A Night with a bodysuit beauty

My story begins on a cold dark winter night I was walking home when I seen a stunning woman with light brown hair getting harassed by little idiots being the gentleman that I am I came to her aid but I was to late they had got away with her bag.Her house keys,purse,mobile were all in it she  sobbed.Her long over coat was slightly torn when her bag was snatched.I put my arm round her and Asked if she wanted to come to mine to use the phone.We got to  my house and while she made all the calls she needed i made her a drink.Once everything was sorted out she mentioned she had no where to go.I said she was welcome to stay at mine as long as she needed.

It was getting late so i showed her to my room and i got a blanket and lay on the couch.During the night she woke up screaming i shot through in my boxers and swung the door open.She was sat straight up  on the top of my bed she was wearing a figure hugging bodysuit tucked neatly between her stunning thighs.She had nightmare I sat down next to her beads of sweat running down her beautiful cleavage.I brushed her hair from her face”Lie next to me” she asked thankfully the light was off so she couldn’t see  the semi I was trying to hide.

She cuddled into my warm chest her firm breasts nestled tightly against me her stunning leg draped over mine the warmth from between her thighs was turning me on.My cock was getting hard,bulging in my shorts.She moved her hand onto my crotch and gently squeezed my throbbing cock while she pushed her firm breasts tight against me her firm nipples rubbing my side her leg wrapped around mine tightly squeezing her warm pussy onto me.She opened her eyes and started kissing my body working her way up her luscious red lips met mine and gently pushed her tongue into my mouth we kissed passionately meanwhile my hand was gently caressing her firm breast.

Her hand moved slowly down my body reaching my throbbing hard on.And slipped her hand inside and wrapped her soft fingers round.My solid shaft and began stroking till she reached my pulsing tip.Removing the straps to her bodysuit I gently tug it past her firm breasts and down to her stunning waist.My lips lock round her firm nipple and run the tip of my tongue round flicking it over the top.Her body quivered as I ran my hand down between her warm thighs stroking her lips with my finger through the shimmering material.I couldn’t believe what was happening.This kind of thing i only ever read about im not that lucky.I circled my fingers over her pulsing clit she tilted her head back and let go a sigh of joy.My fingers moving up and down her pussy.I slipped my hand into her moist crotch and ran my fingers across her clit and slowly pushed a finger into her pussy.Probing deep inside she groans more as her warm sweet cum coats my hand.I take my fingers and place them between my lips licking them clean.She took over rubbing her clit till I gently pushed a finger deep inside then two.She lifts up her firm ass so my fingers can go deeper probing every moist inch of her pussy I take my fingers out and inserted my tongue deep inside her honey pot lapping all of her warm cum as she begins to orgasm.Placing the tip of my throbbing cock onto her warm wet pussy then I push my cock inside her.She arches her back even more as she moans with pleasure her pussy tightens round my solid shaft she grab my ass pulling me in tighter,deeper than before my balls hit against her firm ass the harder I thrust she screams as she reaches an orgasm I begin to thrust faster as I could feel my cock ready to fire.She pulls my cum soaked cock out of her pussy and strokes my cock fast making me fire a stream of my warm sticky cum over her wet pussy getting every drop from my pulsing cock as she collapsed on the bed she took her fingers from my cock and placed them in her mouth taking every drop between her luscious red lips.I lay down next to her and passed out.

When I woke up in the morning I got up and she was still next to me so I made some coffee and she came through behind me and put her arms around me and took hold of my semi hard cock and started stroking me again i reached my hand round and began caressing her warm clit as she slowly kissed my neck.It didn’t take long for my cock to go hard as a drip of pre cum emerged from my pulsing tip,her soft fingers cleaned it away as she slowly put her finger to her mouth.My hand circled and massaged her warm pussy till I could feel her warm love juice flow over my hand.She turned me round and gently got in her knees.Placing my aching tip into her mouth and stroked my shaft with her hand.It was the first time ever having a beautiful women do this first thing in the morning(I’ve never even had morning sex before)and it felt awesome.Her hand slid between her stunning thighs and started rubbing her pussy with every push of her finger she moved closer to my sack I thought she was going to swallow me whole as her luscious lips touched my balls she drew back and lay on the kitchen table her legs spread wide  hanging off the side I move in and slid my hard cock deep inside she gasped and tightened her thighs around me.I slowly pushed my cock inside her warm honey pot she placed her on her clit and slowly moved in a circle.I was pushing my cock hard inside her getting faster when she began to moan as a wave of pleasure flowed round my solid shaft I thrust my cock in faster as her groaning got louder and louder she screamed”I WANT YOUR CUM DEEP INSIDE ME”. It made me pound my hard cock deep inside her warm cum helping me move faster as my sack rubs off her cum soaked pussy I feel the rush of my cum fire from my hard cock inside her.She wrapped her arms round my shoulders hugging me tightly passionately kissing me.I could feel her warm cum flood over me as my hard cock was still deep inside pulsing against her tight pussy.She thanked me for a wonderful time and left me her number but I was to shy to phone it.I hope you like my story.I just wish it was true I could never be that lucky but enjoy I hope it turns you on.

With Love And Kisses