Betty Black, part 4 – The Master's Choice

Tuesday morning could not have gone by any slower, as far as Betty Black was concerned. She was so keyed up and excited that this day had finally arrived, that she scarcely knew what to do with herself. Even after 6 months as Dom Jim Fredericks’ Tuesday slave girl, the new had hardly worn off. It had only gotten better and better. The more she got to know about her Dom, the more attached to him she became. Whether he knew it or not, yet, she was totally his property, in her own mind and heart. She still enjoyed all the attention other men lavished on her, she still wore skimpy, sexy outfits to work, and took unnecessary trips down the hall just to let those nasty boys ogle her, and make remarks about her curvaceous form quietly, as if they thought she couldn’t hear, or didn’t care. But these things only enhanced her appreciation for the man she saw once a week, and strengthened her devotion to him. It made her tingle when the men in the office made lewd remarks about her body in ‘private’. It made her look all the more forward to this evening, when she would give her entire body and soul to her Dom Jim, and submit to his every lustful whim and desire, hopefully while tightly bound, gagged, bare, and helplessly under his total control, as usual.

Noontime finally arrived, and her substitute secretary was just coming in. Betty was now free to leave work, and head for home to prepare for tonight. Something in her gut made her feel that tonight held something very special, but she had no idea what it was. “Just utter enthusiasmâ€, she figured, as she drove home as fast as legally possible. When she arrived at home, she went upstairs and into the master bathroom to start running her bath water. She added a generous supply of scented oil to the fairly hot water, and let it fill up while she disrobed. Betty stared at herself in her full-length mirror, now nude, and ready for a long soak in the tub. She inspected her body in sharp detail. It made her proud, as she gazed at her own form, that she had taken care of herself well enough to have this opportunity. Being her Dom’s ‘Tuesday delight’ was the satisfaction and fulfillment in life that she’d always hoped for. She kept thinking that tonight might be ultra special, but she still had no idea why. As she bathed, and scrubbed her entire body thoroughly, she also paid particular attention to giving her pussy a closer-than-ever shave. She tweaked her own hard nipples while she soaked, and felt the rush of adrenalin course through her body, and all the way down to her genitals. She was so horny. She threw her head back, and enjoyed the very warm water engulf her luscious female form. How she had yearned for these moments all week, and now, they had arrived, and not a single moment too soon.

Betty looked at the dresses she’d laid out on the bed, deciding which one to wear tonight. She stood there naked, with arms crossed, and a finger tapping her chin. “Hmm, let’s see, I know I have to wear a black dress for my Dom, but which black dress will it be?†she pondered. Finally, she made her choice. It was a peasant dress. The one she picked out didn’t fit as tight as some of the stretchy ones she had plenty of. It had a single strap that hung from one shoulder, and glided across her neckline to the opposite breast. Though loose, it’s allure was unmistakable. It was actually way too short on one side, the hem ending an inch or two below her waist line, but then it started to angle down, as it came to the other side of her body. But, even on the ‘long’ side, it barely hung low enough to hide everything it was expected to, at least when she stood straight up. The tiniest thread of a black nylon thong was the only other piece of clothing, besides her 5†heels. The thong was only allowed now, by the Dom, because it held the cell-vibe close to her clit where it would do the most ‘good’ whenever he decided to call. Slave Betty had remained more antsy than usual, ever since the cell-vibe had been introduced to her. She anticipated feeling it silently go off all day and night long. Not that it didn’t, regularly. Dom Jim made sure his little Tuesday sex toy got plenty of ‘added incentive’ to show up on time every Tuesday evening.

On the road again, Betty had her stereo turned up almost as loud as it would go. She rocked out as she zoomed down the highway to her beloved Master. As she zoomed, she happened to pass a motorist who’d been stopped by a highway patrolman. She slowed just enough to see that the motorist was a very attractive-looking woman, and that the trooper stopping her was none other than Mike ‘Big Dick’ (haha) McMasters. “Good luck, girl. Save yourself the disappointment. Just take the ticket,†she laughed to herself.

4:55 PM, she handed Arty, the ever-polite valet her car keys, and heard him say, “Good evening Miss Black. I hope you have a pleasant evening here at the Fredericks Compound.†“Thank you, Arty. I believe I will,†answered Betty, with a bigger-than-usual grin. Now, up the 13 marble steps, and she rang the bell at precisely 5:00 PM. Dom Jim answered the door personally, showed (now) slave betty inside, and closed the door behind her. When he turned around, she was already on her knees, with hands held behind her back, “Ready to serve you, Master.†She immediately said. “Up slave! Follow.†Dom Jim answered back abruptly. His tone was stern, and Betty surmised that he was upset about something, but she simply followed silently, head bowed.

