Brothers Change

Dawn was just arriving home from school and closing the garden gate behind her, Dawn could see her stepbrother Mark through the kitchen window sitting at the  table. At sixteen years of age Dawn was two years older than what Mark was. After the death of his parents in a car crash a year ago Dawn’s parents had adopted Mark and he had been living with the family nine months, everybody saw Mark as a quiet boy and he was often pushed around and bullied by other students at his school. Dawn opened the kitchen door and walked in and after closing the door looked at Mark and said to him” I hear that you finally stood up for your self at school and beat up two of the school bullies” what Dawn was saying was true, the two school bullies had started to shoulder barge Mark and calling him abusive names while a crowd of other students had stood around watching, after a couple of minutes of being pushed Mark had suddenly turned and punched one of the bullies on the nose sending him reeling backwards then kicked the other bully on the shin and punched him on the jaw, teachers were very quick to break the fight up, later as Mark was leaving school he saw the two bullies waiting for him, Mark just walked up to the pair and with out any hesitation started to kick and punch the pair and got the better of them, both boys had run off and to cheers from other students Mark had walked off and headed home. Dawn ruffled Mark’s hair saying well done, Mark hated having his hair ruffled and told Dawn not to do it, Dawn ruffled his hair again saying why not, Mark warned his step sister not to do it, Dawn ruffled Mark’s hair again, Mark quickly got to his feet grabbed Dawn by the arm pulled her forward over the table and started to spank her bum, after a few minutes Mark stopped let go of Dawn and told her he had warned her and to be careful what she did or she would get her bare bum spanked, Dawn looked at Mark and went out of the kitchen and up to her room where she phoned her classmate Kim, Kim was also Dawn’s best mate, Dawn told Kim that her brother was a spanker and told her what had happened, Kim told Dawn to find out how far Mark would go, Dawn put her phone away went back down to the kitchen and knowing that Mark hated being called kiddo said to him ” what time will mum behind kiddo” getting a drink as she did, Mark said to Dawn I told you don’t call me kiddo I hate it, Dawn looked at him said ” grow up kiddo it is only a name” Mark grabbed Dawn’s arm pushed her over the table pulled her tight fitting skirt up and her panties down then started slapping her bare but after giving her a few slaps Mark let Dawn go, Dawn went to her room where she phoned Kim telling her everything that had happened including about the big bulge she had seen in Mark’s trousers when he had let her go. After having a shower Dawn was in her room wearing just her dressing gown when Mark walked in and told her that mum and dad had phoned and said they would be away for awhile because her dad was ill, Dawn said to Mark ” knock before you enter my room kiddo” Mark grabbed Dawn by her arm sat on her bed then  dragged Dawn over his knee pulled her gown up and started to spank her bare bum after a few minutes Mark stopped spanking Dawn pushed her on the floor stood up and walked out of the room as he went Dawn saw the bulge in his trousers, Dawn phoned Kim told her what had happened. After speaking to Kim on the phone Dawn went down to the kitchen to get a drink and saw Mark sat in just a pair of shorts, as she was getting her drink Mark told her that he was now in charge and that she would do what he told her or she would get a spanking Dawn looked at him Mark then added you can tell that bitch Kim the same applies to her, Mark stood up Dawn saw the front of his shorts were tenting, Dawn looked at Mark and told him he was not in charge of her and he could piss off, Mark grabbed Dawn by the arm dragged her into the lounge where he pulled the ties of Dawns gown open then pulled the gown free of her body leaving her naked, Mark sat on the sofa pulled Dawn over his knees and started to spank her, Dawn could feel Mark’s bulge poking into her stomach. After a few minutes Mark pushed Dawn onto the floor, Mark looked at Dawn saw her very erect nipples and said ” you enjoy getting your bum spanked look at those nipples” Dawn smiled said ” you enjoy doing it I saw the tent in your shorts” Mark stood looked at Dawn who was looking at his bulge and told her to follow him, Dawn picked up her gown,  Mark told her to leave it behind and stay naked, Dawn did so Mark went to his room with Dawn following in his room Mark opened a draw and pulled out a collar with a chain attached to it gave it to Dawn and told her to put it on, Dawn smiled and after a couple of minutes was wearing the collar and chain, Mark picked up the dangling chain and said to Dawn ” you are now my slave” Dawn smiled Mark pulled the chain told Dawn to get on her knees and once Dawn was on her knees Mark Told her to pull his shorts down, Dawn did as Mark had told her and as she did Mark’s eight inch erection sprung out, Dawn looked at it surprised at the size, Mark then said to Dawn ” suck my cock dry” Dawn bent forward and took Mark’s dick in her mouth and started to suck it after a minute Mark pushed his dick further into Dawn’s mouth making her gag, Mark pulled his dick