Wind Tunnel

The weather had been the hottest weather in England since records began to be kept. Most public buildings had been closed including the school under health and safety rules, there was a shortage of water, rivers and streams had dried up, people were staying in their homes to avoid the heat, nearly everybody was wearing … Continue reading Wind Tunnel


At sixteen years of age Sharon was a trouble making teen, who was racist and also homophobic, many people were scared of her and did their best to avoid her, Sharon had been bunking school and was hoping to meet Steve in the derelict building on the edge of the town where she lived. Sharon … Continue reading Stormy

Pay Up

Tracy was walking home from school, as she approached the flat where she lived with her alcoholic mum Tracy saw the landlord in the street, Tracy looked at him and noticed that he had his son Asif with him, at sixteen years of age Tracy was two years older than what Asif was and she … Continue reading Pay Up

The Debt

Emma was a sixteen year old loud mouthed racist violent thug, not many people trusted her and stayed well clear of her. Mark who was two years younger than what she was had a reputation as a peeping tom , and like Emma was not liked by many people, Emma had beaten him up a … Continue reading The Debt

Helping Hand

It was the early hours of the morning, the rundown decaying housing estate was quiet, Martin was standing outside his flat on the fourth floor of the tower block of flats where he lived. Martin was a peeping tom and flasher and was not liked by many people, there were some people who spoke with … Continue reading Helping Hand