The Violation and Domination of Valarie Miles IV

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part IV

     One day Galloway came to the cabin in the early evening before Ramon had brought her evening meal and ordered Ramon to strip Valerie and bring her to the torture room. Ramon obeyed and when he brought the naked girl into the torture room he discovered that Galloway had stripped to his shorts and was holding a  willow rod. He ordered Ramon to place Valerie against a steel rack and attach her wrists in the metal restrainsts on the top bar of the rack so that her arms were raised above her head. He then had Ramon raise a ten inch plastic phallus on a steel rod which was attached at the floor and shove it into Valerie’s dry pussy a good nine inches, and put a ball gag in her mouth. When the phallus penetrated her so deeply the pain of the cold plastic dildo caused her to scream through the gag. She knew it had impaled her beyond her vagina’s limits and was pushing deep into her cervix. Ramon noticed that Galloway was enjoying the girl’s immense pain and had taken his shorts off with his cock fully erect now. He watched as Galloway walked behind the steel rack and pinched the beautiful girl’s erect hard nipples causing her further pain. Tears began to stream down her cheeks as the cruel Galloway pinched her tits harder. Ramon’s own cock grew hard at the sight of the helpless suffering girl, and he wanted to see Galloway get even rougher with the beauty.

      Galloway took a steel breast crusher from the wall and placed it on Valeries tits. The instrument had two steel plates that were designed to squeeze the breasts between them by the adjustment of thumb screws. Galloway adjusted the screws slowly and Valerie felt her tits being crushed as the steel plates tightened around her firm pear shaped breasts. She screamed as the pressing plates tightened unbearably flattening her soft flesh. When Galloway was satisfied that he had her breasts crushed enough he watched the redness as the blood flowed to her lovely tits. He knew they would be bruised for days. Then to increase her torture he attached clips with half pound weights to each of her nipples. The effect was electric on Valeries nipples and breasts. The weights pulled her nipples stretching them and dragging them downward. The pain in her breasts was immense. Ramon began to stroke his hard penis as he watched the suffering girl writhe on the impaling phallus, her tits being tortured horribly. 

     Galloway then picked up his willow rod and began to whip her belly and thighs. The rod would not cut into her flesh but would leave red marks on her white skin. He whipped her across her ass through the bars of the rack as she sobbed from the intense pain of her torture. Galloway stroked his hard erection as he applied the rod. He gave her several more strokes before he took off her breast clamp and weighted nipple clips. But he was not through with his punishment of Valerie.

     He lashed the rod across the tops of her purple tortured tits causing her even more pain. Ramon watched as he stroked his own cock through his pants. Galloway took the ball gag out of Valeries mouth so they could hear her screams for mercy as he whipped her breasts with more hard lashes. He struck her nipples with direct short blows as she moved. Her movement caused the phallus to pushj even deeper into her tortured cunt adding to her torture. Galloway halted his whipping of the poor girl and ordered Ramon to take the plastic phallus off the steel rod and replace it with the steel pear.  Ramon lowed the rod and withdrew the phallus from the girl’s cunt. He put the pear on the end of the rod.

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      "This will hurt you even more, Valerie, my dear, " he told her,  "because once it is in your cunt we can expand it to a most painful size stretching your vagina to unbelieveable limits. "

     The pear had rounded studs on each element, and Valerie’s screams echoed off the walls as he instrument was inserted in her vagina. Ramon pushed the pear into her open pussy and pulled her legs apart with ankle cuffs attached to the bars of the rack. Valerie felt the rough studs pushing against her vagina walls as he slowly opened the pear inside her with a thumb screw. Now her suffering was screwed to the limits as she felt her vagina being widened, the studs pushing against the walls of her vagina and the top of the pear pushing against the cervix. Her screams and sobs excited her torturers even more. Galloway shoved his eight inch cock in her ass as from behind the rack as Ramon increased the pear inside her cunt to the limit. 

     Galloway had almost the full length of his stiff cock in her anus and was clutching her breasts as he drove his cock deep inside her rectum. He meant to ream her ass as roughly as he could. He was crushing her tits as he drove his cock deeper into her bowels. Ramon had pulled his own erect cock from his pants and moved to the girls naked body and shoved his prick into her navel. He grabbed her waist and pushed his cock into her belly fucking her belly button and knocking the breath out of her. Valerie fainted as the torture continued until both men emptied their sperm–Galloway filled her bowels with a huge load and Ramon’s dripped out of her navel and down her belly.

      Her vagina and asshole gaped when Galloway withdrew his cock and Ramon took out the pear. They took the girl from the rack and held her up between them and double fucked the unconscious girl in her expanded pussy. They knew it would take a few days for her to recover from this latest assault.










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