End of the Summer

Alison settled into her chair by the side of the pool, starting her last Labor Day weekend shift as the lifeguard at the beach resort. The exterior pool was crowded today.

In her red swimsuit, it was difficult to hide her toned swimmer’s body and long legs that came with being 5’11”, most of the ‘dads and husbands’ had trouble hiding their stares. Occasionally they seemed reluctant, probably because of their little erections, to get out of the hot tub off on the side of the pool where they could leer openly, much to the frustration of their wives. Some of the men were a little handsome, but most just came off as creepy.

She was idly running her fingers through her long, blonde hair, keeping a watchful eye on the swimmers in the pool when her attention was drawn to a black woman that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Though Alison had never been attracted to women or blacks for that matter but, she always took a quick look at everyone when they entered her pool so she could see how she measured up to them.

Alison usually won.

This woman seemed to draw all attention to her though, and rightly so. Very tall, maybe 6′, with her glossy jet black hair pulled back into a pony tail swaying gracefully from the top of her head. She seemed maybe late 20’s, with a toned body that held her mysterious and wonderful African curves beautifully.

The Nubian wonder wore a very tiny, white string bikini. It was out of place in a southern Bible belt resort pool, probably technically too inappropriate, since the fabric would most likely become transparent when wet…. but no one seemed to mind

Alison must’ve been staring a little too long. The woman was running her hand down a coral and bone necklace when she looked right back, gave a sly smile and a quick wink.

Alison felt flushed at being caught… ogling like so many men do and recovered as best as she could and flashed a friendly smile back before looking away.

Alison was so distracted by watching her that she didn’t notice the man dragging a chair up next to the lifeguard stand and sitting down before she could get up and patrol around the pool to avoid him.

It happens a lot, especially with the ‘dads.’ They like to chat with the ‘hot, young lifeguard’ on vacation in the hopes that she’d be interested in letting them indulge their fantasies down in the shower room.

But this stranger was already talking to Alison, so she just had to be polite and chat back. Though, really she wouldn’t have minded getting up to take a closer look at that beautiful woman and her necklace.

“…a wonderful place to relax.” He must be talking about the pool. She looked over at him and smiled politely. He was sitting very close, much more than one would normally sit. He looked to be about 6′ 2”. A clean-shaven black face with a broad flat nose and a full head of close cut dark hair. Terrific eyes though. Dark. Deep.

“uh… yes. It’s very relaxing.” Alison agreed. And went back to watching the pool.

He kept talking “…wandering into… deep… end. So pleasant to sink…” She wasn’t really listening, just nodding politely while keeping an eye on the pool. Well, maybe not the whole pool Alison thought, her eyes kept going back to the dark woman in the white bikini. She was just standing in the shallow end, leaning against the wall, practically still as a statue, but continually stroking her necklace in an idle manner.

She was just a perfect combination of black and white, almost of another world. Just standing there. So content to just exist. Though the chaos of the pool and swimmers were all around her, she was just so calm and at peace.

“…yes, I.” Wait, what? Alison realized she had totally zoned out while the guy had continued on and she was just agreeing with him. She took a quick look around the pool to make sure nothing was amiss because Alison had lost track of time. Luckily, everything was fine, though she wasn’t sure where the mysterious woman had gotten to.

Just as the man was standing up, the woman strolled up, wrapped in an orange brown and black tribal looking robe that she hadn’t bothered to tie. Alison was speechless to be so close to her. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, she’d never been affected by anyone like this before.

The man took the woman’s hand and turned to Alison, “I’m sorry, I never introduced myself, I just started talking. My name is Abayomi and this is Aaliyah.” They both smiled and waited patiently for Alison’s mind to catch up to the moment.

“…oh… uh… I… I’m Ali, Alison.” She finally managed to get out. Then just continued to stare at them, feeling silly for being so flustered.

Abayomi smoothly continued, “Aaliyah, I was just telling Alison how relaxing it is here.” Aaliyah nodded and smiled.

She looked deep into Alison’s blue eyes and she nearly squirmed out of her chair as a wave of warmth washed over her. “It’s lovely to meet you, Alison” she said. Her voice so perfectly smooth and sexy it just seemed to slide right into Alison’s loins. The blonde lifeguard could only smile back.

