Bath time

So I’m watching TV while Jill takes her bath, like she does every night. I have already taken my shower earlier and was quite comfortable in my robe on the coach. I hear Jill get out of the tub and a few minutes later she walks by me with a blanket and lays it on the floor in front of the fireplace.

She has a towel with her Vibrator some Lube and her Rabbit Vibrator we call the Monster. I ask her if she needs any help as I watch her take her bath robe off and lie on her back on the blanket. She smiles says yes and slides her Vibrator on her pussy to get warmed up. I drop my robe and slide up to her and give her a nice wet kiss and pinch her nipples as she finds her clit starting to stick out from the hum of the Vibrator. I Lube my finger and massage it between her pussy lips and slip a finger inside her pussy and she moans approval. As I push it in and out with the Vibrator doing it’s job I roll over to my knees and spread her legs as I lube my cock and stroke it more than a few times. I then put the head of my cock to her pussy and slide it up and down before slipping it in her very wet hole. She is moaning louder now as I pump in and out and increase the speed of my strokes. I’m pinching her nipples and she is almost ready to Cum when I pull my wet cock out. I slide her Monster in its place. She always try to complain that its too big but with the juices of her pussy and the lube the fat head of the Monster slides in with no trouble at all. I smile as her eyes light up. I turn on the beads and the the Rabbit ears and all of a sudden she is bucking and pumping against the Monster and screaming and sticking her tongue out licking her lips. I’m pinching and squeezing her nice tits and it doesn’t take long and she is screaming she’s going to Cum. I feel her tense up and explode with a very hard and long Orgasm when she pulls the Monster out of her pussy and just collapses. She is breathing deep breaths and rubbing her pussy because it is so tender. I’m still hard as a rock so I take matters into my own hands and pump my cock as she pinches my nipples, and I explode all over her stomach and tits. I give her the towel and I let her relax as I pick up the toys and clean them up for next time.