Blue Satin G string

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My story starts… I’ve just started working in this call centre.It was coming up to the Christmas party being shy and not dealing talking to any one the occasional hello or smile walking past this gorgeous 30ish blonde came over to me and asked if I was going I shook my head being shy all I could do was look at her firm breasts popping out her tight blue satin blouse,her thighs rubbed together in her skin tight skirt as she shouted her friend across and got her to ask me I started to get warm adjusting my collar two beautiful women pleading with me to go.I finally give in and agreed to go.

I stood outside this nightclub when I got a tap on the shoulder it was the blonde I had been eyeing up earlier.She said that her name was jasmine mt eyes started to wander again staring at her sexy figure hugging dress it was dark red and stopped just at her stunning thighs I could feel my cock start to tingle as we walked through the dark club,the lights reflecting off her dress.As the night went on jasmine and I got more friendly.While we were sitting having a couple of drinks she moved her hand onto my thigh and ran her fingers up to my crotch and gently cupped her hand round my firm balls.Jasmines nipples were starting to get hard as she ran her hand across the bulge that appeared in my trousers.She seductively smiled at me I looked down at her sexy thighs her skirt had moved up so I could see her blue silk g string on show at the top of her stunning thighs my cock was getting hard so leaned forward and put my lips to hers slipping my tongue between them she took hold of head and pulled me in closer her tongue meeting mine.I slowly moved my hand onto her slender waist,she quickly tool hold of my hand and guided it between her thighs.I ran my hand over her quivering lips held back by her sexy g string and slowly began to caress her warm pussy circling my fingers against the silk.I gently pushed a finger against her warm lips.

I move her tight g string to one side and gently slip my finger into her warm,moist pussy and slowly start moving in and out getting deeper each time my other hand still caressing her firm breast stroking her stiff nipple through her dress with every push of my finger made her breath heavier.She began to unzip my trousers and freed my solid cock running her fingers up and down the length and gently squeezed my throbbing tip.She wrapped her soft fingers round my shaft and began stroking my hard on.She stopped suddenly and said”follow me”so I zipped myself up and left behind her.She led me out to a dark car park and leaned up against the wall and started slipping out of her g string.I took hold of her and held her tightly in my arms squashing her firm breasts against me and began to kiss her passionately while she hitched her skirt up to her sexy hips.She frees my hard cock once again as my trousers hit the ground my hard cock rubbing against her warm pussy she lifts herself up and pushes my cock deep inside her warm,moist pussy wrapping her stunning legs round my waist I began to thrust my solid cock in deep covering my cock with her cum she tightens her grip round me pulling me in tighter she starts to moan with joy as push my cock in harder and harder she slowly starts to orgasm as she released a wave of warm cum over my shaft her lips tightened round my hard cock as she cum again screaming my name she dug her nails into my shoulders as my cock fires a stream of my hot cum deep inside her.She released her grip round my waist as she tries to catch her breath I slip my cum covered cock out as I bent down to pick up my trousers I quickly ran my tongue over her cum soaked lips”you tease”she muttered as I put my hands back on to her sexy hips again while she pulls her skirt down” you taste good”I said so she picked up her g string and gave it to me it was still wet with her cum from earlier.We went back inside and enjoyed the rest of the night
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