First Time with Auntie

It was one Wednesday afternoon, I had arrived home from school to find the house empty. My mother must have been out shopping as usually this was her day off from the office, where she worked as secretary. There was just the two of us now, since my father had left home three years ago.
I went upstairs to change from my school uniform and after  removing my school blouse and skirt, I lay on my bed in just bra, panties and socks. My hand moved to my breast and I drew a circle around my nipple, feeling it harden  and that exciting tingle spread through my body.Although my breasts were now growing they were still small and my bra was only really necessary just to cover them as they didn’t yet need a great deal of support. As I played I thought of my mother’s breasts, large and soft; they certainly needed a bra to lift and support.
My excitement was growing and my other hand now moved to my stomach and then below the elastic which held my panties in place, That warm tingle was starting to spread. I had been playing with myself for a couple of years, ever since I had discovered when drying myself the lovely warm feeling I got as the towel brushed between my legs. i opened my legs and now used my fingers to rub and feel my excitement grow.
It was as I played that I thought I heard a noise. I stopped and held my breath. I lay quietly expecting to hear my mother moving about or shouting my name. Nothing happened, but now the moment had passed and so I got up from the bed  and looked for some old clothes to put on. I don’t know why but I suddenly thought it would be fun to put on some of mum’s clothes on and dress up. Although she is certainly larger than me both with bigger breasts and hips, we were now roughly the same height so her clothes fit if I pad out my bra and put on a pair of her shoes.
I went into her room and started looking through her cupboards. As I looked for something to wear I came across a box pushed right to the back of her wardrobe. I took it out not quite knowing what to expect. I removed the lid to find two plastic tubes, one about 6 inches long and another about 8 inches and at least 3 inches in diameter, underneath these I found some magazines, all of them had pictures of girls and older women naked and kissing and stroking each other,
I had never seen anything like it . I had heard some of the girls at school talk about “Lezzies” and how they were always together and didn’t have anything to do with boys but I didn’t know any details of what they did. But here in front of me, my mother had pictures of such things. As I looked at the magazines in more detail I could see that the older women were using something like these plastic tubes on the girls.
At the bottom of the box I found what looked like a diary. From the writing it was obviously my mum’s but from the style it must have been written some time ago. As I read it I realised it was written when she was at boarding school and she must have been about my age but from what she had written she certainly knew more about sex than I did.
She often described the other girls in her dorm by their size and shape….and from what she wrote down the girls were all shapes and sizes, from girls who were obviously very mature to slim ones who were hardly developed at all. There were ones, who once the lights went out jumped into each other’s beds and she wrote you could often hear whispering and giggling. As I read the diary, I realised the girls only did that when certain teachers were on night duty. One teacher, Miss Woods, would look in, turn the lights on, and seeing the girls in each other beds, turn the lights off and would say goodnight girls but don’t make too much noise.
As I read more of the diary I cam across the term “bum girls”. It seems, from what mum wrote, that there were a group of girls known as Miss Woods’ bum girls and that mum wanted to be one!
I was so engrossed in what I had discovered in mum’s box, I hadn’t heard that someone was standing at the door and was watching me! There in the doorway was my Aunt Janet, watching me in my bra and knickers going through my mum’s box!
Aunt Janet was my mother’s younger sister and whilst my mother could be said to be maternal, both in her attitude and curvy shape, my aunt was what most people would describe as a professional business woman. She was dressed in a smart white blouse, tight black skirt and shiny stilettos.
“Like what you see dear!”   I blushed and tried to close the box. My aunt moved across the room, taking the box from me. She sat down next to me. She was so close that I could smell her heady perfume and feel her leg pressed against my thigh. She opened the box and removed the magazine. She flicked through the pages till she stopped at photographs of an older woman and a younger girl. The older woman was kissing and caressing the girl.
She turned to me. ” She seems to be enjoying that, doesn’t she?”
I looked at her and nodded. She lent down to me and gently put her lips on mine. This was my first real kiss. I kept still, not knowing what to do. Then I felt her tongue move across my lips before it started to push between my lips.I opened my mouth , letting her more experienced tongue explore my mouth. The I felt her hand  move toward my breast. I could feel it stop on  my bra and gently squeeze. I suddenly realised that I was holding my breath waiting for my aunt to put her fingers inside my bra. I didn’t have to wait long. Her fingers drew across my bra and then  slowly moved inside. I held my breath waiting for her to touch my nipple and when she did it was like an electric shock coursing through my body, going straight to my inner core.
I could hear her breathing more heavily and whispering”Baby” into my mouth. My legs were slowly moving apart, leaving me exposed to my aunt’s searching fingers. My panties were being moved aside, allowing her fingers to brush my fuzzy downy hair,
“Oh sweet baby…..such a lovely little pussy”
My heart was beating so hard I thought I would explode. I could feel my excitement building. My hips started to move against her fingers. She joined the rhythm and moved her fingers in time with my pulsating body.
“Cum baby….cum for Auntie”
I pushed against her , whilst pulling her as close as I could.What seemed like a lifetime must just have been moments before I exploded  into orgasm, my legs squeezing hard, trapping her hand between my thighs. I lay there gasping and shuddering as tears formed  in my eyes. Auntie thought I was upset and slowly kissed my tears away, little did she know then that it was my excitement that meant  I was crying.
“No Auntie it was wonderful…I always want to feel like this.” Then I kissed her
She looked at me , smiled, “Welcome to the family” . Then she stood up and slowly stripped in front of me….
Little did I know this was the start of an exciting time of discovery with Auntie and other members of my very sexy family…… oh and what being a bum girl meant!!