International district of myster

Just as the 20th century ticked over and the 21st began, I was a 24 year old, single Soldier newly posted to Germany. It was a fantastic time, as well as tax free cars and extra allowances, the beer was cheap and the possibilities seemed endless.

I was single after a long term relationship had ended and while this bump in the had road stung, it was soon forgotten as I discovered a whole new aspect of German life.

I could get the train sharp after work on a Friday, there were two, one faster than the other but the most common one was always the slow train to Hamburg. My initial visits were in groups of friends but when 20 guys are together the whole tempo and experience tends to be different than when you visit alone.

Many people are aware of the Reeperbahn, but most think of a single Main Street that passes itself off as a Cheeper, seedier version of some of Europes famous Red light districts. In fact they wouldn’t be wrong in some areas, there is prostitution, they can be very persistent. There was a mock street with windows where ladies could show off their wares and it was complete with cobbles. Up the main street the shops focus on the tourist element but you don’t have to go far below the surface before you enter a completely different world.

I was on my first visit solo. I had spent time in the booths 5 Euros of flicking through porn. I was horny and eager to explore.

I was vaguely aware that Kino meant cinema, I payed my ten Euro and they stamped my hand. It was the first time I was ever to experience anything like this and I was instantly hooked.

The first time I went through the curtain I entered a steep set of stairs. The walls were painted black, the lights dimmed, I opened the door and it’s hard to describe the atmosphere. The air was warm and musty, sound seemed deadened, you were aware of people but couldn’t make them out in low light. Then suddenly a women completely naked would glide past lean against a wall and what seemed a stranger would be fingers deep in her pussy.

There were familiar wank booths with holes cut at mouth height and low enough to feel a hard cock or pussy, the place was a maze but centred around a cinema.

My senses had taken a battering and I happily sat down in a soft brown soft seat. Looking left a man was casually wanking his cock as he watched a couple fuck in the row in front. I joined him as she lifted high enough so he could suck her tits.

Then I felt it. My attention had been so drawn to the fucking couple I hadn’t noticed the couple slide in beside me. And so it was my cock was being sucked in the middle of the most bizarre situation I’d found myself in up until that point.

It was mild compared to what I was going to experience, but enough to get me hooked xx