back a bit Dawn carried on sucking and after a couple of minutes Dawn swallowed as Mark squirted his cum into her mouth, after a couple of minutes Mark told Dawn that from now on she and Kim were his slaves and would be doing what ever he told them. Mark removed the collar told Dawn to go, in the morning Dawn woke to see Mark stood naked by her bedroom door his dick fully erect, Mark said ” about time I fucked you” Dawn pushed her duvet cover back sat up took her night dress off then lay back spreading her legs as she did, Mark went over to the bed climbed onto it and knelt between her legs lent forward and slid his erection into Dawn’s love tube pushing in as deep as he good, as Dawn felt Mark’s dick slide in she cried out with pleasure, Mark started to thrust in and out of Dawn’s love tube pushing in as deep as he could go with each inward thrust making Dawn groan with each thrust, after a few minutes Mark felt Dawn cum and soon after he pulled his dick out of Dawn’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body, after a couple of minutes Mark climbed down off the bed and left the room, a hour later Dawn was telling Kim every thing that had happened as they walked to school, later at school Dawn found Mark took him to one side and told him Kim was coming round to the house after school, Mark told her good, Dawn then said have you got three collar and chains because Kim’s sister Tina wanted to come, Mark smiled and said ” he did” Dawn walked away, Mark thought to himself three willing slaves in my harem, As Mark left school he saw Kim Dawn and Tina walking down the road he smiled thought there is my home work.  when Mark arrived home he saw the three girls sitting in the lounge, he looked at them went up to his room got three collar and chains went back down to the lounge smiled at the girls and said to them” get naked” and watched as the three girls undressed and after a couple of minutes was looking at three naked girls, Mark walked up behind each of the girls and put a collar and chain on each girl and after he had done so he took the three girls up to his bedroom,  and once inside Mark stripped his clothes off , when Tina saw Mark’s eight inch throbbing dick she said ” fucking hell that is massive” Mark pulled the chain that was attached to the collar that Tina was wearing Tina was soon stood right in front of Mark and could feel his dick on her leg and when Mark asked her if she had ever sucked a cock before Tina smiled and said ” yes I have but not one as big as yours” Mark said to her” well you had better get on your knees and suck mine”  Dawn and Kim watched as Tina knelt down and started to lick Mark’s dick before taking it all in her mouth and start to suck, Mark pulled Dawn and Kim to him and started to rub their boobs and squeeze their nipples, after a few minutes of Tina sucking on his dick Mark squirted his cum into her mouth and like Dawn had done the night before Tina swallowed all of Mark’s cum, after a couple of minutes Mark pushed Kim onto the bed and told her to spread her legs and was soon sliding his still erect dick into Kim’s moist and waiting love tube and started to thrust in and out and soon Kim was moaning in pleasure after a few minutes Mark felt Kim cum but carried on thrusting away into her love tube and after a few minutes Mark felt Kim cum for a second time, but still he carried on thrusting away pushing in as deep as what he could and after a few more minutes Mark felt Kim cum for a third time, Mark slowly pulled his dick from Kim’s love tube looked at Kim’s younger sister smiled and said ” your turn get on the bed and spread your legs” Tina smiled walked over to the bed climbed onto it lay flat on her back spread her legs and smiled at Mark,  Mark positioned himself between Tina’s legs looked down at her and slid his dick into her tight love tube” Tina cried out as she felt Mark’s dick slide up her love tube and when Mark started to thrust in and out of her love tube Tina started to moan loudly and it was not long before Mark felt her cum, Mark carried on thrusting away into Tina’s love tube and after a few more minutes he felt her cum again, Mark with drew his dick stood back from the bed looked at Dawn and said to her ” you were brilliant at sucking my cock last night so you can suck it again, Dawn smiled knelt down and was soon sucking on Mark’s dick, Mark stood enjoying having Dawn suck on his dick and after five minutes he pulled his dick from Dawn’s mouth and squirted his cum over her face and hair in four long spurts, Tina smiled and said ” fucking hell you got loads of spunk, Mark looked at her and said ” do not worry there is plenty of spunk here for you and your sister to swallow, a hour later Kim and Tina were walking down the road on their way home, Tina was saying to Kim Dawn is lucky she got Mark in the house all the time, Dawn was laying on her bed having her second orgasm while Mark pounded away into her as he pounded away Mark was thinking to himself these Viagra are bloody good, a hour later Dawn was laying on her bed after having had four orgasms thinking to herself my little brother has certainly toughened up and when Mark pulled the chain on her collar and said suck my cock Dawn rolled over and started to suck on Marks dick and after ten minutes was swallowing Mark’s cum.

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