First Time (College)

I’d known Mack since high school, and we both got into Georgia Tech– only about and hour away from where we went to high school. Mack was about 6’1, light musculature, with large blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. He was our high school’s varsity wide receiver but was also in all of the same AP classes I was. I’m 5’9– pretty tall for a girl, and am pretty well built too, especially considering I was a double varsity athlete in high school and play three club sports at Tech.

Anyway, the second day of Christmas break of my freshman year I got a text from Mack– not all too surprising, considering we were good friends that often studied together.

It read, “Hey Ash, want to hang out this afternoon?”

I figured he probably needed help with chemistry or biology stuff and came to me for help, but honestly, I was pretty lonely and needed some social interaction. I replied: “Yeah sure, I’ll be right over.”

I walked over to his dorm, which was the building adjacent to mine and up to the third floor, to find him waiting outside for me. He smiled brightly at me as I ran up to him for a hug.

“It’s so nice to see you, Mack! You look fantastic,” I exclaimed, flirtatiously reaching up to his bicep, something I wouldn’t normally do, considering how shy and socially awkward I am.

“I was just about to say the same about you, Ash,” he replied, directing me into his room.

“So, what do you need? Help with a class? Or advice?” I asked, sitting on his bed.

“Actually,” he began, “I’ve been thinking a lot,” he paused nervously, sitting down next to me on his bed, “and I’ve realized that like you a lot and have since junior year of high school,” his voice apprehensive and raspy.

I leaned in closer, placing my hand on his shoulder, and smiled. “I like you like that too, Mack, and have for quite a while, and I want to do something about it” I excitedly replied.

Mack grinned, and in a fluid motion, grabbed me at the waist and pulled me close, kissing me on the lips. I was so happy and grabbed him to hug him, but as I did, he said,

“Hey, go back to your dorm and pack an overnight bag, and bring one of those nice dresses you have. I’ll meet you outside your dorm in 15 minutes, okay?”

Amazed at the speed of his train of thought, I eagerly and briskly walked back to my dorm and picked out the nicest bra and matching underwear I had, cute pajamas, toiletries, and a red satin midi dress with matching pumps and silver earrings. I threw my wallet and clothes into a small bag and frantically glanced at myself in the mirror, pulling the wavy chocolate strands of hair out of my face, revealing my olive green eyes, when I heard a knock at the door. I grabbed my bag and keys, turned off the light, and opened the door to see Mack, who promptly grabbed my hand and led me to outside. While walking to his car, he told me his plan for the evening– first we check into the Westin in Midtown, then get dressed and then go to dinner in the rotating restaurant in the hotel, and finally, spend the night together. I was so excited, as I had never had sex or even a sleepover with a guy before, especially not in a fancy hotel.

The drive to the hotel was a short one, as we discussed plans for Christmas break and reunions with other high school friends over the holidays. Upon arriving at the hotel, he checked us in (apparently his dad was a Westin member so it was a free stay, which was reassuring), and we went up to our room on the 52nd floor. Unlocking the door, I was appalled at the view– we could see the entire campus of Tech, the golden, pencil-like SunTrust building, the Varsity, and a splatter of other high-rise buildings. I set down my bag and went over to look out of the huge picture window, Mack close behind me, grabbing my waist. He kissed my neck, and softly said,

“We should probably get dressed… We have a reservation for 6 at the Sundial.”

I looked at my phone and, seeing that it was 5:00, decided to get dressed in the bathroom. I put on a coat of mascara, my dress, and heels, after changing into my nice bra and underwear, and met him outside in the room. Wow. We both looked pretty amazing, and I grabbed his hands and kissed him on the cheek, and we were off!

We were alone during the elevator ride up to the restaurant (on the 70th floor), so we used that time to make out. We had a lovely dinner overlooking Atlanta, complete with wonderful, meaningful conversation, but that’s not important– it’s what we did afterward that was so awesome.

