The Trials

Sixteen year old Emma was fed up of having no money, her mum was an alcoholic and her dad was in prison, Emma saw an ad in a paper , the ad was from a big drugs company that were looking for people to have a new drug tested on them, Emma applied for a job and was surprised when she was accepted for weekend trial, at the centre the head of the testing section told Emma that they knew about her violent history and racism then warned her if she got racist or violent she would be thrown out and not get paid, Emma thought that for the two thousand pound they were paying her for the testing she would behave. Emma was shown to a room where she was to sleep for the next two days, then after being given a medical which she easily passed was given a tablet to take, the nurse told Emma that the tablet was a new form of viagra but a five times stronger and would last twice as long, after leaving the nurse had left the room Emma started to watch telly then after fifteen minutes Emma started to feel aroused then after another ten minutes was feeling quite aroused then after another ten minutes was feeling extremely horny and started to rub between her legs, then twenty minutes later unbuttoned her jeans and along with her panties pushed them right down to her knees and started to rub her bare love tube totally unaware that there were two Indian medical students watching her on hidden camera’s and taking notes, after a few minutes Emma pushed two fingers inside her love tube and started to masturbate, one of the Indian students was eighteen year old Asif who lived on the same estate as Emma did and had been a victim of her abuse, Asif was loving watching Emma masturbate and after ten minutes saw her back arch at the same time he saw her gush, after a few minutes Emma undressed and got under the shower, Asif smiled at the sight of the naked racist teen admiring her boobs as he did and making a note in his folder that ” the subject ” still had very erect nipples. After having a shower Emma went for a walk round the centre still feeling extremely horny, in the lounge she saw Kim a girl from her class laying naked on the floor with Tony a boy who was two years younger thrusting in and out of her love tube, Emma stood watching feeling her love juices flowing, when she felt her skirt being raised she looked down and saw sixteen year old Kevin the school nerd Emma was feeling to horny to care and when Kevin lowered her panties to the floor Emma stepped out of them then lay on the floor then a short time later Kevin was pushing his eight inch erection into her love tube, Emma lay letting Kevin thrust in and out of her love tube and after a few minutes saw Kevin squirt cum over the floor as he did Emma felt her tee shirt being raised over her head and off followed by her skirt being unclipped and removed, Emma realised that she was now naked but was feeling the horniest that she had ever felt and did not care, Emma saw Tony move between her legs and when he pushed his dick into her love tube Emma was not worried she just lay and let him thrust in and out of her love tube as he did Emma saw Martin a sixteen year old flasher who lived near her and was hated, Emma saw that he was naked with a nine inch erection, Before she could say anything Emma felt her nipples being sucked and saw that it was Kim sucking them, Emma was surprised but was enjoying the sex to care, she felt Tony pull his dick from her love tube then saw Martin kneeling down between her leg legs and when he pushed his dick right into her love tube Emma let out a deep groan and was soon groaning as Martin thrust in and out of her love tube and after five minutes Emma climaxed then ten minutes later climaxed a second time not long after Martin was squirting cum over her body, Emma felt three different boys enter he love tube and thrust away each of them making her climax, After a hour Emma started to make her way back to her room, Emma was still naked and still feeling horny as she got to her room Emma saw her best mate’s brother Simon he was four years younger than she was naked with an erection . Colin followed Emma into her room where after a few minutes Emma was laying on her bed with Colin sitting astride her hips massaging her boobs, after a few minute Colin stopped massaging Emma’s boobs and slid fingers into her love tube and after half a hour had made Emma cum four times. A few days later Emma was soaking in the bath at home thinking what a way to earn money, life will not be the same round here any more thinking about the pills she had stolen when she left the clinic wonder who will be first to take one of the pills for a headache.

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