Dad’s colleague : made me cry (part-2)

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As Ritu is in Anand’s arms it’s really a winter season means for romance, so my willen jacket on tops get unzipped and now both are in fire as my black stockings have covered my legs to thighs but it’s not to cover but to make guys attractive towards me and now Anand just made me sit on chair as he knelt down in front of my legs, oh god! His bulge is showing sign of erection on his pants and as he started removing my stockings I am too horny but left myself in his arms to get love and sex. Ritu moves forward as he lifted my short dress to waist and now my both thighs are up as I put it on his shoulders, so my strong thighs with sexy vagina is getting kissed and he is kissing my thighs hard with his two fingers rubbing on my panty as it’s my vaginal hole, so I started screaming ” uh oh I’m please please
( He smiled at me and unhooked my panty ) what please ” and feeling shy I turned my face as I was eager to get my panty removed from my itching vagina and he holds my thighs as he is kissing it’s upper and back portions making me hot and slowly he pushed his long finger in my soft cunt as he starts digging it hard with lips on my right thigh. Ritu is well experienced in physical love for last one year or so as he left my thighs and now while rubbing my vaginal hole he started licking it also with his tongue ” uh oh don’t make it too stretched aah please ” and Anand than took out his finger as his tongue is inside my glory hole and it’s my pleasure to get pussy licked with a guy in his last twenties and his one hand started lifting my short dress to my chest and like a hungry gal I took it out. Soon Ritu is completely nude in front of a men who is my dad’s colleague as he licked my cunt for a while, I now stand infront of him as my face is down but hand pulled down his pants and 6-7 inches long cock is flurry as I hold it to love, now as I put my lips on his lips to kiss, he opened his mouth and Ritu than pushed his long tongue in his mouth.
Anand and Ritu are nude as he is sucking my tongue while his hand is holding the fleshy parts of my butts and both are looking for sex with no hesitation. It’s my class and guidance for economics but it turned to be a class of KAAM SHASTRA and as his hand moved to my vagina to screw it hard I just took out my tongue and than started kissing his wider chest as going down towards his waistline b, so I can than hold his penis in my mouth and what a pleasure to do so, can’t be narrated in words. Ritu now sits on her legs as my face is straight to his penis and Anand now put his one leg on chair as I hold his penis, removed it’s skin to kiss it hard and my lips are sealed on his base to shaft but as glans is on my lips, I opened my mouth partially and took it inside to suck but a men can’t wait here for a long time to give your mouth his whole penis. Anand than hold my long hairs as he started swinging his waist and starts fucking my mouth with his 6-7 inches long and two inches thick cock, glans is hitting my deep throat as my eyes are closed while my thirsty mouth is tasting it quite comfortably, so while he is fucking my mouth hard I felt pre cum oozing from it and I took out his penis but soon my tongue starts licking his wet penis and as my tongue is on his glans, sweet sticky cum is giving me taste but it’s too early to have his cum in a while quantity v, so I stand as he took me on his bed and as I am nude, I put a bedsheet on my sexy body but soon Anand pulled it as he sits near my legs while holding a strip of pills ” dear pill in your hand
( He widened my thighs and took out a long white pill from strips ) it’s a contraceptive for safe sex baby ‘ and than his one finger eloped in it, screwed it hard and than pushed the pill but as I am willing for fuck, he left me and walked towards washroom. Ritu is looking for fuck as my vagina is in rest for two weeks and as he came on bed, I stretched my thighs. Anand than hold his penis as he put glans inside my vagina and slowly he rammed hard his cock as it soon disappeared inside it, lot of pain made me cry as he starts fucking me hard with his hand squeezing my breast ” uh oh I’m oh god it’s in pain please don’t fuck fuck me it’s too hard ” and a voiceless men was hard as my vagina feels it spaces Nil and soon as I cried ” uh Anand it’s cumming aah yes it happened ” , so huge relief in my cunt as cum made it wet but Anand have not pulled out his penis as he is fucking me with speed and power, it’s a heavenly feel as he leaned on me and than my arms are on him, starts kissing my bed lover and started trying to bounce my V shaped buttocks, so we both are enjoying every second of fuck session as his long penis is hitting the vaginal depth but soon I felt pain in my waist, so just getting fucked while he is dominating on me like a roaring tiger and soon I felt my vagina getting drier as I again starts bouncing my butts ” oh yes aah aah un fuck fuck you guy give me hard aah
( He kissed my lips ) now it’s yours baby my cock is going to pour ” and soon my vagina got the much awaited cum as he took out his penis from my cunt, now I am too tired as my vagina is full of white sticky semen and after a while I get refreshed, back home while getting guidance in sex…..

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