phrase that my mother had written in her diary. I raised myself up on one arm and looked into her face. “What is a bum girl”, I asked.
She looked at me, as if deciding to share this secret, but after what we had just shared it was obvious there would be few secrets now.
“ When we, your mother and I, were at boarding school one of the teachers was very special towards us. If she liked you she sometimes invited you to her room after last evening call. There was one thing though, you had to make sure you were wearing a very short nightie. So short that your bum was showing. All the girls knew if you were one of her special friends because you wore this very short nightie. It was like a badge of honour. So much so, that at night the girls would parade about in the dorm wearing them showing off their bottoms. That’s why they were known as bum girls.
When you went to the teacher’s room she would check that you were wearing it and that it was short enough. We had to stand in a line so she could inspect us. She would walk up and down looking at our bottoms telling us how good we were and what a special group of girls we are”
“ Is that all”, I asked. Aunt Janet smiled.
“ I think you should ask your mum. But you might have to get in the right frame of mind first otherwise she wont tell you. Oh and just to help you , your mum loved being a bum girl and was one of the most enthusiastic members” and with that she winked at me and started to laugh.
So if I wanted to know more I had to get mom in the right mood!