Engine Trouble

The pilot of the small private jet was not very happy, his only passenger was Cindy the sixteen year old daughter of one the richest men in the world, she had not stopped moaning since the jet had taken off from England and the pilot was fed up with her constant moaning, then to make … Continue reading Engine Trouble

Kicked Out

Mark was a sixteen year old boy who was a well known peeping tom, he had been caught a few times trying to look through windows and had been beat up by angry dads and boyfriends but that did not stop Mark, he carried on with his peeping but never saw anything but hoped one … Continue reading Kicked Out


The Boy

Twelve year old July was just going out to see her friends when her sixteen year old brother Steve walked into the house, Steve was a well known violent thug who people were scared off and avoided him, July left the house wishing her friends would come to her house but knew they would not … Continue reading The Boy

The Youth Hostel

Colin was a well hated sixteen year old boy, nobody would have anything to do with him because he was a flasher, even his own family shunned him and threw him out of the house. He was living in a youth hostel that had been set up to look after troublesome youths. Colin had a … Continue reading The Youth Hostel


Danny was a black belt judo champion who had won many trophies and was well known in the community and well respected, Danny often gave help to people who were training in judo and had helped quite a few of his school mates, today he was due to help July who at sixteen years of … Continue reading Judo

Rich And Poor

Tina was the sixteen year old daughter of one of the richest men in the world and lived in a big mansion on the edge of a large town in the middle of England, Tina was very stuck up and not liked by the staff who worked at the mansion, Tina treated them badly often … Continue reading Rich And Poor