House Boy

Simon was a sixteen year youth who had a very low education level, he had never paid attention in school lessons and bunked off school a lot, he was an out of control teenager who could get very violent, Simon’s dad had left home when he was quiet young which had caused his mum to … Continue reading House Boy


Karen was a sixteen year old girl from a small seaside town in England, her dad was in prison and her mum was hardly ever at home, Karen was well known for being a trouble making girl who was always bunking off school and hanging about the derelict railway station, during the summer months Karen … Continue reading Desperate

The Top Floor

Sixteen year old Steve had left school with no qualifications and after six months of leaving school was regreting not having paid attention in school, his parents had kicked him out of the house for not paying his way, he had no job and was not getting any money and was not getting any work, … Continue reading The Top Floor

The Recession

The recession had hit very hard forcing many company’s to close down leaving many people unemployed and with very little money, people started to fall behind on their rent and ended up being evicted from their homes, the amount of people living rough on the streets increased by a great amount. Sixteen year old Sharon … Continue reading The Recession

New Job

Tina was walking home from school when a car stopped beside her, the driver of the car wound his down and called out ” how much darling ” Tina was about to call him a few choice names when a police car appeared the driver of the car calling to Tina very quickly closed his … Continue reading New Job


Karen was a sixteen year old school girl who many boys thought was the best looking girl in town, she was very intelligent and her tutors thought that she would pass all her exams and get into university with out any problems, Karen was very polite and respected by many people in the town where … Continue reading Hungry