Did my exwife tell my new wife about my past cross dressing?

 I have cross dressed on and off for many years and I have enjoyed it very much. When I confessed to my first wife some years ago, she only lasted three years and we divorced. She did not really mind my cross dressing but she found a more manly man. Our divorce was not a good one and we do not talk hardly at all. I have had a few girl friends that helped me dress as a sissy over these thirty some years but they never lasted.

Now I have been married for six years to wife number two. She knows nothing about my past however due to some complicated things going on in my family, my now wife has been in contact regularly with my (ex-wife). They have even come so close that not only do they talk almost daily to each other they even go out for drinks on weekends. I am wondering if my ex-wife has told my wife of six years anything about my past cross dressing.

My wife has made a few comments to me that I have noticed were kind of out of the ordinary when we have conversations about different things, one was  " Should I buy you a bra? Would that make you happy  "? One other was  " Do you want to wear my clothes "? Another one yesterday was  " I wish your hair was long so you could keep it in a pony tail ". Now maybe I am just being paranoid over it all but don’t know for sure. Do any of you think my ex-wife may have told my now wife about my past?

Curious Cross Dresser.