Madeline headed out the stable door. Carlos had her ride all ready to do. She smiled at him as he handed her the reins.

” All ready Ms Emmett ” Carlos said.
” Oh cut the formal bullshit ” she said smiling at Carlos. ” Call me Maddy, all my friends do.”
” Your father … ”
” Screw my father ” she said interrupting him its our secret. When its me and you its Maddy. When dads around its Ms Emmertt.” Ok she said.
” Yes Ms, I mean Maddy ” he said.
” Good ” she said mounting her horse.

Madeline the daughter of a high socialite banker. His money talked. Madeline was a beautiful 29yr old Blonde 5’10. Her exceptional body was the attention of many young suiter her father wished she would marry. Her piercing deep blue eyes, her perfectly rounded C cup bosom.

Carlos held Sir Nickles, Madeline’s horse as she adjusted her helmet. He admired her slender legs and arse in those tight riding pants. Her breasts in her top. It made him hard and only wished he could feel her body against himself. Carlos was 5’11 short dark curly hair from Mexico. His sharp Spanish accent fascinated Madeline. He taught her some Spanish much to her fathers dis-taste.

He watched her ride of into the distance. Her perfect arse riding in the saddle imaging the sweet taste of her womanhood he would never get to enjoy.

That night.

Dinner served at 6.25 on the dot. The family sat around the table. Madeline and her brother and Mother and Father. The maid and servants brought the food to the table.

” Off tomorrow for the day.” Richard her father said ” Have a important meeting. Carlos placed the plate in front of Madeline. He had developed a good friendship with him. He quickly glanced at her cleavage in her red sleeveless dress feeling his cock harden.

” Yes ” Annabelle said smiling at him ” important meeting ? ” she replied trying not to be sarcastic. It was her husband’s standard explanation.

” Always important ” he snapped eating his roast pork. Madeline looked at Carlos as he walked in the room again with drinks. She felt extremely fond of him. Her father noticed. He grunted as Carlos turned to leave. As he walked through the door.” I’m watching him.” Richard said.

” What do you mean.” Annabelle asked.

” That hes got feelings for you Sis.” Colin said looking at Madeline.

” No ” Madeline said. ” No chance of that happening ” she scoffed knowing Carlos could probably hear. A sense of guilt came over her. She had developed a friendship with him. Her dad would love to hear her say that.

Next morning.

Same time she arrived for her ride. Carlos as usual had the horse ready to go.
” Ms Emmett ” he said in a meloncholy tone. She knew she had offended him. Her father proud of the dismissal of affection for him. She didn’t know what to say. She mounted her ride.

” Meet me at the old cottage, 30 mins” she said riding off knowing her dad was about to leave.

Carlos saddled up his horse and rode off in the opposite direction. He doubled around the back of the estate. He arrived seeing her horse in the back barn. He dismounted leading his horse into the barn. She met him on the back door step leading him in.

” Follow me ” she said. They walked through the kitchen and to the stairs. She lead him up the stairs to the back bedroom. She turned pushing him against the wall her hand on his chest. She kissed him. He pushed her away. He wanted her but. ” Its ok ” she reassured him. ” I want you. I want you now.” She kissed him again smiling at him. ” Fuck me.” She added.

He admired her her bosom, her arse, her body he had always wanted. She was presenting her self to him on a silver platter. Why was he hesitant. He wanted her. He had dreamt of this moment. Here she was throwing herself at him. God fuck her he thought. If we are caught ? He kept kissing her her hand in his crouch feeling his hard cock. Her hands sliding his shirt out of his trousers lifting it up over his head his bare chest. She dropped his shirt to the floor. The palms of her hand flat on his toned chest. She kissed his neck his shoulder to his chest. Her hand sliding to his groin undoing his trousers. He felt them drop to the floor she slid down his body feeling his cock spring out. Her on her knees he looked down as she smiled at him lifting his hard cock between her thumb and forefinger. She smiled as she licked up his shaft to his knob wrapping her hand around his throbbing shaft. Her lips around his knob sucking. She slid her mouth up and down his cock as she stroked it. He groaned in pleasure as she sucked his cock her tongue then circling his knob.
” Fuck ” he said as she stood kissing his lips his hands finding the bottom of her top lifting it up her body over her breasts. Her tanned soft cleavage on display as it was lifted over her head. He dropped it to the floor bis hands cupping the bottom of her bra lifting her breasts, his lips finding her cleavage softly kissing her bust. He savoured the taste of her breasts his hand sliding to her back along her bra strap unclipping it. He pulled it off and dropped it to the floor. Her beautiful curvy breasts on display. He admired her nipples as his tongue went to them. He sucked her nipples as he fondled her. They kissed french kissing with Carlos fondling her breasts as they found the bed. She fell on the bed Carlos on top of her kissing her fondling her, kissing down her neck to her breasts, down her stomach. He stood pulling her riding pants down her legs and off. He did the same with her underwear revealing her beautiful shaved womanhood.

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He looked at her she smiled as he knelt between her legs licking up her pussy lips to her clit. He circled it with his tongue as he rubbed her, his finger finding her vagina opening. He inserted it slowly finger fucking her licking her clit, admiring her pussy at the same time. She moaned and groaned.
” Fuck me,fuck me now ” she ordered. He raised himself up. He guided his cock into her thrusting her. He moved inside her pleasuring her listening to her groan. He felt her vagina tight on his cock. He watched it slid between her pussy lips. He admired her curvy breasts her nipples caressing them as he fucked her. He sped up as she wrapped her ankles around his back holding him into her as he thrust. He groaned. She knew. He couldn’t hold on he couldn’t withdraw. She wanted in in her. He did filling her with his juices. ” Yes ” she said. They lay there. She rolled him to his back. She lay on him his sperm dripping from her pussy into him as they kissed. ” Best fuck for a long time ” she said.

They got up and dressed. He left first riding back to the stables. She left 10 minutes later. As he rode he thought. Ive had her. He body so nice. If her father knew they had to keep it a secret.

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