“We’d love to tell you about our home and how exotic and enjoyable it is. If you’d like to stop by, we’re in room 639.” Abayomi said as a goodbye. As they turned to walk away, Aaliyah looked back at Alison and ran her hand down her necklace.

Alison muttered ‘yes,’ but couldn’t really be sure. It was a violation of resort policy. Staff could not fraternize with guests and certainly not in their hotel rooms. She guessed she said ‘yes’ since it was the end of the summer season and she wouldn’t be working there anymore anyway.

Two hours later the pool was closed and Alison was knocking quietly on the door 639. The door opened and there Aaliyah stood, just wearing the white string bikini, and nothing else. They stood there, just looking at each for a moment, and she stroked her necklace and said “Alison. Come on in.”

And she did. It was strange to be in one of the hotel rooms. It was so out of the ordinary, and Alison don’t even know what she was doing there.

Abayomi was standing by the little bar in the room, making drinks for everyone. It smelled like a spiced herbal rum. He handed Alison a drink and said very casually “You’re off-duty now, you don’t have to wear that uniform anymore.”

“I’m good, thanks. Thanks for the drink.” She replied and quickly finished the rum.

Butterflies filled Alison’s stomach as she set the glass down and looked across the room to edge of the bed. There appeared to be a Barbie sitting astride a nude black Ken doll. The Barbie looked to have a lock of human blonde hair woven into the dolls hair and the remanet of a red bathing suit. The perverse dolls were circled by stone phallic idols.

Alison sighed as if some built up tension, stress or worry was drained from her mind.

Without warning, Alison suddenly pulled her pink hotel polo shirt over her head, kicked off her sandals, and pulled down her khaki shorts, dropping them onto the floor. Standing up straight in her one-piece red swimsuit with the high cut hips showing off her long legs and small tight ass.

Alison’s nipples showed her arousal more than she was aware of as they poked through the tight fabric. A damp spot between her legs was clearly visible to Abayomi and Aaliyah as she just stood before them, letting them survey her slim white body.

It felt so strange. Alison don’t know why she was here in their room, standing there in just her swimsuit, very, very aroused.

Aaliyah pointed to the Alison’s clothes crumpled on the floor and simply said “Fold them neatly.”

She felt embarrassed for being so sloppy and quickly picked up her clothes.

“Good girl.” Aaliyah said. It felt good to hear her praise.

Alison stood perfectly still as Aaliyah walked over to her and started circling, so close that Alison could feel her warm breath on her neck, feel her massive black breasts brush against her pale arm, and shivering as her black fingers reached out to stroke Alison’s milky white thighs. Each touch and almost touch was so electric. Alison just stood there, wanting more, losing herself to the teasing.

Aaliyah stopped behind Alison. Even with her height, Aaliyah was taller. Her arms wrapped around Alison, running her dark hands up and down the lifeguard’s body. Her fingers lightly touching the inside of her thighs.

Alison spread her legs a little hoping she would go just a little higher. Aaliyah must’ve felt the heat emanating, but she just kept teasing. Alison could feel Aaliyah grinding her hips against her back, pushing the small bit of fabric of her bikini bottoms covering her crotch against her ass. It was so wonderfully amazing.

Through the haze of bliss and lust, Alison’s eyes fell on Abayomi, who was just leaning against the bar, watching. He started to speak and it took her a moment before the words started to make sense, and then they were shocking and unexpected. “…. my cock.”

“No, I…” Alison stopped herself mid-sentence. This was all so confusing. She rarely gave blow jobs, never had unprotected sex, and in no way found blacks attractive. But… From the corner of her eye she saw Aaliyah’s hand moving. She was slowly extending her hand outward, stroking her necklace, then letting it drop to land over Alison’s shoulder.

Alison took a few steps forward and dropped to her knees in front of Abayomi. Eagerly reaching for his pants and opening his fly… she heard Aaliyah whisper ‘yes’ from behind and she felt a rush of pleasure knowing Aaliyah was happy.

Alison practically ripped his shorts as she pulled them down. Abayomi wore no underwear and his dominating black cock sprang out, almost fully hard from the show he’d been watching Aaliyah and Alison put on.

