Not The Boss

Sixteen year old Tina was sat in the farm house of the farm that he her parents had just brought. The farm was ten miles from the nearest town and hardly any traffic travelled along the narrow country lane just outside the farm. Tina’s parents had gone to their former farm that was seventy miles away to collect the tractor that they owned. Tina was left on her own, just before they had left Tina’s parents had reminded her to collect her sister Amy from the bus stop at four o’ clock that afternoon, Tina checked the time on her watch and saw that it was just after ten o’ clock so knew she had plenty of time before she had to collect Amy, Tina wondered why Amy who was four years younger than what she was could not walk down the lane to the farm on her own. Tina got up from the table put her dirty mug into the sink and went out to feed the animals and milk the cows, as she crossed the farm yard Tina saw Steve and Mark the twin sons of the herdsman who was off that day, Tina knew the boys were two years younger than her and should have been in school, Tina went to the boys and told them that their dad was not working today and that they should be in school so to go, the boys looked at each other then Steve said to Tina ” don’t tell us what to do” Tina looked at him and said ” you should not be here go to school do as your told I am the boss now go” Mark curled his lip and told Tina that she did not tell any male what to do and that round here men ruled” Tina laughed and said ” in your dreams now piss off and go to school” both boys jumped down off the fence they were sitting on as they did Steve said to Tina ” you need teaching a lesson both boys charged at Tina knocking her to ground, Mark sat on Tina’s back, Tina tried to get him off but could not, Tina then felt Steve grab the waist band of her jeans and start to pull them, Tina’s jeans along with her panties were pulled right down to her ankles, Tina cried out what the fuck you doing get off me” Steve replied ” your being taught a lesson you mouthy bitch” Tina then felt a hard slap to her bare backside followed by a few more, Tina kept yelling stop it but Steve ignored her and carried on slapping Tina’s bum, Mark shouted out ” swap” Steve stopped slapping and sat on the bottom of Tina’s back and once he had done so Mark got off went to Tina’s feet and started slapping Tina’s bum, Tina felt her bum sting with each slap and after ten minutes was crying, Mark stopped slapping, Steve got off her back both boys stood over the crying Tina, Steve said to her” we rule you do as we fucking tell you or you will get more of that understood” Tina got to her feet pulled her jeans up looked at the two boys and said” you will regret that you little bastards” then turned and walked towards the farm house after being in the house a few minutes the twins walked in, Tina yelled at them to get out, the boys charged at Tina and with in a few minutes Tina was laying on the floor with her bare bum being spanked by both boys and after a short while Tina was crying again, after half a hour the boys stopped the spanking, Tina got up and started to pull her jeans up, Steve told her to leave them down, not wanting to get spanked again and realising she was beaten Tina did as the boys said and when they told her to take her jeans right off Tina did. Steve said to her ” and your tee shirt” Tina did letting her braless boobs fall into the sight of the two boys both of who stood looking at the naked Tina admiring her ample boobs, Steve then told her that from now on you do as we say and when we tell you,  Tina just looked at the boys and when they told her to sit in on the chair Tina did flinching as the wooden seat made contact with her saw bum. The boys then cupped one boob each and rubbed, Steve looked at the clock on the wall and said ” fuck we need to go we got to meet dad” both boys left telling Tina they would be back later, Tina got dressed and after having a cup of tea went and fed the animals. As she was feeding the animals Tina’s phone pinged Tina read the message on her phone which was from her mum telling her that they would not be home for a few days and to look after her sister, Tina deleted the message and put her phone away then carried on feeding the animals after she had finished Tina went to house as she entered she saw the twins sat at the table, the boys looked at Tina and Steve said ” take your clothes off ” Tina looked at the boys and said ” what” both boys got up from the table and started to move towards Tina who quickly said ” ok I will do it” and started to undress, the boys sat back down and watched” after a couple of minutes Tina was naked with the boys admiring her body” after a couple of minutes Steve told Tina to lay on the floor, Tina did as she was told, Steve and Mark knelt either side of Tina and started to rub her boobs, Mark slid a hand be tween Tina’s legs and started to rub her love tube, after a few minutes Steve stood up, Tina saw him undressing and saw that he had a seven inch erection,  Mark slid a finger inside Tina’s love tube and smiled when he found that it was moist, after a short while Mark removed his fingers and when Steve told Tina to part her legs Tina did and after a few minutes Steve was sliding his dick into Tina’s love tube, Mark then undressed and after doing so looked down at his brother who was thrusting in and out of Tina who was moaning, Steve thrust in deep and after a few minutes he felt Tina cum and not long after Tina had climaxed Steve was squirting his cum over her body, Mark wiped his brothers cum off Tina’s body before getting down and inserting his six inch erection into her love tube and start to thrust away and after five minutes was squirting his cum over Tina just after she had climaxed. Not long after the twins were dressed and leaving the house Steve said ” who is the boss now” as he went out the door. Tina went and had a shower and at four o’ clock met Amy from the bus, when they got home Tina told Amy that she would have to obey the twins, Amy replied I know, Tina asked her what she knew and sat in stunned silence as her sweet little sister told her that on the first day at the new school a couple of the boys had told her they ruled and that when she argued with them they had spanked her bare bum and then fucked her and that every day since then a boy at school had fucked her and that Steve and Mark had fucked her and that she had sucked their cocks and swallowed their spunk. Tina could not believe how Amy had been talking. Tina’s mum was sat in the hotel room and said to her husband ” I wonder how the boys are getting on with the girls” and got the reply ” the boys will mange them OK now get down and suck my cock” A few weeks later Tina was feeding the pigs she was naked except for a pair of shoes, her two best  friends were also naked leaning over the fence their boobs swinging about as Mark and his brother Steve thrust away into their love tubes their dad was in the farm house thrusting away into Tina’s mum while her dad thrust away into another of Tina’s friends who was moaning loudly, Amy was just arriving home from school with one of her friends both girls went up to Amy’s bedroom and stripped naked before going out onto the farm to do their chores, Tina smiled as the sixteen year old paper boy Kevin arrived with the paper and after a few minutes was on her knees sucking on Kevin’s dick. Amy smiled at her friend and said to her ” life is much better here than on the other farm that  we owned and lived on.

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