Book Store Adventure

I can’t believe I’m actually writing about this, but since my wife has insisted we make this a monthly ritual, oh well here goes…  one night my wife and I was enjoying some quiet time at home when she said, have you ever visited an adult book store, I told her I did, but it was a long, long time ago before we married and when I lived in another state, she was on her computer and had looked up some local adult book stores and said lets go visit one.  Well, we drove up to the store and parked in the back and made our way to the rear entrance, once inside we roamed the DVD, magazine racks and all the available toys for awhile, then my wife spotted a sign that said Video arcade and to ask employee at front desk for entry, so when we inquired about entering, the attendant smiled and said he’ll give us double for the price of one, I paid the ten dollars and he smiled again and said enjoy. we entered the back room and noticed that the movie booths were in several isles that all led back to each other, we picked one in the far back as several men were just hanging around rubbing their crotches.  Once inside, I closed and locked the booth door, my wife started searching through the channels on the wall mounted tv and selecting one with a guy and a gal having fun with a chick with a dick, I had sat down on the bench against the wall and started feeling my cock through my pants, and my wife came over and knelt in front of me, and said something about I looked like I needed some attention, so she unzipped my pants, pulled them to the floor and took my cock in her hand and started suck it.  Now watching the guy in the movie sucking the cock of the transvestite and my wife working my cock I was definitely in heaven, then my wife looked up and her eyes got big as silver dollars and pointed to the wall to my left, when I turned my head I saw this cock sticking through a hole in the wall, it was already erect, that’s when she said, he wants it sucked, you gotta suck it for me so I can watch.  As she stood up and lifted her dress to reveal she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, she straddled me and slide my cock into her pussy, she reached out and started feeling this guys cock and said you’ve got to suck it now, I looked back at her in disbelief, and she said it’s always been a fantasy of hers to watch me suck another mans cock. So I leaned over and put the smooth round head of his cock between my lips, she said oh yes, that is so fucking hot, go all the way down on it and make him cum, and then she started riding my cock like she never did before,  she was so fucking wet, I was feeling her juices running down the sides of my balls, this guys cock was so hard and I was actually enjoying the feeling of a cock in my mouth and was even getting close to shooting my load, it wasn’t long when I felt him push hard against the wall and then felt the head of his cock swell as he exploded in my mouth and we could hear him moaning very load through the wall, he must have shot five or six large streams of warm salty cum hitting the back of my throat and almost making me gag, and that put me over the edge and I came deep in my wife’s pussy, and I just kept sucking on his cock and enjoying ever inch I could get in my mouth, and I even felt disappointed when he pulled away thinking I wanted more.  then my wife wanted to see how much he unloaded, so I opened my mouth and showed her and she said omg, that’s a lot of cum, and then she said ok you can swallow it now, so I did and I got to admit, I really liked the taste.  So now my wife and I have agreed to visit at a minimum of once a month, and since we kept hearing someone trying to open the door to the booth the entire time, my wife wants to leave the door unlocked the next time, because as she puts it, she wants to watch his face when I make him cum in my mouth, and even teased about how many cocks I can suck in one visit, I guess time will tell.