Old dogging values

In the nearest large city there is a park, it’s well known and is the venue for a number of large public functions. It sits now in a redeveloped and zoned area and as such the big gates are closed of an evening and killed off any dogging action that it was also well known for.

It’s not ideal, it’s open, the car park was small and when it got busy the fun could get circus like. It sat on a main road so if some action did start, the usual large crowd would gather round then on the regular appearance of cars, run as a pack away only to slowly gather like a creeping crowd in a west end musical. It’s was a sight to behold.

The car park was made up between two vehicle gates with a 4 foot wall connecting them. It was a road, perhaps 4 cars wide allowing cars to park both sides with space in the middle for two cars to pass each other and ran for around 200m. Between the wall and the edge of the road there is a grass Verdge big enough to allow trees to grow at equal distances along the length. The pavement on the other side of the wall was well lit. On the other side of the car park was an ornamental pond that ran the length and at each end a set of steps that ran up a short but steep bank to the main park. All of this was unlit.

The saying goes, that if your in a fair fight, you didn’t plan it properly. And so it was with this place. Summer, Saturday night 9 to 12 was no good, the plastic doggers looking for instant gratification would swamp the place. Day time, no good it was, after all, a public park. Fair weather brought the crowds wet, cold weather brought the couples. It took some time, patience and a thirst for intelligence but I soon picked up the beat of the place.

One evening a new couple drove in to the park. They did a lap to confirm they were there to play and after a quick look they parked up. The only thing giving them away as a couple was the two silhouettes picked up in the headlights as the cars drove past. It was cold, late, after 10pm and it was quiet. Another regular drove across and after a dance of interior lights the solitary figure of a 50’s married man stood at the window of the couples car and after a while, they drove off in convoy.

You might not chat to the regulars that visit a familiar site but you do get used to their cars and it’s not hard to see what was happening and I was happy that he had got a play. Once they drove off the rain started. The cars that had been stationary and silent suddenly roared in to life and were gone. Suddenly I was only one of two cars left. The other one a small fiesta driven by a single guy and I knew that once the time reached around 11 he’d be gone to and so it was.

On the nights like this, I liked to be the last to leave, I would stand outside and I’d wank my cock. Enjoying the cool air as I treated myself to long slow strokes. It was around this time as my mind turned towards this simple joy that headlights appeared. I crained my neck to catch an early glimpse and to my surprise the couple in the car were back.

They did a loop and parked opposite facing the other direction. They flashed the brake lights and a flash of the interior light confirmed a couple. Dogging gold.

My car was on the road side they were on the pond side. The wet weather and low cloud limited visibility and so I lowered my window slightly. In an instant the atmosphere changed completely. The cool air rushed in to the car, bird sounds could be heard and just above the sound of their music the pair were chatting. I needed closer so I had a plan to bring me to them without appearing threatening. So I drove off. As I approached them from behind my plan suddenly changed with the appearance of another car. It was the police. I parked up facing the rear of their car. It a distance back. They were checking she was ok, a quick chat and the police left. I let it settle.

The passenger door opened and a tall slim figure appeared, walking to the boot she rummaged quickly, bending over her dress riding high to expose a pantieless ass and shaven pussy. I was in dogging shock. She closed the boot and suddenly her partner was beside her, the opposite in every way, short fat and puffing as he walked he wore a thick wooden coat as she trotted beside him. She wore a thin red dress, backless the only other thing she wore was a pair of high heals. The man gave a mock salute and motioned to stay. Feet away from my window he lifted her dress to expose a bald puffy pussy and rough fingered her until she came. My cock was fit to explode. He walked off and she came to the window shivering. If you want to fuck follow us home she said shivering. And still it rained.

I followed them through the wet, empty streets. He dropped her off and I followed hi in to the car park.

That other guy was no fucking good, he got cock shy. You ok to fuck her? Of course I was I was fucking throbbing.

She met us at the door naked. She kissed long and hard and her flesh trembled as the warmth slowly returned. Just do what you like pal, I love watching her go. I followed him in to the lounge. He handed a coke and he asked what I liked. I was lost for words, my cock taking over as a temporary brain. You want police women, a snap of the fingers a sharp word of command moments later a beautiful women dressed in an authentic wpc uniform. Strip him and she did. My cock sprung out and she stepped aside. He was also naked a tiny cock on the two biggest balls I’d ever seen. Get me hard he gasped. She straddled me my cock easing in to her and I loved how wet she was. I felt his cock enter her ass and almost straight away the strangling sensation of her pussy cumming hard on my cock. Her nails digging deep. He trembled and gasped too, he had shot his worth and his cock flopped out spent. He took a moment to get his breath and the last dribble of cum dripped from his tiny specimen.

Was still deep. She mouthed please do me proper. I thrust deep to answer her she yelped. We were looking at each other eye to eye. I toyed with her pussy. Fucking her hard and fast until her nipples did a slight tremble, a long moan then the nails. Then suddenly. Stop. You fucking cruel bastard. Her husband behind us flicking his tiny soft cock would chuckle. Then again. This time doggy, hard deep thrusts, her wet cunt soaking, my throbbing cock hitting deep in to her, fucking her like an animal until a long scream and the walls of her pussy starting to grip, the hand reaching out. Her screaming do me, fuck me….


You fucking bastard, you cruel bastard. Real frustration as she shouted. Pushing me off, two fingers went to work. Ok I said I’ll let you cum, promise.

I was flat on the floor, she rode me deep. Hubby wanked an came neither of us noticed. Then it started, from deep within, she started to cum, roaring through her like a train, gasping and grabbing she murmured don’t you fucking dare, a crazed look, showing teeth, hair all over the place then ridged, her pussy gripping tight she stopped breathing before a loud rumbling cum ripped through her body and she came don’t move don’t move don’t fucking move, then she flopped to the floor. I stood and came over her tits.

If your in a fair fight you didn’t plan it properly