Dr. Hirsch

For a number of years now I’ve had to go to the skin doctor twice a year for a semi-annual skin check. It’s fairly simple and almost painless and takes about fifteen minutes. Essentially the doctor goes over my whole body trying to find suspicious looking spots, skin damage from the sun, irregular moles, that sort of thing, which he then zaps with this kind of liquid nitrogen cold spray. Occasionally he takes a biopsy of something and sends it off for analysis. Which is why I say it’s almost painless. The zapping and biopsies hurt just a tad.

The thing that makes these visits of interest is that, within the limits of decency and professional practice, he does indeed go over my whole body. And to do this I need to be just about naked pretty much throughout the fifteen minutes the exam takes and, for five or so of those minutes, a little bit more naked than that. When you come right down to it, at one point or another the only part of me he doesn’t see is my pussy. But this is a skin check so pussy is exempt. Anyway what happens is the nurse takes me into this little exam room and asks me why I am there and I tell her and she tells me I have to strip and then she leaves. Usually she does not bother to tell me explicitly that I can leave my undies on, which always makes me wonder if any of the girls strip all the way and Doctor Hirsch later enters the room to be confronted by a completely naked girl. For some reason they don’t use those little johnnies, possibly because they only open in the back and he has to see me both fore and aft.

Anyway I strip to my underwear which these days means bra and panties, but up until I was ten and a half meant down to my panties. It was lot less complicated that way because he could just look at my bare chest. Now I have to somehow maneuver my bra so he can see my breasts without my actually taking the bra all the way off. It’s not easy. My European cousins express surprise I don’t just remove my bra because that’s what they would do but this is America so I leave it on even though I know in about five minutes I’m going to have to somehow take it pretty much off so Dr. Hirsch can do the job right. I found an example of a Russian doctor examining a girl on youtube and you can see at the 50 second mark that she’s naked to the waist but I don’t think most American girls would do that unless the doctor was really cute.

Anyway I wait about five minutes and spend the time reading about the Kardashians in the magazines they provide and then the doctor comes in.

He is always quite pleasant and somehow manages to seem oblivious to the fact that I’m almost naked and asks me how my summer or winter was, as appropriate to the time of year. He always has a family tidbit, last time it was a trip to Italy. I know he has two sons about my age. If he had two daughters about my age his attitude towards my near nakedness would make more sense to me. I have two sisters and my Dad has long been inured to the sight of essentially bare female bodies about the house especially at camp where there is only one bathroom and even when we’re dressed it’s just bikinis. Anyway Dr, Hirsch has me sit down so he can go thru my hair (on my head, that is) looking for stuff on my scalp. Then I stand up and he goes over my body and last I sit down again so he can look at the bottoms of my feet. Told ya he’s thorough.

The fun parts of the process are when he gets to my boobs and my behind and the area between my belly button and my bunny hole, all of which could be cancer sites although it is unlikely because they rarely see the sun. Which might explain why my European cousins ask why I don’t remove my bra all the way for the exam because their boobs do in fact see the sun frequently since they don’t wear tops. I mean when in the sun. Otherwise they do. Wear tops. In any case when Dr. Hirsch gets to these areas he tries to maintain some decorum and he doesn’t want to touch me if he can avoid it so he asks me to adjust what little clothing I have on so he can see what he has to see.

When he gets to my boobs I pull my bra straps down to my elbows which is half the battle in showing him as much tit as I need to. Then I can pull each cup down in turn at the appropriate time, one boob at a time. Showing him both at once might be more convenient but I don’t want to look too forward. This seems to work out OK and produces a kind of well now, everything looks just fine reaction. I’m sure he means just fine in a clinical sense.

Next comes the front part covered by my panties. I just stick my thumbs under the elastic on either side and pull down. I’m usually shaved bald as a cue ball down there so if I pull down far enough Dr. Hirsch could probably see Susie but maybe not. It’s hard to judge how far down to pull. Usually when I’m with a boy my undies either stay on or come all the way off so half-way is tricky. Similarly when taking a shower, they come completely off, except when using the outdoor shower at camp when they stay on. Except maybe afterwards when I take them off and wrap myself in a fluffy towel.

Susie, by the way, is how I referred to my genitals when I was little and the name kind of stuck. My youngest sister Molly also uses Susie and the middle one, Robin, uses Hannah, but not because of Hannah Montana who came later. I’m all for children using correct anatomical names. My brothers always said penis but vulva is just not a very neat name for such a very neat part of one’s body so we needed an acceptable alternative. We found that although my father would accept us saying boobs instead of breasts (but never tits) he would not accept any of the colloquial alternatives for pussy. It was OK to call a person a pussy but never one’s genitals. So we invented names and everyone was happy.

Back to the exam. At this point Dr. Hirsch moves around behind me to check my ass which of course has to be bare so I pull my undies down in the back far enough to show him my bum. At this point he will bend over slightly to get a better view. I need to point out that often when he finds something interesting, from a clinical standpoint, he will touch it. This often seems to happen when he’s inspecting my bottom. Sometimes it feels like he’s stroking me slightly back there and it kind of tickles but is not unpleasant and I don’t mind.

Then he starts checking my legs while he’s still behind me and I leave my panties pulled down as long as he’s back there just to be accomodating. Sometimes if my legs aren’t spread wide enough apart he’ll touch me on the inside of my thighs so I’ll know to spread a bit more so he can see all the way up to where my panties still hopefully cover my girlhood. Then he comes around in front and checks my legs and when he’s done finally I can put myself back together again. Then he has me sit down and put my feet up so he can check between my toes and under my feet.

