The Paralegals

The Paralegals By Maximillian Excaliber Introduction Everyone has a secret.   Some are big and some are small.  Sometimes that secret is a private thing about themselves they don’t want anyone to know and, sometimes it involves others.  Those are shared secrets.  This is the story of about people, their shared secrets and the lengths they … Continue reading The Paralegals

The MatchMaker Bandits – The Great Museum Robbery

The Great Museum Robbery By Maximillian Excaliber   Introduction   This was the first Matchmaker Bandits story written. By the time you finish reading this, you may be asking yourself where I came up with the idea for it.  The simple plain truth is that I get a lot of my ideas while I’m laying … Continue reading The MatchMaker Bandits – The Great Museum Robbery

"Accidents Will Happen – Sweet Revenge"

 "Accidents Will Happen – Sweet Revenge " By Maximillian Excaliber     Teaser    "Please, Baby, fuck me now! "   I couldn’t believe she had just said that to me. Hell, I still have trouble believing that Kelly, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and my childhood friend, was lying naked on my bed … Continue reading "Accidents Will Happen – Sweet Revenge"