Barren land : lover’s game

Hi friends,
It’s a true incidence happened last winter as I have been in relationship with Rajan, my friend’s elder brother but have had love with him, I can’t think for it as myself Ritu is concentrated on my study with a goal to achieve in life but it’s really shocking for me that how I get laid on bed with my dad as well as younger brother, no matter if it’s Rajan or a nigro or dad’s colleague but I always think of my relationship with dad as well as brother but it happened with my consent, so feeling ashamed always of it is just like killing myself with a sweet poison. Ritu, a young girl of 21 years is too sexy as height of 5’5 feet is attractive for gals with my round boobs as well as V shaped buttocks and my vagina is in nice shape as it’s labias are soft as well as fleshy, it’s hole is little wider but it’s flexibility is low and my mind is now on my friend’s brother Rajan, both have enjoyed physical relationship couple of times and now it’s time to get laid again with him but who will keep proposal of it, if I do I will be a slut gal for him but for last two months we haven’t talked either on phone or meeting eachother. Ritu is now crazy for him as I sent a good morning message to him on whatsapp, So let me know how he reacts and lastly in the afternoon I received his call as I am in my bedroom, so received Rajan’s call as he spoke ” hi Ritu how are you
( Me ) fine but have you called me after looking at my message on whatsapp
( Rajan ) sorry, actually I was out of town for a month and so I was not able to talk to you
( Ritu ) oh I see, you have missed your mobile at home
( Rajan ) oh you are up for fight, please
( Ritu ) ok than today evening I want to meet you
( Rajan ) sure I will pick you from your home and will enjoy some nice time together ” as I am dying to be in his arms, so after my lunch I took rest and than told my mom ” mom in the evening I have to meet my friend Ragini, so
( Mom in anger ) oh I see, want to spent time with your lover
( I felt shocked ) what the hell you are talking to me, ok I will be in home. ” As my anger was just to make him feel pressurized and I moved to my room while holding cup of coffee, so while sitting on beds corner I am drinking coffee as thinking about Rajan, lastly mom came to me ” Ritu go and meet your friend but be sure to come home before 08:00 pm
( Looking at mom ) ok my mom ” and than I called Rajan as put my leggings with crop tops, so left home at 05:00 evening as Rajan have planned to pick me near home’s taxi stand at 05:00 pm, walked towards chouraha as I can see his white swift desire car and as I reached near it’s window, Rajan opened the door as I am on front seat and he drove the car. Looking at me, he asked ” would you love to make some fun inside or outside
( I felt shy ) only talk, drink and back home ” as he felt bit shocked on my reply and as he is driving the car towards aakashwani I am sure that some thing is going to happen with me inside car and it’s a winter season, so cold wave is making us bit uncomfortable but mind is too hot.
Rajan took car on a deserted road as it’s going to some village, lastly he drove car to a barren land and stopped there ” so baby, we both will enjoy some nice time together ” and I left the car as it’s a large field with no one to see us but I can see herds of cow with a men far distant away and now as I stand there, Rajan took out a carry bag and than asked me ” let’s talk while drinking whiskey ” as both are sitting on grass as I am scared to drink whiskey but I have tasted it quite often. So Rajan put two disposable glass and made drinks and now took out a packet of cigarettes as he lit one and than both starts drinking, Rajan is looking at me like a hungry wolf but as I hold his hand to have cigarette he gave me cigarette and put his one hand on my soft boobs as I am dying for it. Now as I am bit hot while drinking whiskey with cigarette in between my lips, Rajan’s hand is holding my breast as he is squeezing it harder ” uh oh Rajan it’s paining please don’t rub it hard ” but he than put his empty glass as my drink finished and starts kissing my face and his other hand is on my thigh giving me a hard massage and as I throwed the cigarette, I felt bit romantic. Ritu now sits on his laps with my legs wrapped on his waist as my hand is on his back and both started kissing eachother’s face to neck as my V shaped buttocks is on his lap and as Rajan took a hard kiss on my lips I opened my mouth and than pushed my tongue in his mouth, so as his hand is under my butts his fingers are rubbing my ass cracks, is this true guys love to go down of girls and as he is sucking my tongue his hand is rubbing hard on my sexy ass….. We are refreshing our memories as sex starts at a barren land, far from Patna town…. To be continued.

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