Broken Down

Sharon was sat in her step dad’s car miles from town, she had been with her step dad when the car had broken down, he had left Sharon wit the car while he walked back to the town five miles away to get help, Sharon had been playing football for a girls team and was … Continue reading Broken Down

Changing Times

The small ten bedroom hotel was owned by a wealthy family but for legal reasons they could not sell it, when the hotel had first opened it did very well and was making a lot of money, but when the new by pass opened trade started to drop off and now the hotel was making … Continue reading Changing Times

Perv Reward

Sharon was a sixteen yer girl who had a very bad reputation for being a violent trouble maker, not many people would have anything to do with her, Sharon had few friends, if people saw her in the street they would very quickly move out of her way, she had been banned from most of … Continue reading Perv Reward

She Is Back Part 1

The bus stopped at the only bus stop in the small country village where sixteen year old Sharon got off the bus, a few residents of the village who were near the bus stop looked in dismay at Sharon who started to walk towards her grandmothers cottage where she had lived for three years until … Continue reading She Is Back Part 1

The Office Block

It had taken nearly five years to build but now the multi storey office block had opened, sixteen year old Sharon who had just left school felt really lucky to have got in the office block, she was going to working taking mail around as well taking stuff from one office to another, all that … Continue reading The Office Block

The Big Win

Nearly all his life Mr Henderson and his family had struggled to make ends meet, they lived on a run down council housing estate, the house needed some repairs which the council were responsible for doing but were not doing them, Mr Henderson could not afford to pay to have private contractors carry out the … Continue reading The Big Win

Extra Homework

At just sixteen years of age Tina was very intelligent the teachers at her school all said that she would go to university and get very high grades and would even get a doctorship in more than one subject, at school Tina was respected by other students because she would help them out with their … Continue reading Extra Homework