New Life

Alif was sitting out side the house that he and his family had just moved into, he sat wishing that the house was back in his home country of Bangladesh, he was not keen on living where he was now living in England, he felt that it was a bit hostile and did not like it, As he sat he saw one of his neighbours Steve who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what he was enter the garden, behind Steve was his sister July who Alif thought was very hot, July was in the same class at school as what Alif was, Steve called over the fence to Alif asking him if his mum was out, after Alif told him that she was and would not be back for a few hours Steve invited him into their house, Alif accepted the offer and got up, Steve looked at July and told her to go open the gate for Alif, when Alif got to the gate July was holding it open and when Alif walked through it July bowed her head, when he was inside July asked her brother if she could go change and after Steve told her yes July left the room, after she had gone Steve said to Alif ” have you ever seen her naked” and when Alif told him no Alif was surprised when Steve asked him if he wanted to, Ailf told Steve he would love to, after telling Alif that in the street where he was now living the girls did everything that the boys told them to do then went to the lounge door and shouted up the stairs ” strip naked and get down here now” after a couple of minutes the lounge door opened and July walked in, Alif’s eyes went wide when he saw that July was naked, he admired her developing boobs and love tube thinking nice and when Steve said to him ” go on play with her if you want” Alif got up went to July and started to rub her boobs then her love tube, Steve said ” if you want a blow job from her tell her to do it” Alif smiled and said ” suck me off” July started to undo Alif’s trousers and when they were open knelt down and started to suck his four inch erection, Alif was thinking cool hardly believing what was happening and after a few minutes was dry cumming, July stood up turned and left the room with Alif admiring her bum as she went, Steve told Alif that girls had no say in matters and were the property of boys to do what they wanted to with, as they sat talking Steve’s sixteen year girlfriend Tracy walked into the house, Steve looked at her and said ” get that tee shirt off” Tracy took her tee shirt off and stood topless, Alif looked in awe at Tracy’s naked boobs and watched as after being told to get her jeans of Tracy removed them and stood naked, Alif was staring at her smooth love tube, Steve’s brother Adam who was two years younger than Steve walked in looked at Tracy and smiled then looked at Alif and said to him ” your sister now knows who rules” then undid his trousers letting his six inch erection out and after telling Tracy to suck him off Alif watched as Tracy did, A hour later both Tracy and July were still naked, Alif was in the lounge when he hears his sixteen year old sister Anjana in the kitchen and when he went in Alif smiled when he saw that Anjana was naked sucking Adam’s dick, Alif smiled at the sight of his sisters ample boobs, he saw Steve undoing his jeans and when Steve’s nine inch erection sprung out Alif smiled and when Steve told Anjana to get on the table and part her legs Alif watched as Steve slid his dick up his sisters love tube and start to thrust in and out, Alif watched liking the way Anjana’s nipples stuck up erect and hearing her groan, Alif went into the lounge and saw Tracy sat on the sofa he went over to her and started to rub her boobs loving the feeling of the older white girls boobs in his hands, after a few minutes Alif went back to the kitchen and saw Adam was now thrusting in and out of his sisters love tube while two of his class mates were sucking one of her nipples each, he also saw July bending over the table with his sixteen year old cousin thrusting in and out of her bum while she sucked his dads dick and Steve thrusting in and out of his naked mum’s love tube. The next morning when Alif woke he went to the kitchen he knew that his parents had gone out and when Anjana walked in he said to her ” you have really nice tits take your clothes off and watched as Anjana did as he had said, once she was naked Alif told his sister to lay on the floor and spread her legs and once she had done so Alif knelt down and started to rub her love tube while sucking her nipples, after a few minutes Alif slid his fingers into Anjana’s love tube discovering that it was wet and started to masturbate her and after a few minutes felt her cum, Alif went to his neighbours house where he saw July kneeling down sucking her brothers dick as she did Adam was saying ” you are a good cock sucker, Alif saw cum dribble from July’s mouth, After Adam had left July looked at Alif and said to him ” do you want me to uck you off sir” Alif smiled and said to July on the table” and after July had lay on the table Alif started to lick and suck her nipples while rubbing her love tube, then he slid his fingers inside July’s love tube and after five minutes of masturbating her July groaned and climaxed. As Alif walked to school he thought I suddenly really like living in England it is going to be a very good new life.

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