Finally we finish with me sitting in the chair and us discussing the results very casually with me still in my undies. If he has no spots to zap or biopsy we shake hands and he tells me to come back in six months. He’s always very nice and professional but I like to think he enjoys seeing me. I mean not just because I have to strip for him but because I’m me.

So for this Fall’s visit I thought about whether there was anything I could do to make the visit go smoother. I thought I would wear something strapless on top to avoid having to take down my straps and appearing to undress. Undressing is always awkward with a boy. You don’t want to appear too eager, it’s not ladylike. And you want to avoid a scene like in the movie Blue Crush where Kate Bosworth takes her shirt off and then the guy gets a phone call and he’s talking on the phone while she’s sitting there in her bra. And they’re in a hotel room too. Key-rist. Along with the strapless bra, a thong bottom would spare me the indignity of lowering my panties, except maybe in the front just a little but not too much ’cause you know why. But at least he’ll have free access to my bare bottom. I figured things would work out much better.

So the day came and I took my shower and the thoughts of having to undress for a man and being naked in the shower and being horny because I haven’t gotten laid in what seems like ages I was just about ready to explode so I had to take this little detour in the shower so I ran a little late. But God gave us the gift so we use it and I felt much more relaxed after. I had planned on wearing white undies but after what I had just done I was feeling a little wicked so I wore black underneath instead plus a boy’s white shirt and jeans and running shoes with no socks. Once when I had to go I was surfing the crimson wave and I ended up cutting the end of the string off my tampon because I was afraid he’d see it and I had to wear it because I couldn’t afford to have an accident but I was OK on that score this time.

So I got there and checked in and after a very short time the nurse took me into the exam room and told me “Please remove your clothing” like I was supposed to strip buck naked. So she left and I removed my running shoes and my shirt and my jeans. By now I was getting horny again and my nipples were as hard as the eraser on a fat pencil and I was rapidly getting wet down there but, like I say, God gave us the gift. I removed my bracelet but I left my necklace on because the clasp is kind of iffy. I left my hair down which means I need to move it when he goes around behind but if you wear it up he can’t check your skull properly so you have to take it down anyway. So now in just this little strapless bra and my thong bottoms I felt kind of naked and it reminded me of senior prom night or really later that morning because that was what I had on just before my boyfriend took them off and fucked my brains out for like three hours and my nipples got even harder and my girlhood got even wetter thinking about it and just then Dr. Hirsch came in.

So we had our little chat and he asked me what I did all summer and I said I had spent a lot of time at the beach which he probably could tell since I was so close to being naked you could see the tan lines from my bikini and the parts of me that were white that even the bikini didn’t cover, especially my snow white ass which the bikini does cover. Dr. Hirsch had toured the National Parks out west which sounded like fun because you can see the ones in Canada which are really outrageous I guess.

So he started examining me and I sat down and he went over my scalp and then had me stand up and started checking my face and my neck and my shoulders which are prime candidates. Then he took me by each forearm in turn and went over each arm and lifted them up so he could see underneath and he could see that I was sweating under my arms because after all I was almost naked in this little room with this man. Now he looked over my chest above my boobs and I was glad I chose this particular bra because it’s a Calvin Klein and a well built one which pushes me up or rather pushes up my tits but still gives you nice separation. It was a little tight around my body though because I’ve been doing lots of upper back work in the gym which builds your lats and has the effect of making your chest look bigger which I need.

So finally we had arrived. I was horny as a hoot owl. I decided to be bold and just pulled my bra down and showed him both tits at once. I thought I detected a slight smile on his face but otherwise he didn’t turn a hair. Actually I felt pretty comfortable with him and then he was ready to go below so I pulled my bra back up and hooked my thumbs in the front of my thong on either side under the elastic. He inspected my tummy but when his gaze got below my navel I pulled my bottoms down in front. The thong is cut so low in front anyway and now that I pulled it lower I was sure he could see Susie and I shivered just a little almost like when a boy is touching me down there and after a few seconds he said OK in a cheery voice and moved around back.

I breathed an audible sigh of relief. After having shown him my mountain flower, showing him my bare ass was easy. Of course with my thong he could see it without my actually doing anything to help. That much was fine with me but I did worry that the thong was so little there wasn’t enough material in between my legs to soak up the wet. And I was indeed wet. As long as he concentrated on my bum that was fine but he still had to do my legs and later after he left I could see and feel the sheen on my inner thighs and I put my hand down there and thought I could cum right there but I didn’t although I did later.

So he checked out my legs which takes a minute because there’s a lot of real estate to cover and finally we were done. He had found nothing he needed to zap so we said I’d come again in six months and we shook hands and he left. I got dressed, went to the desk and made another appointment for end of March and went out to the car. It was all I could do not to do myself right there, but I was only just the other side of Rte. 114, technically in Andover, so I drove the five miles or so to Stiles Pond and parked in the ballpark parking lot right at the fork where you go in. I parked at the back facing out so I could see the cops if they came in which they do because this is Boxford and they are all paranoid out there. Also there is no fast food in Boxford so with no donut shop to frequent the cops have more time to patrol.

I took my running shoes and my jeans off but left my undies on, just in case the cops DID come. Then I scrunched down so my ass was on the edge of the seat and flipped the steering wheel up into the out of the way position and stuck my trusty right hand in my pants. Two fingers and about thirty seconds and I was on my way to the promised land.

Half an hour later I was done. I hopped out of the car, slipped on my jeans and my running shoes, hopped back into the car and headed home. Mummy, the Dutch girl, was sitting on her private porch off their bedroom where she suns herself. If it was August she’d probably have been naked but it’s October so she wasn’t. She asked how things went with Dr. Hirsch. I told her fine. And I told her she was right, it was good to go to the doctor regularly.