Getting paid

I started babysitting at teenage. Why anyone would trust me in their home I’ll never know. I looked through everything, ate everything and took whatever I wanted. I used to rummage through bedroom drawers, looking for vibrators and compare them to my penis. If you had a full length mirror there was a good chance … Continue reading Getting paid

The Blowjob Queen of West Bundy Drive Chapter 1

This story is extremely loosely based on a girl in one of my old neighborhoods who had an incestuous relationship with her brother. She also liked to give the boys in the apartment complex we lived in blowjobs on occasion. However, the details and names in this story are completely fictional. My name is Debbie … Continue reading The Blowjob Queen of West Bundy Drive Chapter 1


I can’t believe I’m here! I thought excitedly, looking left and right in wonder. I was actually there, where my, well, for lack of a better term, friends with benefits lived. It was a no-strings-attached thing, and he was about a decade older than me. Don’t judge me. I practically skipped to his house, earning … Continue reading Finally