She grabbed his cock and licked the length of it before taking the head of it into her mouth. Her hand stroked it as she pulled him in as deep as she could. He quickly became even harder and longer, his thick black cock felt like the most perfect thing in the world. His hands gently on the back of Alison’s head, as she sucked on the few inches of his cock she could take without gagging and stroking the rest of it with her hand.

Sweat was pouring down her forehead. His cock was so hot and powerful. She could feel it throbbing in her hand and mouth. She bet his cum would taste so good. Alison bet his cock would feel even better stuffing her pussy. She bet their son would be magnificent.

Wait?!! What? Alison couldn’t control her body and her thoughts weren’t helping.

For someone with next to no practice sucking dick, Alison was doing a good job. Yet, the next thing Alison knew Abayomi’s hands were no longer gentle as he grabbed her firmly and shoved his cock all the way down her throat. He held her and thrust his hips back and forth, Alison had become just a mouth for him to fuck. He was grunting deeply. Any words he was trying to form were lost. Alison put her hands on his buttox to try to guide his thrusts squarely to her mouth and throat, but it was useless. He was too strong and too powerful.

His cock pulled out of her mouth and she took the brief reprieve to try to catch her breath. Abayomi’s hands grabbed the shoulder straps of her red suit and pulled Alison to her feet like she weighed nothing. Her hands instinctively went to his cock as he walked forward, pushing her back against the sofa. His towering black body pressing against her, he grabbed her hips and lifted Alison easily, her legs wrapping around him.

Abayomi pulled the fabric of her swimsuit to one side with one hand and guided his cock into her eagerly awaiting pussy with the other. The fat bulbous head of his cock was pushing into Alison’s shaved blonde pubes. Alison couldn’t believe how easily he slid inside, She had never had a cock like Abayomi’s before. She was so wet!

He thrust fully inside her with one push of his hips. He grunted loudly as he did so. Alison thought It was so hot to feel him lost with lust and needing to fuck her more than anything. He slammed into her again and again. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, trying to hold on and not slip off the edge. The sofa pounding against the wall to the rhythm of their thrusts.

The feeling of his cock driving deep inside Alison, and the pure interracial lust was consuming her making Alison feel the beginning of an orgasm building from the center of her being.

The orgasm took Alison. She tried to yell for Abayomi to fuck her harder, deeper and harder, and not to stop, to just keep fucking her again and again but it just came out as panting sounds of lust as her nails dug into his back.

Abayomi pulled out and left Alison empty without his cock inside her. Still filled with primal lust, she grabbed the front of her red suit and flung it aside.

Strong hands gripped the now naked Alison and dragged her to the edge of the bed. Abayomi was on his back and Alison spread her legs and crawled up the gray sheets on to him.

Aaliyah, holding Alison’s ass, guided Abayomi’s cock into her pussy again. Aaliyah continued to slowly slide down the bed next to Alison as Abayomi continued to fuck her as hard as he could.

Stuck in a loop of continual orgasms from Abayomi’s cock pounding her and Aaliyah’s massive black breasts edging ever delicately closer, there was a stream of profanity pouring from Alison’s mouth as her cunt spasmed around his glorious cock needing to extract his cum.

With one final thrust, his cock drove even deeper into Alison and started filling her with his cum. The sperm shot up from Abayomi’s balls and through his black rock shaft in to her.

His cock jerked, the first large wad of his semen entering Alison’s uterus. His cock jerked again and again, his balls continuing to pump fertile jizzum into her. As long as Alison kept riding his shaft, he kept pumping sperm. Finally, he released her when he sensed that her womb would be full and his cum had nowhere else to go.

Alison felt satisfied, exhausted and… funny. She blinked. She felt funny. All she smelled was sperm mixed with her sex.

She wrinkled her nose. She felt funny. Not normal. Different!!!!. Better??? But How… It had to be more than the aftershock from an amazing organism.

Still atop Abayomi, Alison slid her hands down her belly to her crotch. Alison gasped for breath as he asked “Tell me Alison, are you on birth control? Aaliyah could tell you were ovulating.”

Alison’s ovaries ached and her breasts burned for a moment. She could feel her hormones raging through her body. She had been perfectly ready for this moment as inside a now fertilized egg split.

Alison’s eyes rolled back into her head, she was overwhelmed and lost to a dark sleep.