First Date

She met a guy on social media. He seemed a great guy. Fun to talk to, great listener and a pretty awesome sense of humor. She decided to go ahead and meet him in person at a local café near her apartment just in case she decided he was not her type of guy. She … Continue reading First Date

My cool cousin

Hi. I’m a guy and Since I was little I have spent a lot of time with my female cousin, we were very close and loved being together. It wasn’t until our late teens that I started feeling things toward her. Since we knew each other for such a long time, We were quite comfortable … Continue reading My cool cousin

The game

April is one of those months that makes you feel like you can never make any plans, since the weather could be anywhere from freezing your ass off cold, to boiling your nuts in oil, hot. Looking outside, today looked like it was one big horrible April Fool’s day joke on the entire city. Though … Continue reading The game

The Try On

Mia was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who had been born in Bangladesh where she had lived with her mum. Mia had never known her dad as he had left home just after her birth to go and live with another woman. Mia had been very happy living with her mum in a small … Continue reading The Try On