Booze Up

Sara stood on the doorstep of the house where she lived watching as her parents drove away, Sara gave them a final wave goodbye as she did Sara thought glad there are gone now the celebrations can be begin, Sara’s parents had gone away for a few days leaving Sara to look after the house, … Continue reading Booze Up

What He Wants

Asif was walking home from school, as he walked he was looking around keeping his eyes open for trouble, Asif and his family had not been living in the small town where they were now living but had very quickly learnt that there was a lot of racists living in the town who not like … Continue reading What He Wants

The Flashers Joy

Sharon had been out with friends from school celebrating her sixteenth birthday and was now sitting on the last train home feeling tipsy, Sharon wondered why the train had not left the station, it should have departed a half hour ago, Sharon looked out the window and saw that the rain was still pouring down … Continue reading The Flashers Joy

The Feast

It was the end of the school term the following day was the start of the six week summer holiday break which near all the students were looking forward to and could not wait for it to start. Each year on the last day of term before the summer holiday break started a big party … Continue reading The Feast

Teacher’s Pets

Due to her mountainous, though firm udders, heart-shaped bottom, fine legs and beautiful face, the unmarried, 32-y/o Morgana was a wet-dream. When the ensuing occurred, however, she was working for the local corrections department by tutoring non-violent parolees in math and English including creative writing lessons – while her favorite students were the white, 21-y/o … Continue reading Teacher’s Pets

Beach surprise

Julie was 41 4feet 10 inches tall, had put on a bit off weight but big breasts and nice tight bum. Well her husband and friends always said. But having worked hard, had taken a break for relaxation and recharge her batteries as they say. So took a couple off days away at a b … Continue reading Beach surprise

Unexpected Stud

Sharon was a sixteen year old girl who was well known for being an out of control girl who had a violent temper, it was well known that you did not mess with her and get away with it, Sharon had a sister who was four years younger than what she was, her name was … Continue reading Unexpected Stud


The court room was packed, sixteen year old Dawn was sat in the public gallery watching as her boy friend Steve stood in the dock waiting to be sentenced, both Dawn and Steve were violent racists thugs who were well feared, they had both been charged after an Asian woman had been badly beaten up, … Continue reading Together