Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent – Part 1

> Natasha leaned back in the chair and ran her fingertips from her forehead through her hair’s tightly permed, black tresses, trying to outstare the screen of her laptop. One hour’s exhaustive attempts to balance the spreadsheet’s figures and the situation was looking no brighter. Her reverie lasted some minutes, until it was finally broken … Continue reading Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent – Part 1

Hot oldie!

I just got home from work,tired,hot,and horny,so I figured I’d shower,then jack off,nothing new. My wife and kids were out for a few hours,so after my shower,I got things ready for my beat off session. Vaseline,towel,found good porno site on internet,and I was ready. After 22yrs of marriage,my sex life consisted of an occasional blowjob, … Continue reading Hot oldie!