Andy and Kelly

Kelly stood naked looking down at Andy. His hands on her hips. The first man to see the mature body. She looked and smiled processing the question. Lots of her own questions going through her head. His hands sliding around to her buttocks, he pulled her in to him. She put her hands on his … Continue reading Andy and Kelly


Wednesday 6 pm. It was 6pm on Wednesday. Andy knocked on the door. Kelly had now moved in with Sophie. Mainly because Sophie’s house was close to Kelly’s school and Kelly’s part time after school job at the local convenience store. Kelly opened the door seeing Andy. ” Hi. ” Kelly said. Kelly wore high … Continue reading Andy


” Well. ” Jenny said stepping away from her father. ” Fun babe? ” Sophie asked. ” Yeh considering I just played with my fathers cock. ” She said looking down at his huge erection. ” Neil enjoyed it ” Sophie said smiling at Neil. All three dried off and returned to the bedroom. Sophie … Continue reading Jenny

Sophie (Part 2)

Semen shot into Sophie. Neil’s thrusts slowed to short deep thrusts as his cum entered Sophie’s body. Neil pushed his groin deep into Sophie’s. His cock fully inside her, his semen spilling into Sophie’s wet young pussy. Jenny sat up Sophie’s mouth still buried into Jenny’s wet juicy pussy. Sophie’s fingers grabbing Jenny’s hips her … Continue reading Sophie (Part 2)


One week later. She missed Andy. She parked her car in the hotel lobby where she normally did. She looked up into the rear vision mirror checking her hair and make up. She opened the door and stepped out, the high heel clacking on the concrete. She stood straightening her fitted blue round neck dress. … Continue reading Sophie