“In,†was all Jim said as he opened the ‘playroom’ door. After slave betty hurried in, he closed and locked the door immediately. “Strip,†was his next one-word command, and she obeyed hastily. “On the bed, on your back, legs spread, arms above your head. Move slave!†the Dom was very forceful with this command. When she had done as commanded, he ripped open his shirt, tearing all the buttons off as he thrust it open, then he hurried just as impatiently with his trousers, dropping them and his briefs in a pile. Then, he quite literally dove on top of slave betty, and as he was diving, she noticed, he was already rock-hard. He thrust his big cock into her all-too-eager pussy, and though she hadn’t had time to get very well lubed, she didn’t care, she was loving this! And, as one might guess, she was very well lubed in a matter of seconds, as he fucked her with reckless abandon like she’d never seen him do, before. He didn’t even bother to tie her up, first. That, was a real first. But, he was the Master, she figured, and it is his choice.

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In the heat of such passion, slave betty still had the presence of mind to realize that this was a golden opportunity. Never before had she had the freedom to fuck him back, the way he was fucking her. She had always been so restricted by the bondage, that she’d never been afforded the chance to do things to him that she wanted to do. Now, she could. First, she wrapped her legs around his ass, and rode his thrusts like a bucking bronco. Faster and faster, harder and harder his thrusts pounded into her now sweating flesh, and she returned his fucking with some of her own, pulling herself closer to him with her free legs and arms, grabbing him under his arms and begging out loud, needing his fucking like she needed air to breath, pulling, pushing, grinding her tits into his face as he lowered his head to meet them. “Fuck me baby, fuck me harder!†she shouted. They looked like a well-oiled machine working in overdrive. When she said this, Dom Jim responded by putting more strength into his thrusts. He was actually obeying her! What a first! Then he grabbed her under her shoulders for added leverage, and began pulling, as well as pushing with his legs. Slave betty knew she was going to be awfully sore tomorrow. “Who the fuck cares?†was her only thought. Finally, he started groaning. It had been 45 minutes since he dove on top of his fuck toy. Dom Jim had Control with a capital C. She knew he was about to cum. It thrilled her that she was on the brink herself. In the middle of his ejaculation, she came too. They were in total unison. “Oh, my god!†was all either of them could say. As it wound down, they began kissing. Their kissing went on for an hour after the sex was over. They both finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

4:00 AM in the morning. Only the milkman, and a couple of hungry birds are up at 4:00 in the morning. Dom Jim woke up next to his slave/lover betty, and gently tapped her on the shoulder. When she awoke, and turned her head to see her blessed Dom looking down at her as she lay there with her ass against his cock, she said, “How may I serve you, Master?†Dom Jim wanted to ask her something, and when he heard the way she answered him, out of a sound sleep, at 4:00 “in the fucking morningâ€, he thought, he really knew he had something to ask her. “slave betty, will you accompany me on my upcoming trip to Aruba? We’ll be gone about 2 weeks. Will that be possible for y…†slave betty cut him off, “Yes, Master. OH, YES, YES and a thousand times, YES!†First, she hugged him harder than she may have ever hugged anyone in her life. Then, remembering she had felt his stiff cock when she woke up, slid down to his crotch, took said member in hand, and pleasured him with two free hands, AND a mouth. Then, she got bold. Before he could cum, she pushed him onto his back, and got on top of him. Straddling his hips, she raised herself up, grabbed hold of his big dick, and slid it into her soaking wet, ever-tight pussy. She would dare say herself, that she rode him that morning like she was a bull-riding champion, or something. As much as she adored this man’s domination over her, and as much as she craved him putting every kind of restraint on her weak, nubile little body, making her helpless, vulnerable, and oh so horny almost perpetually, she was loving having this freedom with him tonight. And now, to top it all off, he had chosen her, the newest of the harem, to accompany him on an unusually long trip to a Caribbean island. She was right, Tuesday morning. This did turn out to be a very special night, just as she’d predicted in her heart.

“One problem,†Betty thought, “My mind was racing, getting ready for tonight. Who knows what gear I’ll bust, getting ready for two weeks, alone, with my Dom all to myself, nothing to do but please him all day, day after day. Whew!â€

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