The Sentance

The tower block of flats was the last tower block of flats in the country, it was controlled by the prison service and was run by males who had total control over the mainly female population of the block, sixteen year old Cindy lived in the block with her sister Sharon who was two years younger than Cindy but was a hot head. Cindy was looking out the window of the flat where she lived with Sharon, as she looked out of the window she saw Mike who was her age entering the block, Cindy knew Mike was a pervert and was looking for a girl. Sharon called out that she was going down to see her mate Kim who lived two floors below and was the same age, Cindy told Sharon to wait as Mike had just entered the building, Sharon in her normal head strong way told her sister that she would be ok and had avoided Mike loads of time and could avoid him again, Sharon walked out of the flat and headed down to where her mate Kim lived, as Sharon walked along the landing towards the flat where Kim lived she heard a noise and knew that some body was round the corner and thought to herself ” that is Mike and he is out of luck again he is not getting me” and went into the little used room that was on the landing, Sharon stood with the door slightly open peeping out waiting for it to be clear to go out, as she looked Sharon heard somebody say ” hello” Sharon fully closed the door turned and froze in horror as she saw Mike stood looking at her, Mike smiled Sharon knew she was caught and at Mike’s mercy and she could do nothing about it, Mike told Sharon to stand up straight which she did, Mike said to Sharon ” take your tee shirt off” Sharon lifted her tee shirt up and over her head and off, Mikes eyes went wide when he saw Sharon had no bra on and was topless her ample boobs on show, he said ” yes nice beautiful tits” he smiled and said ” now get those fucking jeans off” Sharon took her jeans off” Mike looked at Sharon who had no panties on, Mike said ” oh yes look at that nice cunt now turn round let me see that bum” Sharon turned, Mike said ” yes that is nice” he then told Sharon to turn back, Sharon did and saw that Mike had his dick out and that it was fully erect standing up at about nine inches, Mike said to Sharon ” what you looking at ” Sharon knew she had to tell him and said ” your dick sir” Mike said ” my what” Sharon said ” sorry your cock” Mike smiled and asked Sharon what state it was in  Sharon told him that it was on the hard, Mike said ” what have I got” Sharon said ” a hard on sir a hard cock” Mike went over to Sharon and cupped her boobs in his hands and started to massage them after a couple of minutes he stopped then started to squeeze Sharon’s nipples as he did he moved closer, Sharon felt Mike’s dick rub on her leg, Mike heard Sharon was breathing heavy, he let go of her nipples and saw that they were erect, Mike ran his hands down Sharon’s body and between her legs and at the same time started to lick her nipples while rubbing her love tube, Mike noticed that Sharon was breathing very heavy he pushed his fingers into Sharon’s love tube and found that it was very moist, Mike started  to wriggle his fingers about while nibbling her very erect nipples, Sharon started to moan, When Mike asked her if she was enjoying herself Sharon replied yes sir. Mike removed his fingers stood up straight moved back and stripped naked, Mike saw Sharon looking at his nine inch erection. Mike said to her ” what are you looking at” Sharon replied ” your big hard cock sir” Mike smiled and said” where do these things go” Sharon said ” inside a girls cunt and the boy fucks the girl” Mike smiled he realised he had her under his control and said ” how long for” Sharon said ” until the boy shoots all his spunk and his cock has gone soft sir” Mike saw that her nipples were very erect, Mike went back to Sharon and squeezed her nipples saying to her what do you want” Sharon said ” I need fucking” before he could say anymore Sharon said ” please ram your cock right my cunt and fuck me sir” Mike told her to get on the floor, Sharon did as told and parted her legs, Mike knelt between Sharon’s parted legs bent forward and slid his dick into Sharon’s wet love tube as he did Sharon cried out ” yes fuck me sir fuck me” Mike started to thrust in and out of Sharon making her moan with pleasure. Mike pounded in as deep as he could, Sharon was moaning loudly as Mike pounded into her and after a couple of minutes Mike felt Sharon cum he carried on thrusting into her and after twenty minutes had felt Sharon cum three more times before he was squirting his come over Sharon’s body, Mike stood up dressed and looked down at Sharon and smiled, after ten minutes he told Sharon to dress, after she was dressed Mike asked Sharon where she was going and after Sharon had told him that she was going to see her mate Kim, Mike said” nice girl I would love to fuck that bitch” Mike was surprised when Sharon said ” I can set her up to be on the landing when your about” Mike smiled, Sharon said ” can you fuck her and make her lick my cunt and suck my tits” Mike smiled and when he asked her if she was lesbian Sharon said ” no I am bi” Mike smiled and said ” this could be fun” he smiled said ” I want Cindy as well” Sharon said ” she goes to the rubbish chute every night at eleven o clock, Mike smiled told Sharon she could go, Sharon said to him ” give me your phone number” Mike did. At eleven o clock that night Cindy walked into the rubbish chute room after checking that the landing was clear of people as she was at the chute Mike walked in said ” hello bitch” Cindy spun round looked at Mike went white in the face said ” oh no” a few minutes later Cindy was naked cringing as Mike played with her body a hour later Cindy was walking out of the rubbish chute room still naked as she did she saw the two Bengali boys were smiling and their dicks were out of their trousers and fully erect and after a couple of minutes one boy was thrusting away inside in love tube while the other boy was thrusting away into her mouth. The next day Sharon was laying naked on the floor with Kim licking her love tube while Mike pounded away into love tube, Making her cum for the fourth time, a few hours later Sharon was moaning as Mike pounded into her love tube while his brother who was four years young was enjoying having his dick sucked by Sharon with his two mates waiting their turn playing with Sharon’s boobs as they did. That night Mike was in the rubbish chute room when Cindy walked in, Cindy looked at Mike and took her dressing gown off revealing her naked body and said ” glad your here sir” a few hours later Mike was walking home thinking that block is the best.

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