Unusual Things about Web Cam Girls You Never Knew!

Web cam girls… We know they are sexy, hard-working, probably very confident and sexually open, maybe bisexual, maybe kinky… But here’s what we don’t know about them – what is really going on in these girls’ lives? Do they love this job? Do they date? Are these men or women judgy? Are they satisfied with … Continue reading Unusual Things about Web Cam Girls You Never Knew!

Finding Out

Mark was a well known flasher and not liked by many people in the town where he lived and was often in trouble with the boyfriends or older brothers of the girls that he had flashed at. Dawn was a sixteen year old girl who was known for being very stroppy and out spoken, it … Continue reading Finding Out


Tina was a sixteen year old tearaway always in trouble and always bad mouthing somebody. It was early afternoon and Tina was bunking school and because it was raining she was in the derelict and disused caretakers office on the roof of the block pf flats where she lived, she had been there half a … Continue reading Obedient


Steve was a sixteen year youth who was well hated and was often verbally abused by the residents of the small village that he lived in, Steve was a well known flasher he had been beaten up a couple of times but he carried on with his flashing. It was an early Friday afternoon and … Continue reading Serving