I walked over to the examination bed and undid my jeans

I had a sore for about a week that wasn’t really clearing up so my partner thought I should get it checked out. I didn’t really want to go through all the hassle of phoning the Dr and telling the receptionist everything to get the Dr to ring me back later then maybe make an appointment to see me, it just seemed like too much trouble just for a sore. I thought it would be easier if I just walked into town and asked a pharmacist what they recommended. I went into the first pharmacy I got to and asked if I could speak to the pharmacist, the person behind the counter showed me into the consulting room and I sat down and waited for the pharmacist. After a few minutes the female pharmacist came in and asked me how she could help. I said “I’ve got a sore that my partner was worried might get infected so was wondering what I could use on it to help” She said “where is the sore? Is it red or inflamed?” I replied “it’s sort of on my bum, well between my bum cheeks near the top, it is a bit tender but I can’t really see it in the mirror but my partner said the skin was broken. I’ve been using nappy cream on it but wondered if there was anything better?” The pharmacist suggested that I should really either make an appointment to see my Dr or I could go to the walk in centre and I would get seen today but I might have to wait if they are busy and they would probably want to have a look at the sore. I didn’t really want to have to expose my bum to anyone but it did really need checking so as the walk in centre was just down the road I decide to go there before I changed my mind. I walked in and there was a young lady behind the reception desk, she asked how she could help me? I said “I’ve got a sore on my back and my partner asked me to get it checked as she was worried about it getting infected” The receptionist asked “where on your back is the sore?” Feeling a bit embarrassed I replied “well it’s low down” I could see by the look on her face I would have to give her a bit more information so I said “it’s more on my bum. It’s between the cheeks of my bum” She smiled and said “ok, there is about an hour wait. Take a seat upstairs and they will call you through” I went upstairs and sat down next to a girl in her late teens on the only seat left in the waiting room, I was starting to feel nervous as I sat there knowing that I would most likely have to take my pants down in front of a stranger. It was uncomfortable sitting on the seat as sitting there was putting pressure on the sore, I kept telling myself in my head that they are medical people and see loads of people naked and it doesn’t bother them but I still felt nervous that I would have to strip off. After about 15 minutes the girl next to me got called in then a couple of minutes later it was my turn, I was called through by a female and shown to her consulting room. She said “take a seat” and she closed the door and sat at her desk “how can I help you?” Thinking I will have to tell her exactly where the sore is I replied “I’ve got a sore on my bum between my bum cheeks and my partner who is a nurse was worried that it might become infected so I went to pharmacist to ask what they suggest I use on it and they recommended I come to the walk in centre to get it checked” “ok” she said “can you point to where it is?” I pointed to the area at the top of my bum that was sore over my jeans and said “it was there, between my bum cheeks” She asked “where is it sore? just near the top or further down?” I was now feeling more embarrassed as I said “well it is sore” I paused just for a second then continued “well down almost to” I paused again trying to think of the best way to put it and not say arse hole “um my bum, I have been putting nappy cream on it but didn’t put any on this morning after I had a shower so that if anyone needed to have a look it was clear” “ok” she said “if it’s alright with you I would like to have a look, how would it be best for me to see the spot that is sore, standing up, laying on your side?” Feeling very embarrassed that she was about to see my bum I said “I’m not sure” She said “ok if you undo your jeans and bend over the bed I can take them down just enough to have a look” I walked over to the examination bed and undid my jeans and thought as I was wearing boxer shorts it would probably be easier if I took my jeans down a little then bend over the bed. I undid my jeans and pulled them down to a little bit below my bum but as I bent over the bed they fell down to nearly my knees. I was standing there bent over in my boxers with my jeans around my knees for a few seconds feeling embarrassed as I waited for her to examine me. I had convinced myself she would only pull my boxers down a little so she could see the top of my bum that wouldn’t be too bad. She came over and before I knew it my boxers where pulled right down to expose the whole of my bum, she asked ” where is it sore?” and I ran my finger between my bum cheeks from the top nearly all the way to my arse hole. She put on a pair of gloves then parted the cheeks of my bum so she could see the sore and I realised that she can’t just see my bum as in the cheeks but at the moment with her spreading my bum cheeks she must be able to see my arse hole as well. Next she started to press around the sore and asking if it hurts which it did at certain points she touched, she started near the top of my crack and worked her finger along between my cheeks until I felt her finger pressing around my arse hole then on it. It felt like the tip of her finger had actually entered my arse hole by a little bit as she felt it, next she looked at the rest of my crack as she parted my cheeks again to check the area between my arse hole and my balls. After a few minutes of her examining my bum she said “ok you can get dressed again now” I stood up and pulled up my boxers and then my jeans and did them up and went and sat on the chair next to her desk. She said “ok it doesn’t look like it is infected so just keep it clean and using the nappy cream it should clear up if it hasn’t in a week or so see your Dr” I thanked her and left feeling very embarrassed.