Kate & Jim

    Kate & Jim by beagle9690 June, 2011   Katherine once was an insufferable shrew of a wife married to a two-timing cheating wimp of a man for almost 16 years.   Jim is a wrecking yard owner and scrap dealer. He comes from a long line of lawyers, doctors, and family members in … Continue reading Kate & Jim

Dawn 6

Today I’m in Rin’s house, watching TV and talking to her about Sonia. She had invited Sonia over and we were waiting for her. Rin was really happy, and I got the feeling that they both would finally do it today. It wasn’t long before we heard the door bell. Rin went to open the … Continue reading Dawn 6

Dawn 5

It was the first day of school after our vacations and I was already sitting on my desk when the bell rang. The professor walked in with two people… new classmates. Apparently, they were foreigners coming to study for the rest of the year. We already had various transfer students, but more people to befriend … Continue reading Dawn 5

Dawn 4

Today I’m doing one of my final exams for the first half of the year, getting ready for our summer vacations. It’s easy… but just because I had kept what I learned. The room was all silent… but I finished quickly and handed the exam to the professor. I went out of the room and … Continue reading Dawn 4

Dawn 3

I was jumping and waving my arm around as I screamed Rin’s name. Then I quickly changed to screaming out Mai’s name. I was in their concert. Rin and Mai have a band, where Rin plays the bass, Mai plays the lead guitar, Rin’s brother Eiburu plays the rhythm guitar and sings and finally Eiburu’s … Continue reading Dawn 3

Dawn 2

It was almost midnight… Tonight my parents were out and my sister was sleeping already. I was in my room with my dear Maiko… The blanket was barely covering our bottom as she was laying on the bed, facing up to my face while I was on top of her, moving my hips while our … Continue reading Dawn 2