Concert Cocktease

Hi to all,
I had been given concert tickets as a early Christmas present.It was group I had wanted to see for age’s,so me and a couple of friends decided to go.We got inside and the place was packed the music was thumping and friends I thought it couldn’t get any better but I was wrong.

My friends had gone and while I was watching the group a young black haired stunner stood in front of me.We were tightly packed in the venue.When she danced her firm ass in a tight mini skirt kept rubbing my crotch grinding hard against me she leaned back and smiled.I couldn’t help myself noticing her seductive smile my eyes were fixed on her  firm breasts squashed tightly together in her black crop top.She grabbed my hands and put them round her shapely waists and pulled me tight against her warm body.My cock was rubbing her firm ass tightly this time it was beginning to tingle as she gyrates her hips bouncing off my semi hard cock.She moves her hand round grabbing my semi through my jeans and slowly starts squeezing my firm balls and running her hand over the bulge appearing in my jeans.Every bounce to the music she makes the tighter she squeezes,moving my hand round to her soft stomach.She takes my hand and slips it into the top of her skirt.I could feel the warmth from between her thighs as my hand slowly started to caress her warm pussy through her lace thong,my hand gently running over her clit and down between her thighs.

She gently closes thee thighs to trap my hand tight against her warm pussy I move my hand  circling her clit with two fingers spreading her lips apart and slowly rub her moist pussy through her thong.She leaned back resting her head on my chest as her nipples where getting hard pushing against the tight top the more I caresses her clit.I could feel her cum soaking into her lace underwear, pushing my finger deep inside her warm,wet pussy  stroking every part.She began to kiss my neck working her way up to my mouth.

Turning round pushing her firm breasts tight against me she places her tongue straight into my mouth our tongues wrapped round each other I gently placed my hands on her firm ass and pull her tightly against me the warmth from her inner thighs pushed up against my hard cock bulging in my jeans.

She takes my hand and leads us into the women’s toilet.Straight into a cubicle and locks the door behind us.She pushes me up against the wall and starts to kiss me passionately again,unbuttoning my jeans at the same time.My hard on was pushing out my boxers as she slowly slipped her hand inside.Slowly stroking my solid shaft and running her soft fingers round my throbbing tip.My hands had moved up to her firm breasts slipping her crop top over them her erect nipples showing through her strapless pink satin bra,lower my head and untied it releasing her stunning breasts.My wrapped my tongue round her nipples kissing every inch of her firm breasts.

I run my hands down to her hips hitching her tight skirt up to edge of her pink lace thong moist with her cum I move it to one side and slowly push my finger in to her warm pussy.She move me round and places me on the toilet my hard cock pulsing wanting her pussy so much.She stood her pussy level with my mouth I slowly started licking her moist clit swirling my tongue round her throbbing pussy lips while my finger moved back and forth deep inside her cum filled pussy ,she took hold of my head with both hands and started it moving back and forth over her clit.More of her warm cum streamed out the faster I licked her clit.

She moves over my hard cock lowering her moist pussy down onto me gently dipping the tip of my cock inside her moist lips then slowly lowering herself down till she sitting on my lap her cum coating my firm balls as my solid shaft gently pushes between her tight lips grinding back and forth harder and harder.She lifts her feet her pussy grinds down my cock as far as it can go she pushed down so my cock was fully inside her.Her pussy wrapped round my cock tightly,feeling every part of her warm,wet pussy slide up and down my solid shaft.I was getting ready to fire my warm sticky cum deep inside her.More of her warm cum seeped from her love tunnel covering my lap I gripped  her firm ass as my hard cock released my warm cum deep inside her.As she stood up releasing my cock from her tight pussy it was coated in her warm cum.Her pussy lips glistened .Pulling up her cum soaked thong and pulling her skirt back down she ran her fingertips across my pulsing tip wiping our warm cum off and gently placing her finger in her mouth licking it clean.She unlocked the door and left.I pulled my jeans back up and pushed my hard cock back inside and left trying to catch up with her but she had disappeared into the crowd.I hope you like my story and please feel free to leave a comment below.

With love and kisses