The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part V

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part V     Valerie had been held in captivity by Galloway and Ramon for over a month, and apart from the rape and toruture they have treated her fairly well. Her beautiful 34C breasts had some bruises from her torture and her ass showed some contusions as well, but otherwise she remained in good shape because of Ramon’s insistence or her running and muscle toning exercise. Ramon continued to fuck her once or twice every day. Sometimes she would ask him to fuck her more, but he usually refused with a smile. He had trained her to take at least a ten inch cock down her throat for several seconds before coming up for air, and he had been able to get her to ride the ten inch dildo in her cunt and the nine inch dildo in her ass at the same time on the horse. She had learned to enjoy the anal fuck as well in the time she had been held in the cabin.     One evening after a light supper Ramon informed her that she would be tortured before a paying audience of men that night. He told her that she would wear a very thin chemise that would barely cover her breasts and ass. He told her to give her cunt a fresh shave so that it would be totally bare for the torture audience to appreciate, and to put some pink rouge on her nipples to accentuate their appeal.     Later Ramon led her out clad only in the very sheer chemise before an audience of about twenty older men. Most of them looked to Valerie to be 40 to 60 years of age. They had been given some sort of toga like garment to wear so that their cocks were allowed to be available for masturbation Ramon had noted to her when he came to fetch her.      Ramon placed her in the middle of the torture room and the audience gathered in a cirlce around her as he strapped her hands in leather straps and lifted them high above her head and attached to  "O " rings in the ceiling. Her stretched body pulled the chemise up so that it showed the bottom of her beautiful round ass cheeks and almost uncovered her cunt lips.       "Now, gentlemen, you will witness the beautiful and delectable Valerie have the garment that barely covers her vulnerable and lovely naked young body slowly stripped from her by the action of this bull whip. I shall use the whip on her so that it will not seriously mark her lovely torso. A few red streaks will result but nothing to mar her voluptuous tits, belly, or ass. Only when I have stripped her with this whip will the real torture begin. You will be able to witness her horrible distress as I put her to very severe tests of the limits of her pain and pleasure, " Ramon announced to the leering audience.      Ramon took the whip in his hand and began to apply it to Valerie’s sheer shemise.  He started at the top wrapping the whip around her breasts and back. In only three lashes he had stripped the thin cloth off her beautiful pear shaped tits. Several of the men in the audience had already started stroking their cocks to erections. With the top part of the chemise stripped from the helpless girl, the audience could see that her body had been stretched up so high that her rib cage was pushing against her sides. Her roughed nipples were taut and erect to their full one half inch length. In a few more lashes Ramon had stripped the chemise off her lovely flat belly revealing her deep set navel. The sheer garment now held up over by her jutting ass as she squirmed and screamed at each last even though Ramon’s skillful handling of the lash had left almost no marks on her almost alabaster skin. She was writhing and thrusting her breasts upward as he applied the bull whip to the remaining shreds of the garment. The chemise had been stripped away so that it barely covered her ass cheeks and shaven cunt. With a final few light lashes the cloth finally slid down her lovely ass and she spread her legs and stopped it from fully uncovering her beautiful cunt lips. The garment hung just below the curve of her ass and only an inch above her sex. Her ass cheeks were spread open so that the men standing at her back were able to see her anus and just the slightest part of her sweet pussy lips. They began to cheer and yell,       "Strip it all off the cunt. "       Ramon smiled and pulled the whip back and responded,        "You want to see the bitch totally naked? "        "Yes, " the men cried in unison.          "What would you like to do to the body of this beautiful damsel? " he asked, still holding the whip.          Some of the men responded rather sheepishly,           "Fucking torture her to death. "            "We can’t do that to one so beautiful, but we can torture her enough to make her wish we would. Would none of you like to fuck her ass, cunt and mouth? To sodomize her, to push your hard cocks in her anus and spill your jism in her guts? To force your cock all the way to her tonsils? To impregnate her womb?Would none of you like to see her impaled on a black man’s twelve inch cock? Next week you can see that here as well. "      Ramon then deftly stripped away the final shreds of the chemise to reveal Valerie’s nude body totally.And then he spread her legs wide open and strapped them to rings in the floor. The helpless girl now stood fully exposed to the lustful stares of the audience, her rib cage stretched taut toward the ceiling, her breasts jutting out from her slender frame, and her round firm ass proudly displayed for their eyes.        "Now, Valerie, I am going to put my hand in your tight vulva and fist fuck you for the first time in your life for these fuckers. They would all like to do the same I am sure, " Ramon said.      With is left hand he grabbed her right tit and crushed it in his hand as he inserted his hand slowly into her pussy lips. She gasped as he pushed his hand into her up to the wrist. She felt his fist doubling up in her vagina and he pumped his arm up into her to the cervix slowly but firmy. She opened her mouth groaning in  agony as he had his fist in her two or three inches above his wrist. He began to fist fuck her harder as she screamed and writhed. She felt a combination of horrible pain with a tinge of pleasure, and she surprized herself by become sexually aroused despite the pain. She began to push her belly down to meet his fist as it thrust upwards.       "Look at that, gentlemen, the slut is starting to enjoy being fisted. Do you want more of this, Valerie? "        "NO, NO, yeesss, give me more. Then fuck me hard with your cock. "       Ramon responded by slugging his fist into her cervix with such force that it took her breath away. He gave her a few more thrusts before he pulled his fist out of her dripping cunt and forced her to lick her own cunt juice from his hand as he stroked and squeezed each of her tits and pinched her nipplesl      He then turned away from her and walked around her addressing the cirlced men many of whom were vigorously stroking their erect penises by now. He told them that he would now proceed with the torture of the beauty which they had paid so dearly to see.      He released Valerie from the straps around her arms and ankles, and lowered a chain from the ceiling with a crank. The chain had a strong steel rod with two narrow leather belts attached. Valerie stood staring at the floor as Ramon put each belt around one of her breasts and tighted it securely around the base of the firm orbs. When he had the breasts secured tightly so that the breasts were turning red from the severe constriction, he put a ball gag in her mouth and secured her hands behind her back with handcuffs. He then turned the crank and raised Valerie on the chain a foot off the floor by her breasts. The audience heard the muffled scream in spite of the ball gag as she threw her head bac in pain. Ramon smiled as he pulled each of her legs back behind her bending her knees and placed a two foot separator bar between the legs and cuffed it on and cuffed her legs back behing her to the bar. This had the effect of exposing her asshole and cunt to view while also increasing the stress on Valerie’s body. She was moaning as the saliva dripped down on her chest. Next, he raised the chain so that she was two or three feet from the floor as she dangled by her constricted breasts, her breasts forced to accept the downward drag of her 105 pound body. To add to her discomfort he shoved her body so that it swung by her tits to and fro. She felt as it her tits would be torn from her body.       "Now my friends, we will discover how much pain the helpless, tortured Valerie can take. I will be applying electrical shocks to her tits, navel ass and cunt with this electrified stainless steel rod that resembles a little a cattle prod but specially created by a torture artist friend of mine in Mexico to be pushed deep into the vagina and anus for optimum effect upon the female body. I will apply it to her clitoris first at the lowest level which should have the effect of producing a spasm of pleasure to her body to arouse her so that she will enjoy being fucked by the shocking steel cock when I penetrate her deep in her cunt. "     He put clothes pins on her cunt lips and pulled them open with strings attached revealing her slightly white tipped clit to the watchers who now all were grouped in front of the helpless Valerie. He applied the slight shock to the clit and she squealed through the ball gag and thrust forward against the pain/pleasure of the slight spasm of electricity. He shoved the electrical charged rod up into her wide open cunt a few inches and began to fuck the girl while also giving her short bursts of electricity. She was moaning and screaming as she became aroused by the strange combination of pleasure and pain that was now consuming her body. She began to thrust back into the rod as he fucked her deeper. She forgot about the pain in her tortured breasts as she began to grow more consumed by desire to be fucked by the instrument as it moved in and out of her cunt arousing her. Ramon increased the juice of electricity slightly as he shoved the rod deeper into her dripping vagina. The rod grew warmed as he shoved it yet deeper into her. He had it in in wet pussy at least ten inches and it actually entered into the opening of her fallopian tube. She was moaning and bucking wildly as Ramon was bringing her to a fantastic orgasm. Several of the watches had already jerked their cocks off emptying their cum on the floor. There were some calls to shove the rod deeper into the thrasing body of their victim, but Ramon knew what he wanted to do. He had brought Valerie to the edge of a fantastic orgasm when he pulled the rod out. She was begging for it to be reinserted so she could reach the orgasm, but he wanted to deny her that pleasure. Instead it increased the strength of the shock and applied it to her inset navel and she lunged out tightening the nooses on her breast in the process. She was beginning to lose consciousness as her breasts were seemingly being torn form her body. They were purple with blood now and Ramon next applied the juice to each of her nipples bringing shrieks from the tortured lass. Her body thrashed helplessly as she fought to stay conscious.       "Now for the best part, " Ramon said turing to the audience.        "He went behind her and pushed the rod in her rectum a few inches and gave her the strongest jolt of electricity yet. Her body spasmed and shook and she went limp from the agonizing pain of being shocked deep in her anus. He pulled the rod out with a pop.      He took the restraints off the beautiful girl and carried her to a sawhorse and belted her hands and ankles to the legs with her face down and beautiful ass raised high.        "Now, each of you gets one good fuck before you go. Take her mouth or ass or cunt and empty your jism in her. She may remain unconscious, but you will never have your cock in a sweeter piece of girl meat, " he said.        When all the 15 participants had fucked her once, Valeries limp cream stained body was carried into her room. Ramon bathed her lovingly and left her in her bed.  Later in the middle of the night, Galloway came in and brought her to consciousness and fucked her violently in both cunt and ass doggy style as he mauled her tits with his hands.       "You have been well used tonight, bitch. Next week you’ll be even more fucked when those big cocked black lads have at you. " he told her as he left her exhausted on the bed. 

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