Best of friends

A new start to a new year hope everyone had a good time.I wish I could say the same.I hope that some horny stunning girls out there like my stories or at least turn you on.My story starts my friend and I have been best of friends for years we even rented a little flat together.Her name was Michelle her long blonde hair and jade green eyes and her stunning hour glass figure I had always wanted to ask her out but being shy does have its drawbacks’.One night I could hear her arguing with her boyfriend she had caught him cheating was all I heard. So I put my headphones on and started reading my book.Later on when it was quiet I went down stairs to see her crying and her phone busted into pieces.I did what any friend would do I went and got a bottle of wine from the fridge and two glasses I poured her a glass and asked if she was ok “yeah”she murmured and asked me to “leave her alone” I hated seeing her in that state but before I left I went to pick up the bottle but she took hold of it and put it back down.

I had went back to my room to give her some space.Some time later I could hear her coming up the stairs and into her room.Walking out my room I bumped into her wrapped in her dressing gown “feel like some company” i asked as we went down to living room Michelle sat on the couch and asked if there was more wine so i went and got the other bottle.we sat and talked as the wine went down.She asked me “why i was single” and i replied “im to shy” she looked at me and giggled.As i came back from the bathroom Michelle stood up and untied her dressing gown i couldn’t believe she was wearing a black and red lace bodysuit that hugged and caressed her sensual body her firm breasts pressed against the tight lace,her nipples showing through I could feel my cock tingle as began to get hard.She said teasingly”do you like what you see”I was in awe a beautiful girl standing in front of me wearing the sexiest underwear I had ever seen I was tongue tied”my you are shy”she said as she moved closer to me and wrapping her arms round my waist pulling tight against her soft body my semi hard cock pushes against her warm pussy.I cup my hands round her firm ass we slowly began to kiss passionately as she unbuttoned my jeans my cock was solid pushing against my tight boxers.She began to gently kiss my neck down to my chest as she worked her way down towards my hard cock she tugged my shorts flicking some pre cum onto her sexy bodysuits.She gently started stroking my throbbing shaft making the tip of my cock pulse with every stroke I looked down and her hand had slipped between her thighs and was rubbing her pussy as well I had never been so turned on I my life a sexy girl with her hand gently wrapped round my hard on I could tell she was starting to cum her hand moved quicker I turned away and all I felt was her warm lips teasing my manhood then slipping inside all the way to the end it felt so good I ran my fingers my fingers through her soft hair as her head bobbed back and forth teasing she slipped my solid cock out as she wrapped her tongue round my pulsing tip and pushed me back onto her bed.

She stood up and pulled the straps off and rolled it down over her stunning body and down to the floor.She turned round and lowered herself onto my hard cock her pussy felt so good as she gently gyrated her hips so my length could slip deep inside her.My hands were on her shapely hips moving her back and forth on me as my fingers gently caressed her warm,moist clit I wanted to taste her warm love juice so bad I had to lick it from my fingers.I could feel her pussy tighten round my cock as her warm cum runs onto my sack.My hands had moved up to her firm breasts and gently cupped them playing with her hard nipples she began to moan as she thrust harder on me “come inside me” she screamed as she reached the height of her orgasm.I lay back on the bed pushing my cock as deep as it could go as she worked back and forth her legs trembled as she came again.I could feel myself starting to cum when she held on to my cock with her tight cum soaked pussy making sure every drop of my warm sticky cum was deep inside her.We must have made love for hours till we collapsed on the bed breathless sweat coating our bodies we lay cuddled up on her bed.In the morning I woke up she had left a note saying she had left for the gym and thanked me for the night before.Hope you like the story and please feel free to comment below any comments left I will respond to them.

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