School counselor

This story also contains incest. Jack was mortified. He had to see the school counselor after what happened this morning after his first period class. “Come on Jack,” miss Barnes told him. He nervously entered her office, “close the door please. Now sit on the easy chair and tell me what happened.” He cleared his … Continue reading School counselor


Tina was not a very happy girl. Her mum had recently got remarried so she now had a stepsister Dawn who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what she was, Tina and Dawn became friends quite quickly but her step brother Simon who was two years younger than what she was … Continue reading Obeying

The Boat

Steve was a foul mouthed thug who lots of people were scared of, his dad owned a small boat that he used to ferry people to the islads just off the English coast, on one of these trips Steve’s dad had slipped and broke his leg and was now laying in a hospita bed, Steve … Continue reading The Boat

The Encampment

The residents of the small country village were not very happy, during the night a group of gypsies had moved into the village and set up camp on the village cricket pitch, when sixteen year old Steve was walking to the village shop early in the morning to get the papers that he delivered each … Continue reading The Encampment

Thug Girl

Sixteen year old Sara was in a foul mood, she was looking after the boy who lived door to her. She wanted to go out with her mates and cause the normal mayhem that she caused, Sara was well known as a trouble maker who had a violent temper. Now she was waiting outside the … Continue reading Thug Girl

The Witch

Sixteen year old Cindy was walking through the derelict factory that was hardly ever used, Cindy was a racist trouble maker that the Bengali community did not trust or liked. As she walked through the old factory Cindy saw the girl standing near the centre of the building, Cindy had never seen the girl before … Continue reading The Witch

The Act

It was the day of the annual summer fete at the school, there were various stalls that were attracting lots of people to them, there were quite a few people round the hypnotist stall but many people were not impressed by him and thought he was rubbish, Karen who at sixteen years of age and … Continue reading The Act