We got back to our room and excitedly starting kissing, our hands wandering to places they hadn’t previously. He slammed me up against the wall and held my arms up and grasped my hands in his and started to make out with me, then kissed down my neck and chest. He released me from the wall, asking if I was ready for the next part, to which I positively replied.

I began to frantically unbutton his shirt, unbuckle his belt, and pulled down his shorts, as he kicked off his loafers. I stepped out of my heels and turned around so he could unzip my dress. His hands ran along my waist, then to my hips, finally stopping at my butt, which he promptly squeezed. I turned around, only wearing a bra and underwear, and he, to the sight of my cleavage, excitedly grabbed my breasts (I have B’s, so not too big, but they go nicely with my abs and curves).

He again asked if it was okay if we could continue, and I was totally down, so I pulled him over to one of the beds (wow they were so soft!) and pushed him down facedown. I leaned over him and started to massage his shoulders and arms, moving down to his back, admiring his defined bi’s, tri’s, and lat’s, and then down to his thighs, which he really liked. I had him turn over, and saw that his boxers were sticking up– which excited me, so I kissed along his chest and abs until I reached the inside of his thighs, which I massaged deeply. Then, to his surprise, I swiftly pulled down his boxers to reveal a 6″ hard-on (I had never actually seen a dick before so I was pretty stoked and nervous) and grabbed it firmly, causing him to shiver. I began to run my hands up and down his dick, pushing his legs out and scooting up in between them. I jacked him off for a few minutes until the anticipation killed both of us.

I then moved my right hand down to the shaft and pulled my mouth over his dick, which came as a surprise to both of us. I gradually sped up until he began to moan a little, which was so hot. With my left hand, I squeezed his inner thigh and fondled his balls. I pulled my head up abruptly and looked at him, driving him crazy.

He was a virgin too and had no idea what to expect, so this next part was really fun! He got up off the bed and pulled me with him, then unhooked my bra and pushed me back onto the bed. He got on top of my hips, the tip of his dick hitting me in the lower stomach. He leaned down and held my breasts and began to suck my nipples, which felt soooo good! He kissed down my chest and stomach until he got down to my legs, to which he then got off of me and asked if I was good.

After I replied yes, he grabbed a condom and lube and looked at me flirtatiously. I helped him put on the condom, rubbing his dick and pulling it on. He then gently pushed me onto the bed facing up, and then pulled off my lacy underwear, revealing my shaved vag. He used his fingers to aid his dick inside– then pulled my legs up to his waist. We started to have sex (which kinda hurt, but after a while felt great) in missionary and as I began to moan he started to kiss me. After we got to a stopping point, he pulled out, peeled off the condom, and I sucked on him until he was about to orgasm. He then came all over my chest, which was really hot.

“God, that was amazing, I’ve wanted to do that to you for a while,” he exclaimed, “but gee, you sure are dirty, we ought to get in the shower.”

I smiled and agreed, and walked to the shower, his hand on my lower back. The shower was huge, and I stepped in first, turning on the water overhead. He got in, and began to wipe the cum off of my chest and breasts, which turned into him just massaging my chest and back and butt. After I was all clean, he kissed me for a long time, and brought his hand down to my waist and then directed his fingers inside me! He started to finger me, eventually pressing me up against the shower wall to do so, and made me moan. He somehow got another boner, which he pressed (unintentionally) up against my stomach as he fingered me. It felt so good, so I kissed him and started to jack him off again. We were in that shower for about 15 more minutes, just masturbating, which was awesome, since I had never done that before!

We got out of the shower and dried off, I put on pajamas, and insisted that he only wear boxers because I wanted to spoon. So yeah, we spooned, and I fell asleep in his arms, only to wake up to them, and then have sex with him all over again! We went home to our parents for Christmas and chilled and talked even more, and decided to start dating– which we’ve been doing for 5 years now! Thanks for reading!